Does daylight savings kill people?
Does daylight savings kill people

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LimeGreenTeknii : 1:13 "It could give them a heart attack!" Try not to look so excited there, Matt.

meint48 : In E.U. people kill daylight savings

Helino Friskino : Matt: In my new book, Humble Pi, the comedy of maths errors Me: *goes to amazon, looks it up, book hasn’t been released yet, goes back to the video* Matt: It won’t be released until March 2019 Me: Goddamnit

Steven Augustine : Humble Pi - A Collection of Parker Squares and Other Comedic Math Errors

Un pti com' : Monday is dangerous... We should go back to work on Tuesday !

Barry Roesch : Saving up 15 minutes per day for 3+ months and winding up with a Tuesday... now that would give me a heart attack.

Erin Cobb : So not heart attacks. Does the less sleep impact things requiring concentration (like say dealing with moving vehicles)? Does productivity go down the one day following the clock change (or vice-versa does anti-productivity go up)?

Nym Alous : By the way people, that wwwh . umble-pi . com is NOT an error! It is the proper website. If you try to type it with the "humble" completed, it takes you somewhere else. (And I was all excited to think I had caught an error... just does to show you, double-check when you think someone else has messed up, because you might be wrong.)

Cody'sLab : If my math is right, and I’m sure people will let me know I’f I’m not, it would take 96 days of saving a quarter hour each day to have a whole day saved.

David Provencher : What about car accidents and other fatigue related deaths?

Aalbert Torsius : How about other deaths? One I've heard pretty often was sleep-deprived motorists causing more accidents after the leap forward.

Interdimensional : Cardiovascular deaths is only one possible cause of mortality! Tired driving is deadly driving, I'm sure there's a real effect. Besides, DST just plain sucks. Kill it in the U.S. please.

Imaginary Power : 1:12 Matt being happy about people getting a heart attack

Joshua Hillerup : I thought most of the deaths are from car accidents.

Eagle Sabre : I don't kill people. I just make them die earlier.

aimee rivers : Isn’t it “daylight saving time”? Like “dog walking time”, no s at the end of “saving” or “walking”.

Mathew Chui : By that logic, since everybody dies, everything either accelerates or decelerates death, nothing actually causes or prevents it. I guess the question is, over what time frame do we decide that something is meaningful or not in a "causal" manner?

screaming : Daylight savings doesn't kill, going to work kills

Flyingby : Here a fitting quote: Never trust a statistic which you haven’t faked yourself.

Gonçalo Sanhudo de Portocarreiro : "More people are dying, but only dying earlier." 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

GFmanaic : But it is written in white letters filling the screen in a video on youtube, it must be true !`

Dylan 'El Danko' Thunder : Do daylight savings kill(s) people? *Well yes but actually no*

Mad Scientist's Assistant : I wonder about other health concerns like car crashes and stuff like that.

coryman125 : "Less sleep only kills people that would have died anyways". In a sense, that's always true. Car crashes only kill people who would have died anyways. Also wow that's very morbid

Matthew : By your logic, if I kill a terminally ill patient who would have had a few days to live anyway, I wouldn't have killed them?

Jimmy De'Souza : That the increase/decrease is essentially nullified by the rest of the week doesnt make sense really. I wonder if the effect is actually some kind of administrative artifact with how instances are recorded...

Livin' to Learn : "YES, but no..." Is that just an Australian thing or what?

palmomki : Didn't non-nihilistic people consider extra hours of life to be sacred and so on? I think the common morality sense dictates that accelerating someone's death is very close to just straight up killing them, unless it's euthanasia of course. So from this perspective, even if what you bring up here is true, it just means that daylight savings are immoral in a different way, and a way that's actually not too far from "daylight savings kills people". In fact, not only that: it possibly means that having to wake up every single day to get to work might be escalating heart attacks all over the world, stealing a whole lot of lifetime. Yay society.

Alejandro Alcantarilla : The day this video was uploaded my mother died of a heart attack. What a coincidence lol

Tiikoni : Since this clock moving takes place during weekends, and almost all my devices (computers, phone, radio thermometer) does it automatically, I've several times moved between dst and normal time without even noticing/remembering whole thing.

PapaQ : Lots of people (myself included) have to work both weekends and nights. In my case as a train driver, I will not miss changing the time at all. For us, who are at work as the clock goes forwards or backwards an hour, it can really mess with our work schedules. Time tables are also tricky - passengers sometimes struggle to figure them out on that night. So good riddance, daylight savings time.

Plasmaboo : Yes. I died about five time because of this. I only have 4 more life to go now... (>_<)"

احمد عبد الواحد : well work kills people dont work

stolenlaptop : okay... I work 3rd shift get no sleep eat like shit (coffee, junk food and energy drinks since I'm always exhausted)... I bet there's a huge risk increase from that.

thejunkman : Clock-piling. I am going to use that one.


yorktown99 : One time, as we switched from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, I legitimately showed up to work an hour early. And it was my first day.

xerr0n : so if i sleep just on one day of the week i can work for the reast and ONLY risk on that one day, Brilliant!

Graham Rees : I for one am deeply appreciative of you taking the time to make that cute graphic of happy and sad heart slippage. Keep it up 🤟🏻

GunPla Fixation : Matt, when are calculator reviews coming back? I need my square root 2 test fix!

Alex : But why should we average out the week? What if we average the whole period of daylight savings?

Voshchronos : Damn, that's what plagues statistics. Even if the math is right, you can interpret it wrong with disastrous consequences.

Jim Fortune : I hadn't heard the EU was dropping Daylight Saving Time. Is U of M going to compare stats to post-DST?

Mr. Cauliflower : Life's just collection of days, so changing the clock, causes lifetime decrease.

Nathan Bonnell : Ummmm... Heart attacks are not the only way people die from lack of sleep. Motor vehicle and workplace accidents go up after the change in time. Daylight savings time DOES kill people. It also lowers productivity, and is just really inconvenient for everyone.

Pelle Potatis : @standupmaths will there be an e-book version of the humble pi?

gonecoastal4 : Socialism kills people. I don't see too many people getting bent out of shape about that. Also, Life: The leading cause of death.

Adrian-Cornel Borină : Daylight Savings don't kill people. People kill people. ... with Daylight Savings?

Michael Sommers : If losing an hour of sleep causes heart attacks, then people with jet lag must be dropping like files. Also, if losing an hour's sleep is a real concern, the time change could be done during the day, not at night. Or at least people could go to be an hour earlier.