Racoon vs Iguana

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Scott Luther : People need to quit shooting videos vertically!

ProtagonistNonTheist : So much for that decoy tail...

Arcterion : The ciiiiircle of liiiiiiife~

Zeloz : That iguana was probably someone's pet.

SoDa _ : the way the racoon drags him off 2 spook 4 me

HeyYouPiKACHU : Dude: " DUDE !! " Racoon: " What ?! " Dude: " Let him go " Racoon: " Nah bro "

scrubmcnoob : i guess he wasn't happy about the 15% car insurance

Immorpher : Raccoons are amazing creatures!

Mur Doc : Everybody needs their greens.

none02910 : Mexican Radio.......

passthepie123 : That’s why I don’t mess with cats

FWMalice : It's crazy just how different people can be. For example, I would of broke up the fight to save the life of the lizard. Just like I've stopped my cat from killing a lizard or two that made it into my house.That's what i would of been compelled to do. Where this person was compelled to pull out his phone and get some sweet vertical footage of another living creature being murdered and to put a funny caption on it and share it with all his peeps. Amazing world we live in!

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : I am Groot

george Mackenzie : the raccoon is evil.

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : disturbing

Alex Ramirez : 😂 the commentary is priceless... Yo! Let em go dawg!.

tymmac007 : I hear they taste like chicken.

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : vicious creature, is that you Rocket?

xChrisS41x : i watched this with some Pokemon battle music

consu mérisme : Sad If i would over there i would stop the fight Unless thz raccoon eat it ? Does it eat iguana ??

Maria Teresa De Donatis : Great vertical video !!!!

Roots, Bloody Roots : Shit goin down in the hood man

docelephant : "Fight"

Tom Reichner : I wouldn't really call it a fight. A raccoon just killed an Iguana. A fight is when each participant actually has a chance.

dodo dodes : so why didnt they help that lizard ? isnt that somebodys pet ? or it lives there normally ?

Roots, Bloody Roots : RIP Kermit

Pierre Taylor : Hello, I work for the Miami Herald. Would you give us permission to use your video with credit back to you? Please email me at ptaylor@miamiherald.com. Thank you for your time.