40 대 1 이상형 찾기 실사판 (남자편)

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laloo x : for me it would be any1 who doesn’t find me ugly stay **everyone leaves**

MrButterFluff : I need a gay version please thank you

cheonjae yeoja : When u fall in love, u won't even remember what was ur ideal type?

Scrumptious Cake : Wow I feel so bad for him after the appearance questions. He's so polite and jeee when a lot of the women left my heart sunk.

Kookie Stole My Heartu : He must feel so guilty for saying those things! I feel bad!! 😫

Anaa Adrienne : Once he said his requirements for height and weight the majority of girls who left, did so not because they didn’t fit into that category because they were all pretty slim and tall but because they didn’t want someone that shallow

Talsbyn : not gonna make any bold statements, but the female version compared to this was a complete opposite vibe. That one was fun and lighthearted but in this, since the director pushed it towards body image it made it feel depressing. The guy in this had to feel like an asshole compared to the other one.

The Randomyzer : The girl version is so much more different from the guy version😂😂

Maanasi Pidke : 1."how are you so fine even from that angle" 2. "just my dazzling naked eyes" 3."whaaaaaaat?" 4. "This questions is shitty" 5. "I feel like it'd be weird to be the last one remaining." 6. "Just tell us what size do you want." These. These cracked me up. And, I don't get it, I know the whole point is to meet someone who meets your criterias...but what about their criterias? You gotta find middle ground, you don't want the perfect person man, because perfect is boring. Honestly.

진수현 : 여자편은 사회적조건 물으셨으면서 남자편은 왜 외적인조건이죠?ㅠㅠ

༄TheWeirdoShow༄ : I love the way he thinks. Truly wish more people would tend to be more sensible like him.

9,920,318,002 Views : lol, that selfie has hilarious.

윤사 : 진짜 몸무게 어느정도가 적당한지 잘 모르셨나보네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 미안해하는거봐

2 Cool 4 u M8 : Last girl: "im gay" *stands up and leaves*

Haram Kang : 남자편여자편 다 봤는데 두번째 항목이 여자 대상으로는 외모조건 남자 대상으로는 사회적조건인게 참..ㅋㅋㅋ......

hipnhappenin : So polite

The Jetty Jet Show : This guy is an idiot, killed half of potentially great people with his circle lens requirement!!!!

heyxnerya _ : The question about the weight was disgusting. Think how those girls must have felt when they needed to leave because not weighing the right amount? 45 kg isn't even healthy for a grown woman.

kk u : 대체 무슨 환상을 가지고 있으면 55가 뚱뚱한거지..? 100킬로대 살아는 계신지?

봉수 : 여성편은 사회적인 걸 물으셨는데 왜 남성편은 외적인 걸 물으시는거죠

Your Neighbor Amos : That's interesting. I really like that you guys chose an average Korean guy ^^

shane : 유튜브에 언어마다 필터링좀 생겼으면 좋겠다...댓글보기가 힘드넹

채연 # 06 Youtube : 몸무게는 ㅅㅂ 에바야 ㅋ

Uzma Kashif : Bro why would u ask about weight

은지 : 여기서 이렇게 주제를 놓고 그거에 대해 이상형을 맞추려니까 까다롭게 되는거 아님? 실제로 저거 다 보고 피곤해서 어떻게 사귐 그리고 저기 ㄷ여자분들 왤케 매너가 없지 애초부터 소개팅 싫다고 나가던가 자기도 얼굴보고 있던거 아님? 자기들도 키랑 몸무게 얼추 보지않나 아무리 마음에 안들어도 말하는 어투는 좋게 해야지 초면인 사람한테

peachyjae : he is just. wow that’s an attractive man

onarionaa : aww, he didn't WANT to ask that many questions about personal appearance. and the women ended up thinking he was shallow but he was just trying to come up with 3 appearance questions. the show's format wasn't really fair and made him look bad. although i do think having such a stringent height/weight restriction was kinda appalling. but he's very cute xD

waz goin : 1:02 wtf is that a guy

늘양 : 참가한 남자분도 되게 힘들겠다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마지막 인터뷰 보니까 더 확 느껴짐

Cynnamo : Jeeeeeeez. If i was 45 kg i would be a stick of bone

Savion Jin S.Coups : That was the most awkward looking selfie I've ever witnessed

김시발 : 왜 남자ㅇ를 나쁜늄으류 만들지 걍 본인 취향말하신건데

내말은다맞아 : 목소리나 얼굴 느낌이 약간 권현빈

miso Led : 키가 가장작은게160인데 몸무게 45.....와......

Drill : 이중성 오진다 진짜 여자들ㅋㅋㅋㅋ심지어 여기 여자들은 말투도 띠꺼움 이러니 페미가 망하지 현실에서 저 얼굴이면 저 분 이상형 자연스레 따라옴;

AOA BBYS ! : the girl who kept typing "lmfaooo" is my spirit animal

리치영앤 : 여자편에선 암말도 안하다가 여기선 왜 여자를 평가하냐고 난리치는거 너무투명하다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jesus Christ : 1:28 “FBI OPEN UP!”

JHeartsYou : He said he wasn’t picky, but all the questions they were making him answer about appearance made him seem super picky. 😅 He looked super nice though..

Valens : What if the perfect woman was the first who left?

Allen Douangchak : He seems like such a nice guy! I feel like a lot more would have stayed if the questions were not so ''picky''.

사플 : 딴건 알빠없고 매너 진짜없네

하의실종 : 160에 55kg도 해당되는거네?

Anime Pro! : This guy could have make a harem!

JohnJane DoeSmithu : See, he should've started out with the plastic surgery questions, and followed up with STDs. Then filter out the extremes, in terms of weight/bmi.

Jimbo : 2:49 that emoji. I need it LOLOLOL

neo got ma back : I need a guy like him

Irene Vergou : I think people our age are too sensitive and cannot handle anything....... like in my opinion he's very attractive and I believe that it's good to have some standards and not be like too easy I personally believe that natural beauty is way better than having like plastic surgery and I get why he thinks that double eyelid surgerie is fine because it's really natural and I prefer natural beauty over makeup or surgery like if that's your thing okay you do you but don't come for other people because they don't have the same taste as you and in Korea it's way more normal to be between 50 and most 60 kg because they're more short and small and their frame is different. lastly I saw a video about like this experiment but it was a girl with guys and she said some rude things like oh he's kind of ugly or when she said someone to leave and then she saw his face she said Oh Come Back you're pretty. in the comment of that video nobody said anything and I think that's very unfair like very unfair I think the guy is really nice and kind and he always says sorry if he said something that he wasn't sure about so anyone who said something bad about him back off and stop being so sensitive thank you very much

농락꾼 : 이걸왜채팅하면서 질문을하는거지 얼굴싹보고 젤이상형이다하면 혼자남기면되는거지

Victor Valdez : This boy is so high standard. About surgery and children. That somethubg you cant know