Deadpool The Musical 2 - Ultimate Disney Parody!

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Deadpool Musical : Who likes easter eggs!? What was your favorite?

Reginald Frempong : Ryan Reynolds should watch this. He'll be so proud

Johny40Se7en : I'm willing to bet that Ryan Reynolds is kicking himself that he didn't come up with this because it's as good as the real deal and that bit about 4:02 is timeless, infinity fleshlight infinity , guaranteed if you accidentally climax you can just click your fingers and rewind time 😆

MrA16 Music : Wow he sounds 99% like Ryan Reynolds

Witte Artistry : I love how they included The Hand 🤣 this is so brilliant I love it.

Jack_Hunter21 : That awkward pause when Deadpool mentions that they are owned by Disney 😂

The Red Salamander : Snorting the ashes of the avengers.... 😮

anthony hernandez : Love the Alpha Flight cameo.

ShakerFries : Captain America saying "Language". Classic! From the age of Ultron start fight scene.

Vagner Oliveira : This is the Disney I want!... hahahahahaha

jin john : I can imagine deadpool actually doing this.

Some Body : I legit thought that deadpool in this mighta actually been Ryan Reynolds for a bit of the time. Usually when ppl act pretending to be deadpool the acting isnt on point like or doesnt sound like him but this vid was perfect

Zoe D : I had literally zero idea this existed before today and i didn't know i needed a Deadpool musical either. Thanks to whomever came up with this. You've made my day.

Steven Ahlberg : I thought nothing could surpass the first Deadpool musical, but then HOLY MOTHER OF WALT DISNEY you made a masterpiece, an "instant classic" as the critics would say. And to you Michael Parker, may I say that your Deadpool is absolutely perfect , couldn't have been done better, even by Ryan Renolds!!!

Boris Da Wolf : This is deadpool the musical but it’s an actual musical.

Vittoria : LMFAO the insane leap from the first musical to this is CRAZY stupid amazing <3

Starshine Productions : 🎶I can show you my sword... I don’t mean my katana...🎶 😂

Carmella c : Anyone else get caught WAY off guard by Vic mignogna?

Katherine : VIC MIGNOGNA AS CAPTAIN AMERICA? OMF--I didn't even know he was in here until I saw the credits I squealed

D Piddy : I love this so much.

Julian Pagano : This made my day

Hufflepuff King : I just saw the names of the og avengers on the draw board at 4:08 Cap’n Blondie Mace Windu 😆

TheDeepVoiceGuy : Easter eggs that I found: - Moana: Movie posters on the walls (?) Dwayne Johnson plays in Moana Spiderman homecoming reference Let it go The pink crosses on the places he was shot a little earlier - The Little Mermaid: Hit combo from the game Beacon Street pizza card Tree of life reference Luger from Wolverine Red belt from the deadpool movie (?) Old lady has Han Solo pistol Thanos glove with flesh light Stan Lee cameo Power Rangers Green lantern Batman 4th wall-break with the deaf lady Shotgun shells everywhere The A-Team - Beauty and the beast: Disney's "Time Machine" the Morlocks Dead X-men members Ghost rider motor Order 66 - Aladdin: Baby Groot Everyone gets their own screen time Spidey reference from Tony with "a few years" Hit-man's bodyguard - Mulan: Star wars references! Couldn't afford members from the cast reference Netflix originals Faceless bad guys from a ninja clan, Teenage mutant ninja turtles The Syrup boxes Logan's death Laura 4th wall breaking Bambi's father's antlers on the wall Princesses from the songs - Credits: Peter pan fairy King Kong (?) Fantasic 4 Snow white and the 7 dwarves Light saber Buzz Lightyear Tell me which i missed!

and I ran : This is ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!!! The effort you put into this is extremely apparent and you imitate Deadpool so perfectly that I couldn't tell if it was actually him or not. Your humor and ideas are so much like his. STUNNING JOB AND CREATIVITY!!!!

The Red Salamander : Haha I hope this blows up as much as the last one, also if you are reading this deadpool..... hi

Last Rythulian : If they don't reference this in the third movie imma kick some moviestar ass.

Drachona The Wolf : It's a crime that this only has a little over 1 million views. Also, can we officially blend The Hand and The Foot to make The Extremities? Or perhaps...The Extra-Mighties.

Wacky Spartan : I actually want to see you make an X-men short now The voices were great, the costumes were fantastic and the acting was on par lmao

hawkeyegames : This deserves way more views... better than the first!

Fool Of A Monster : The best part is that Deadpool would do all these things

PinkaInfinity : And they say that Infinity War was the best crossover in history..

nāmorghūlilaros : Can i retroactively pay to have seen this ? Truly and thoroughly entertaining. Please make 10,000 episodes of this.

ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ : And humanity has just reached its peak

The Red Salamander : Also didn’t expect to see Jubliee from the cartoon. I love that she just leaves after he starts singing, and the the actor joke is so Meta

WHC Bigboy : Deapool musical 3 being planned yes no mayby so

Agent Primus : Maximium effort? HELL YEAH! Dont know why i love that bit so much 😂 2:10

Christopher willard : I think i actually enjoyed this more the the deadpool movies which i love!

entZEROspawn : Why can't this be made into a Netflix show, the acting and the stuns are better than some shows out there, think about it please :)

HONEYPUPPO : Infinity War joke, still too soon.

Mikelikshark :D : Ooh Canada. Who knows the secen from deadpool when he yelled CANADA

silvermanemilard : This gets better every time I watch it. I also love that Captain Kirk is Captain America.

Devin Heinz : I don't know how Deadpool Musical 3 is going to top this.

Ethan whittinghill : This....this does put a smile on my face

Torpedex : anyone else find it scary for a fan film to be this good?

Celestine : I love it. That’s a very good work of art

Angela Dawn : I love the fact that the actor playing Thor , is actually named Thor :)

I am Blue : Hilarity ensues with Deadpool .

Devon Jones : Wow, that was just simply awesome. The last thing I really expected today was to find another Deadpool musical. Twas a lovely way to end me day, thanks a lot. P.S. I am never going to get that Little Mermaid parody out of my head. Lol

Game of Bronns : Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history! Deadpool Musical:Hold my beer.

Joan Bonde Jensen : Awesome! So awesome and funny, I don't have words for it 💕 Discovering Paul Bianchi´s name on one of Deadpool´s "hit cards" ("Punch cards"?) is one of the easter eggs, that made me laugh. ❤️