Group of 16 dine and dash on $420 restaurant bill

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*NZ Maori* : Dine and Dash??!! Lol didn't look like they could dash to save themselves

Justin Y. : Diabeetus

Highlife419 : All them btches leaving was fat lol...

Highlife419 : They just made it hard for the next group of blacks who come in should be interesting lol...

Brittany Bish : I’m black and have never dined and dashed. These losers are just classless, period. 🤦🏽‍♀️

The Real Rick : "420" bill

Ms Londonlove : Never surprised when I see videos like this. I just know I’m getting lumped into a group with ratchet AMERICAN black people because *16* people represent my WHOLE entire race, they literally represent the other billions of us out there, in other parts of the wold, thriving, doing well and being law abiding citizens. What a world we live in.. I hope those people are caught and brought to justice.

not Rowland : Done and wobble

EROR : People like this keep racism going, then they complain when people are racist.

EvilDorito : Dindu Nuffin

Matty Wells : 'Dine and dash' more like 'dine and diabetes'

Billy Bob : Lowlife blacks

jig 82 : WTF!? They're black !? Shocker! 😂😂😂

nani rescue : i saw pigs!

Trenton Brown : Sounds about black

Tumbler Lai : How do they allow 16 people to rush out ?

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : And then people wonder...

nimo hobbs : Have Blacks given anything back to society apart from poverty, drugs and crime..

Cesar Lezama : i work at at restaurant and im not racist or anything but black ppl always is bad! they’re always smoking weed, they are picky as hell and the dont tip at all (they dont even leave the coins lol) on top of all that they complain and try to get in trouble the servers and the chefs but our manger knows how it is so he doesn’t even bother

Gabriel Galarza : And "black lives matter" lol

A Dream : Not only are they all gluttons, but the look on their faces as they walk out knowing what they're doing... all around despicable.

DO IT YOUR DARN SELF diy fun : We cant dash like we used to.... ROLL out!!!

SopranoPictures : Snowflakes saying this is racist yet ?

Cooliomix : My uncle always refuses black people on very late nights in his resturant people who do come in his resturant are the locals like families and old couples, because all his life he always gets trouble with the black people so he had enough really dont blame him. By the way we are indian

JJP : These comments are disgusting and racist. Why is it that whenever a black person commits a crime everyone is quick to bring up race but when it comes to the many white people who also commit crimes everyone focuses on the person and not a single remark on race pops up. Racist will just never stop

Add Love!™ : More like, Gobbled & Wobbled!

Brian Giles-Phillips : This 'dine and dash' problem happened far too often in China to the point that ALL restaurants have had to change the rule and make diners/guests pay for their bill right after ordering from the menu before the food is served to their tables by waiters/waitresses instead of the usual rule of paying after eating. They should adopt this rule because it means that you will not eat if you don't pay at the restaurant.

Dennis Hall : Remember tho, Black Lives Matter!

Christopher Smith : #Blacks

#TNTFAM : Yes of course we knew they would be black, just like we know all the school shooters are white 🤷🏽‍♀️

Savage : Trash

king Dione : When black folks start splurging, something Usually isn’t right.

jimmy perkins : Blacks of course...

Johnny Valenzuela : ghetto ass niggas 😅😅😅🐒

Who Dat Mafia : Why is it when a certain race or group of people is shown doing something stupid, everyone automatically assumes that all those in that particular group act that way? Those who do are just as ignorant as those on the video.Stupidity and ignorance has no racial barriers!!

YariGlows215 : How disgusting! i am glad they been exposed for the world to see.

Joey Vargas : You will never catch any other race doing this ratchet low shit its the truth

Deezy from philly : Those black bastards need to be arrested..

lazy gizmo : Niggas

flying Oflynn : It was more like a waddle than a dash and this is 2018....cameras everywhere. just plain dumb.

Milo The Russian Blue : That’s a sad display. Zero class.

Brianna Mayson : Ugh ! WHY must our black people keep giving others reasons to HATE us !!!! Just a look in the comment section and you’ll see all the racist jokes and the “Not shocked, they are black” This pisses me of so much. No wonder some black people claim to not be black. I am completely ashamed ! Not of my color, but the stereotypes associated with it, and the fact that some black people actually continuously fuel that already rampant hate toward us.

Dskys : They probably all go to church too

Rajwinder Gill : Sounds about black

Sarah Fischer : #blackexcellence

Nilesh Darunde : Don't worry obesity,heart stroke and diabetes will catch them before cops.

Sharpshooter12345 : Nutty professor family

Highlife419 : Lmao dam they ate and drank good though...

93hothead : Black people in general

Henny andTea : I'm black and fat never dined and dash and I tip so this disgusts me to the core people in the service industry don't get much respect as it is now they're going to look at every black diner different.....