Deadpool The Musical 2 - Ultimate Disney Parody!

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Deadpool Musical : Who likes easter eggs!? What was your favorite?

Reginald Frempong : Ryan Reynolds should watch this. He'll be so proud

Richard Bourton : Thor was played by a guy named Thor?

KrøniksYT : "Well.. He's got hobbies!" "Yeah, jerking off" "I can show you my sword And I don't mean my katana" Ryan Reynolds would be proud of you

Princess chickeeens : That moment when he said spideypool *fangirling intensifies*

John Mcclinton : The only glaringly horrible issue I have with this video... Was that I hadn't watched it sooner. 😅

The Red Eft : Snorting the ashes of the avengers.... 😮

Fosty Face : Is it bad that I want another Deadpool musical but this time a crossover between Marvel vs DC Nation XD

Annie : I was expecting this to be bad (as I find most Live action fan vids tend to be) but I absolutely loved it! It's insane how much you sound like Ryan Reynolds and I had to remind myself that you weren't him! Great job!

MtnFudgeMaps : The best Ryan renolds impersonation

Sparrowcompass : Iron Man really does sound like Robert Downey Jr!

Johny40Se7en : I'm willing to bet that Ryan Reynolds is kicking himself that he didn't come up with this because it's as good as the real deal and that bit about 4:02 is timeless, infinity fleshlight infinity , guaranteed if you accidentally climax you can just click your fingers and rewind time 😆

Sparrowcompass : 4:29 Don't kill your camera crew Deadpool!

Hula McFlyer : Literally everything in this is a Easter Egg Edit: This ENTIRE video is an Easter Egg

Akshaya Sakthivel : Did they say "get shawarma without deadpool " 😂this was hysterical 😂😂keep doing it

Kodah Smith : My god the production value on this video is incredible

HONEYPUPPO : Infinity War joke, still too soon.

Filippo politanò : I must say this is the god damn best unofficial film i ve ever seen, and, not to mention, the best musical i ve ever seen

Lia Addams : Wow, I thought the mid-credit scene got me, but the after-credit made me literally choke 🤣🤣🤣. It’s brilliant. I mean the whole video. Art in it’s purest form. Just wondering if someone will ever see my comment. ‘Cause come on, there are 7k of them here right now. So if you’re reading it, I love you. I love you, random person, and I’ll die for you. Gosh, I’m trashed. Or just in a gaming mood. Or both. He-he. Ok, byyyye😘

thoughtsintime : Even the credits are hilarious!!!

Aaron Hunter : This just confirmed that a Deadpool show could TOTALLY work!!!

The Red Eft : Haha I hope this blows up as much as the last one, also if you are reading this deadpool..... hi

Jamie Costa : AWESOME JOB!

Anthony Emrick : Surprisingly good Ryan Renolds impersonation. This was hysterical.

Frank Gallacher : Absolutely fantastic just as good as the first one you guys deserve an Oscar please please please Hollywood give those guys a contract if they can do this on a budget just think what they can do with some serious Hollywood big budget money if anyone feels the same then let them know Sign them up ☺

Juha Isomäki : It is offical, I have found the BEST video on youtube!

D Piddy : I love this so much.

Charlene dimitro : Dead pool reading death stroke by dc comics killed me🧐😂 great Easter egg

Shady Gaming : This is never gonna get old

the little green cat yeA : I didnt notice Song from Moana and a whole new world until from now o btw 2019?

Niño McTerence Yaco : Deadpool singing Disney songs!!! xD hilarious!!

YouTube Critic : Better than the first!!!!

Justin Ball-Greenwood : Where the next one at ?

ivan : me and my boss just watched this video at work together lol

Shaggy : The X-Men: X-Men dont kill Wolverine: What? Deadpool:What?

Kristen Kruuse : This is hilarious !!! Great, especially with Iron Man Aladdin theme song :D This is really great :D Well done !

Siva Kishor Reddy Vennapusa : This is so professional for a fan made. Awesome.

Chris Singh : I hope they make Deadpool 3

MegaGermanShepherds : Blind Al was awesome! Almost had me thinking that it was the actual actress playing Blind Al. Congrats to everyone!

Tim Wells : Friggin love this.... Art is alive, art is a lie, art will survive, artists aligned, heart of these guy's, in part I'm surprised, but also take pride, as an artist am I, and a fan of the time, Paid off by the likes, the work in writingn these lines, as well keeping inline, the musical time, never shall die,.... Maximum effort! A video...Sublime

Torpedex : anyone else find it scary for a fan film to be this good?

Chey Marie : Part 3 please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Shreyansh Keshav : well I came here from and its great.

jemma douglas : Lol, who else is here from

Gustavo Polezzi : Dedpool music 3

The Red Eft : Also didn’t expect to see Jubliee from the cartoon. I love that she just leaves after he starts singing, and the the actor joke is so Meta

2012Tmnt#1fangirl Aka scarmoon : I was watching this last night and I started crying 🤣😂 even sent it to my family and they loved it

Izuku Medoriya : beautiful just beautiful

Roy the Dino : Most underrated musical of all time

Berserkbeast 666 : and even in 2019 <3 :D best ever seen ^^