West virginia(Kingsman the golden circle)

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SonicPhantom47 : I’m not going to lie. I cried a little

Gaming Moments : RIP Merlin he died with honor like a true kingsman

Oleg Altukhov : Best. Scene. Ever.

Reaper : Probably the best death scene in a movie ever

Francisco Laureano : Best scene of the movie

Arief Holly : He sing it with pride and so tough

Dominic Dynasty : Rest In Peace Merlin Most Respected Death In A Movie💯

theactioneffect : I have watched this no less than 20 times and it just gets better

TenTheFox : This, this is how you send a popular and basically beloved character off, with an amazing song and a meaningful death that leaves you with chills and a lump in your throat. Absolutely awesome!

Baron von Derps : he ended his life and the song on a high note

Paul Filimoekava : One of the Best and Saddest scenes I've seen in movies 😢😢😢✊✊✊

ITZTHEBEATLES : I don’t usually cry for movies... but goddamn did this fuckin take my heart, rip it into pieces, squish the bits, and sew it back together in a feeble attempt to give it back to me...

green eyed demon : the best death seen ever made in history of 21st century

PokaDeJoka : Who else is hoping for a UFO from some SPACEMAN agency to land and pick up the pieces to combine merlin back for us in kingsman 3? :D

Rork, The Game Master : I remember sitting in the theater at this scene and the second he started singing, a couple people were screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” And me and a buddy were just tearing up.

Mojo Gaming 2004 : Almost heaven West Virginia Blue ridge mountains Shenandoah river Life is old there Older than the trees Younger than the mountains Growing like a breeze Country road Take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain momma Take me home Country road Country road Take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain momma Take me home Country road

darinkonopaski : The head nods get me everytime......

Nick N. : Finally. A HD version of the best movie scene of 2017!

Cereal Killaz : This was the saddest part of the movie to me.

Whale Wars - SWFA : I have tried and failed to find a better cover of this song this one

Shade's Gaming : Dude, this is my favorite part of the movie. Mad me upset. Thank you for making this video. You have a sub from me.

SJA SDM : This is not fair..! We fukin loved Merlin.!

Unfazed Wolf : I saluted him when he went out in this film He went out in one of the most gloriest deaths I've ever seen He went out with pride and honour. His head held high with his comrades side by side

the wookiee fuzzball87 : say what you want about the golden circle but it has the most powerful death in history

Vinny : *opens bottle of Scotch and pours out a glass* this ones for you Merlin

Benn Mik : Almost heaven West Virginia Blue ridge mountains Shanandoa river Life is old there older than the trees Younger than the mountains Flowing like a breeze Country road Take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain momma Take me home Country road THUMP country road Take me home To the place I belong West Virginia Mountain momma Take me home Coun try rooaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAD rip

Stephen Brewer : Honestly one of the best deaths in cinematic history.

OJH : Thankyou guys for the support.

Alex Hoglund : This may be one of the best death scenes in movie history. It makes it better that he sung a song by John Denver who Merlin said was his favorite artist in the beginning of the movie.

Mehmet Atlihan : Lets see if they bring back Merlin in the next Kingsman, with some high tech shit that we are not aware of now, but when applied, will bring a body that is blown up into pieces into life. After all who expected to see Harry again?

XSpyder_ XxProdigyx : His voice makes the song better 🙃

Mojo Gaming 2004 : Whoever disliked this video they are not human

Jacob Gibbons : Best scene ever died a honoured death

boi : RIP Merlin. You died with honor and much respect. You were an amazing Kingsman and will forever be in our hearts. Best death in a movie ever. So brave <3

rain6000 : My man Merlin. RIP Mate

Tan Keith : This is just so sad. RIP Merlin. You will be missed.

Csgo Molten : 1:06 that face tho :<

wonder waffle : He sung it better then John Denver

1r1shOperator : Country roads, take me home to the place I belong!

Flowless : I secretly wish that in Kingsman 3 we discover that Merlin have been saved and is still alive somehow just like Harry have been saved ;-;

Allwyn Dlima : Finally! A near perfect quality upload of this scene. Love this part.

co-umpany corps television : My heart broke into pieces @ 1:00 that look they knew it was the end of an era... rip merlin best death scene ever you'll be missed.

Dudledude27 : I teared up and got kicked out of theaters becuase I wasn’t Done with the mission and I didn’t shed a tear alone

aragon 505 : This man is a legend, there is no person that I respect more than him and his death was heavy on my heart

Sebastian Eger : Best part was when they looked in their eyes and said good bye to Merlin. Almost made me cry😭🙂

luca lomsadze : i hope he somehow comes back in kingsman 3

DEATHLY HALLOWS : Who’s cutting the onions 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

gNaTaLiE _sAnDeRs : That’s probably the best and worst way to die😭😭😵✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽


Grandmazter3 : Merlin and Roxie did not have to die, but what a great sendoff for Merlin.