Racoon vs Iguana

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Buck Naked : Only in Florida will you find a fight between a trash panda and a tree chicken.

HeyYouPiKACHU : Dude: " DUDE !! " Racoon: " What ?! " Dude: " Let him go " Racoon: " Nah bro "

scrubmcnoob : i guess he wasn't happy about the 15% car insurance

ChrisManley1994 : Bill Burr bought me here!

SmashVeteran : So much for that decoy tail...

SoDa _ : the way the racoon drags him off 2 spook 4 me

Scott Luther : People need to quit shooting videos vertically!

withnailll : Thanks Mrs Burr

Mur Doc : Everybody needs their greens.

Arcterion : The ciiiiircle of liiiiiiife~

Alex Ramirez : 😂 the commentary is priceless... Yo! Let em go dawg!.

Tobytuber : Let them fight.

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : disturbing

Immorpher : Raccoons are amazing creatures!

Michael Abraham : Damn poor iguana. I woulda kicked that koon square in the nose

passthepie123 : That’s why I don’t mess with cats

Zeloz : That iguana was probably someone's pet.

FWMalice : It's crazy just how different people can be. For example, I would of broke up the fight to save the life of the lizard. Just like I've stopped my cat from killing a lizard or two that made it into my house.That's what i would of been compelled to do. Where this person was compelled to pull out his phone and get some sweet vertical footage of another living creature being murdered and to put a funny caption on it and share it with all his peeps. Amazing world we live in!

none02910 : Mexican Radio.......

Jupiter Josh : Guess the trash kitty didn't want to save 15% or more on car insurance

Yair Albazan : Who came here from a Instagram meme?

Phanto SS Keantae : This is the most Florida shit i’ve seen so far

미셜비 : Racoon used Bite. It's super effective.

Sitou Dien : Was that a live Pokemon battle?

Sean Ferrari : Harry Weinstein doing what he does best 😂😂😂😂😂 lolololol

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : I am Groot

Glenn : The new Turok game intro looks sick!

Onyxsolo : This is what happens when you secure your trash can lids.

Maria Teresa De Donatis : Great vertical video !!!!

j b : I was always told that if you see a raccoon in the day, they're sick.... possibly rabies

dodo dodes : so why didnt they help that lizard ? isnt that somebodys pet ? or it lives there normally ?

MrSober4now : I never saw a raccoon hunt before. I’m just used to seeing them eat trash. I guess this is what they did for millions of years before they could dine on human trash.

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : vicious creature, is that you Rocket?

Methuselah : Put that racoon against my water monitor

tymmac007 : I hear they taste like chicken.

george Mackenzie : the raccoon is evil.

Simple Jack : "FATALITY."

smashrhythm : Daym nature you scary!!!

Omni king : That's the fastest I ever seen an iguana run

Lena Martinez : Digital, I hope that you rescued the iguana, but if you didn't then that's cruel. I know it's nature but if you as a human see it you can intervene , morons. I gather you enjoy torture.

Cole Trick : Shoulda saved the iguana you wuss!

infamous420 hip hop : Well the iguana is an invasive species so that raccoon is doing a good job, im surprised this vid doesn't have more dislikes.

LongTale Animation : This is like the Horse meeting the aligator video. What next? A black bear meeting an ostrich?

Joey Mak : Hey bud you dropped your tail...oh you look busy

George S : Just another day in the hood

catman pc : Not sure about iguanas, but alot of lizards lose their tail when attacked as a defense mechanism to escape a predator. It then grows back by a physiological process called regeneration. Tastes like chicken.

OneironauticalOne : He must have skipped pavement day in camouflage school.

ScopeDog : God damn. Procyon lotor is a savage.

Tran Nguyen : It’s the lizard’s first day of prison

fighterbrony : Guardians of the galaxy 3 vacation to florida