Deadpool The Musical 2 - Ultimate Disney Parody!

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Deadpool Musical : Who likes easter eggs!? What was your favorite?

Reginald Frempong : Ryan Reynolds should watch this. He'll be so proud

Ben Diehl : Would totally pay for a "Ryan Reynolds reacts to..." video

Witte Artistry : I love how they included The Hand 🤣 this is so brilliant I love it.

PinkaInfinity : And they say that Infinity War was the best crossover in history..

Bl1ndGuardian : You and Ryan Reynolds should do something together :)

The Red Eft : Snorting the ashes of the avengers.... 😮

Devin Heinz : I don't know how Deadpool Musical 3 is going to top this.

Princess chickeeens : That moment when he said spideypool *fangirling intensifies*

NoObIe 2962 : Why does this parody not have the views that it deserves

Last Rythulian : If they don't reference this in the third movie imma kick some moviestar ass.

Johny40Se7en : I'm willing to bet that Ryan Reynolds is kicking himself that he didn't come up with this because it's as good as the real deal and that bit about 4:02 is timeless, infinity fleshlight infinity , guaranteed if you accidentally climax you can just click your fingers and rewind time 😆

Reana Hardman : R.I.P Stan thank you for all youve done for the world and making Spider-Man and the rest of these amazing people (Even Deadpool)

DragonHeart 22 : Three things: * This is absolutely amazing! *Please make more! *How did you get Vic Mignogna?!

James Ooten : This is THE best video I've watched all year! I cannot believe this was fan made. I actually thought this was a Ryan Reynolds gag until the credits rolled. Thumbs waay waay up for the Maximum Effort! There are too many mentions, cameos, and easter eggs. I've watched, re-watched, paused, and watched with the sound off and I still find new stuff every time. You guys gave the X-men better treatment than any of their movies. Alpha Flight was great. I read the comments, so I'll list what I found and not include anything already mentioned: 1) In the 1st song Deadpool keeps repeating 'I'm Deadpool" as a parody of "I'm Batman." 2) The fact that you accurately use "Mutated" instead of "Mutant" when referring to Deadpool. 3) On the brown butcher's paper on the wall in Deadpool's bedroom, there are multiple superheroes drawn in crayon: Storm, the Thing, the Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Psylocke, and Elektra all fighting the Hand. 4) On Deadpool's project board there's so many things: On the teams to try out for, the last one is the Spice Girls. There's a Powderpuff Girls "Girl Power" sticker. There's a flyer for a Haunted Segway Tour. All the red strings point to a crayon drawing of the 2 Quicksilver's faces. There's a Green Lantern trading card with an round orange sticker over the face. There's a business card from Attorney Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). A black & white photo of Stan Lee. 2 posters from the Marvel Swimsuit Edition - Wolverine and Cable/Domino. There's a Science Digest article that says Tony Stark: Iron Blimp. There's a cut-out of the Daily Bugle logo. There's a headline cut-out that says, "Spider-Man: Hero or Menace?" A Xavier School for the Gifted uniform patch. A Capt America patch. A Spidey head patch. Various comic corner logos that have team faces on them scattered across the board. The front of a Hello Kitty popcorn bag. The "A" is for Apple card pinned right beside the "P" is for Pie card. 5) There's a slingshot hanging off the headboard of his bed. 6) There's a batarang lodged in the shade on his lamp. 7) There's a naked mannequin in the corner of his bedroom with Blink's eye markings drawn on. 8) When he goes thru the 4th wall door and shoots his gun, all the guys run out, but the only female in the room acts unaffected. 9) The Elvis bust and My Little Pony Unicorn on the shelves in the living room. 10) Putting a Mr. T wig, bling, and bibbed overalls on Blind Al. 11) The nod to Days of Future Past with the poster on the brick wall during the X-Men/Moorlock fight scene.  12) Tide Pods as breakfast cereal. 13) "Canadian Syrup" as a gag. It was the biggest trade dispute between Trump and Trudeau. 14) The Canadian Maple Leaf symbol was painted on almost everything in the warehouse. 15) In the warehouse fight scene when the Avengers show up, Black Widow gives Wade a stun baton to the groin area. 16) In the end credits, it shows a Bob Ross painting from the living room and a Starship Trooper's hat on a yard gnome's head. I probably went full-on OCD with this list, but you guys just put so much into this video. It'd be a shame if every last easter egg wasn't found or acknowledged.

Couch of idiots : best 12 minutes 30 seconds of my life.

The Red Eft : Haha I hope this blows up as much as the last one, also if you are reading this deadpool..... hi

entZEROspawn : Why can't this be made into a Netflix show, the acting and the stuns are better than some shows out there, think about it please :)

TheDeepVoiceGuy : Easter eggs that I found: - Moana: Movie posters on the walls (?) Dwayne Johnson plays in Moana Spiderman homecoming reference Let it go The pink crosses on the places he was shot a little earlier - The Little Mermaid: Hit combo from the game Beacon Street pizza card Tree of life reference Luger from Wolverine Red belt from the deadpool movie (?) Old lady has Han Solo pistol Thanos glove with flesh light Stan Lee cameo Power Rangers Green lantern Batman 4th wall-break with the deaf lady Shotgun shells everywhere The A-Team - Beauty and the beast: Disney's "Time Machine" the Morlocks Dead X-men members Ghost rider motor Order 66 - Aladdin: Baby Groot Everyone gets their own screen time Spidey reference from Tony with "a few years" Hit-man's bodyguard - Mulan: Star wars references! Couldn't afford members from the cast reference Netflix originals Faceless bad guys from a ninja clan, Teenage mutant ninja turtles The Syrup boxes Logan's death Laura 4th wall breaking Bambi's father's antlers on the wall Princesses from the songs - Credits: Peter pan fairy King Kong (?) Fantasic 4 Snow white and the 7 dwarves Light saber Buzz Lightyear Tell me which i missed!

Marvel Fangirl : Marvel should take notice of this. It's awesome.

Ethan whittinghill : This....this does put a smile on my face

The Red Eft : Also didn’t expect to see Jubliee from the cartoon. I love that she just leaves after he starts singing, and the the actor joke is so Meta

silvermanemilard : This gets better every time I watch it. I also love that Captain Kirk is Captain America.

Никита Павлович : And they say Infinity War is the biggest crossover...

Abigail of Asgard : "Let's Lin Manuel this Miranda" I laughed so freakin hard and musical didn't even begin yet! 😂

Sherif Vlogz : Wow for a good 9 minutes I thought it was actually Ryan Reynolds 😂

D Piddy : I love this so much.

Johan Wyckoff : Man, this well crafted musical can only be explained in two words: Maximum Effort!

Angela Dawn : I love the fact that the actor playing Thor , is actually named Thor :)

Tnt Monkey gaming : And they said infinity war was the most ambitious crossover ever

Lia Addams : Wow, I thought the mid-credit scene got me, but the after-credit made me literally choke 🤣🤣🤣. It’s brilliant. I mean the whole video. Art in it’s purest form. Just wondering if someone will ever see my comment. ‘Cause come on, there are 7k of them here right now. So if you’re reading it, I love you. I love you, random person, and I’ll die for you. Gosh, I’m trashed. Or just in a gaming mood. Or both. He-he. Ok, byyyye😘

HONEYPUPPO : Infinity War joke, still too soon.

Wacky Spartan : I actually want to see you make an X-men short now The voices were great, the costumes were fantastic and the acting was on par lmao

ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ : And humanity has just reached its peak

Настя Оробей : Cool love Dedpool love musicals and love musicals about Dedpool I see 1 part and love Dedpool in 1 and 2 part my love moment 8:55 SpideDedpool and when Dedpool fly in Iron men. I never foget about this videos thank you. ❤❤❤❤❤ 10/10

Devil0356 : I love this way more than words can express and Vic as Cap was absolutely astonishing!!!

MarvelousSandstone : When a parody gives you actually the team up you always wanted and needed.

Aztec Patrick : q: why can i quote this entire fucking video? a: i've seen it so many times i know every line by heart

Mikelikshark :D : Ooh Canada. Who knows the scene from deadpool when he yelled CANADA

Rylee H : I have no idea what i just saw ;-; all i know is that i loved it. Good job!!!

Game of Bronns : Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history! Deadpool Musical:Hold my beer.

Berserkbeast 666 : this is the very best,.... VERY BEST ive ever seen in my life. in my hardest days i am watching your musical videos. and all the bad shit in the world is forgotten :D man. <3

Rai'Onah Hill : These are amazing they look REAL SCENES😆😆 will u be doing any more of these????🤔🤔

Teagan Jones : Please make a 3rd one

TheShieldsMD : So I was actually eating dried apricots when he gave the dried apricot line. I don't even remember why I bought them. I guess it was fate.


Ajay S : That Sam Jackson voice was on point

porpus99 : Was trying to place Captain Americas voice for the past two days, then it hit me like Colossus punching the Juggernaut. Its the same guy who played Kirk in Star Trek Continues! Happy to see he is still doing stuff.

Aaliyah Vella : Please please please make a musical 3 !!! I love this so much.!!!!!

Relyt The furry : Best deadpool parody ever