Group of 16 dine and dash on $420 restaurant bill

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Guard Passer : Wakanda forever, right guys?

Mr. Hardtruth : Dine & Dash is the new black entitlement . Dam people .

jimmy perkins : Blacks of course...

Justin Y. : Diabeetus

Scott Jones : And if you look at them very carefully you can see that they're all fat..

My Legacy : Land whales in action..

Ferdi Sanchez : And people wonder why they get stereotyped. Sad.

Jaime Lynd : Awwwwww.... it isn't their fault! It's their culture! You see, actually paying for a meal is _"acting White!"_

John Henke : Well, their ancestors were slaves and so it's OK if they are a bunch of useless thieving parasites. I'll bet they are all democrats too.

*NZ Maori* : Dine and Dash??!! Lol didn't look like they could dash to save themselves

Elysium T : Obama's people.

Jerry FromUSA : Taxi drivers tell me that blacks frequently jump out without paying.

Sweepy57 : That’s black people for u 🤦🏻‍♂️

G J : That wasn't a dash! That was a migration.

Scott Jones : Like I said blacks are their own worst enemies

josorr : They have promoted racism and have no right to complain when they encounter it.

Yeezys’ R’Gay : *this is what 74% out of wedlock birthrate looks like*

keonisan : Am I surprised that it's black people? No. I remember a case a few years ago where another huge party of blacks went into a place and complained the bill was so high and eventually started chimping out and throwing glasses and fighting the chefs. If I was a server I would never want to wait on the ratchet blacks.

I. Tierney : i've been a server at a few restaurants and i can tell you, servers always dread serving black people. they almost never tip you, and when they do it's like a dollar, regardless of how expensive the meal was. they are also far more likely to get be rude and entitled. just the worst.

Nilesh Darunde : Don't worry obesity,heart stroke and diabetes will catch them before cops.

agentorange20 : Getting loud in public, berating the staff, smoking weed in public, physically pushing the staff. Valid Stereotypes to the max then?

Rafterman Howard : "people" If these are people I'm a stick figure

Ken Hopel : It’s a new trend like shooting cops and taking a knee when the national anthem plays

Trevor Ess : That show What Would You Do set up a scene where a table of black diners were asked to prepay for their meal. Other people in the restaurant were appalled and some were even crying at this discriminatory treatment. Wonder if the people that got upset would have a change of heart after watching this disgraceful bunch. SMH.

Rob Tron : They are hard not to stereotype.

Sean Adonis : What a shocker!!!! They never fail to disappoint!!!

Raisp D : I am RASIST! So what!?

USA THE GREAT : Obama trained them well.

Gustavo Rodriguez : Hey mang They wuz egyptian, olmec, viking, greek, Chinese, and the original Samurai, they wuz kangs N sheit they didn't du nothing

THE BATMAN : Black privilege

Sarah Fischer : #blackexcellence

Outrun3571 : Are you crazy talking about this ??? That’s racist lol those are all welfare queens , section 8 royalty ,food stamp ambassadors and more racist than natzis , they commit more crimes and get away with it ... sad

mackrveli : Based on the size of em behemoths, it's probably their 5th Dine and Dash that day.

User968 : Next the owner will make everyone pay first, and the usual suspects will claim racism.

Matty Wells : 'Dine and dash' more like 'dine and diabetes'

zerkzy842 : Wouldn’t shock me if they brought up slavery at some point. Regardless of the situation blacks always bring up slavery and act as if they themselves where slaves.

CallTheAmberlamps : Knew they were black before I clicked

George Batton : Let me guess, they didn't leave a tip either.

FaCt0r x : Dindu nuffin!!

michael : Dash? I'd like to see one of them trying dash 😂

Henny andTea : I'm black and fat never dined and dash and I tip so this disgusts me to the core people in the service industry don't get much respect as it is now they're going to look at every black diner different.....

John Cabbot : And people call it racist when restaurants ask black folks to prepay? I mean come on....

MyWorld : Way to enforce the stereotype. lol

Christopher Smith : #Blacks

dujfraz : As they leave, you can see they're all smiling and laughing knowing exactly what they're doing. Deplorable behavior.

Cameron Gibbs : “Black lives matter right 😂😂😂

Leigh W : I can hear the tuba music playing as these fatties make their escape

John Rambo : 0:57 Look. Look. That lady is smuggling a full HAM out in her...arm skin pocket..

warriorprince101010 : The "Dash" part is hard to believe.

Add Love!™ : More like, Gobbled & Wobbled!