Racoon vs Iguana

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Comments from Youtube

HeyYouPiKACHU : Dude: " DUDE !! " Racoon: " What ?! " Dude: " Let him go " Racoon: " Nah bro "

scrubmcnoob : i guess he wasn't happy about the 15% car insurance

ScienceGuy : So much for that decoy tail...

Soda Quota : the way the racoon drags him off 2 spook 4 me

ChrisManley1994 : Bill Burr bought me here!

withnailll : Thanks Mrs Burr

Mur Doc : Everybody needs their greens.

Alex Ramirez : 😂 the commentary is priceless... Yo! Let em go dawg!.

Arcterion : The ciiiiircle of liiiiiiife~

Scott Luther : People need to quit shooting videos vertically!

Tobytuber : Let them fight.

Jupiter Josh : Guess the trash kitty didn't want to save 15% or more on car insurance

ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo : disturbing

catman pc : Not sure about iguanas, but alot of lizards lose their tail when attacked as a defense mechanism to escape a predator. It then grows back by a physiological process called regeneration. Tastes like chicken.

Yair Albazan : Who came here from a Instagram meme?

Phanto SS Keantae : This is the most Florida shit i’ve seen so far

Sean Ferrari : Harry Weinstein doing what he does best 😂😂😂😂😂 lolololol

미셜비 : Racoon used Bite. It's super effective.

j b : I was always told that if you see a raccoon in the day, they're sick.... possibly rabies

Glenn : The new Turok game intro looks sick!

Immorpher : Raccoons are amazing creatures!

none02910 : Mexican Radio.......

passthepie123 : That’s why I don’t mess with cats

LongTale Animation : This is like the Horse meeting the aligator video. What next? A black bear meeting an ostrich?

J.B. : Damn that's brutal ! Thanks for the tip, Nia.

fighterbrony : Guardians of the galaxy 3 vacation to florida

Complex Ez : Agent 47 2 headquarters we got them Target down

Omni king : That's the fastest I ever seen an iguana run

Sitou Dien : Was that a live Pokemon battle?

juanC Ramirez : Not such a sweet rabbit smh lol

ScopeDog : God damn. Procyon lotor is a savage.

OneironauticalOne : He must have skipped pavement day in camouflage school.

Richard Richardson : he screamed yo let him go 😂😂🤣

YankeeMarshall Jr : Should of saved him i know its nature but as a human well we're on top

infamous420 hip hop : Well the iguana is an invasive species so that raccoon is doing a good job, im surprised this vid doesn't have more dislikes.

EklipsedDarkness : American vs foreigner 👍

xChrisS41x : i watched this with some Pokemon battle music

Jack Leó : You seeeee. They're already being naturalized. They are thriving and being preyed on by raccoons, bobcats, and gators!!!!

Alex Garcia : Why is this hashtagged ufc 230

Stampede Jackson : Top ten anime battles.

Cole Trick : Shoulda saved the iguana you wuss!

Andrew Wargo : +1 for team Mammal

Simple Jack : "FATALITY."

Onyxsolo : This is what happens when you secure your trash can lids.


Cimarron Peacekeeper : How much for the tail.

docelephant : "Fight"

Ryan Chardon : That racoon will never go hungry

Odorous Smegma : Bob Backlund cross face chicken winged that iguana.