40 대 1 이상형 찾기 실사판 (남자편)

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Jimbo : 2:49 that emoji. I need it LOLOLOL

Meoww Mowww : All the people crushing on him in the comments and calling him soft.........how?

sarabal_iu : he should ask their bmi instead of asking their weight or height XD

sadiehamre : Only one person doesn't like children im shook

Sabrina Bitxh : It’s sad how some of them said “Can I please leave now”. “I really wanna leave”. After the weight and height question.

mera kay : How can y'all leave Kwon Hyunbin like that

S.coups Hoe : idk why so many people are shitting on him for the height and weight thing :( i think he genuinely didnt know and just chose a random set of numbers typically talked about in the idol industry and he was apologetic about his answers as well. I think people should view this video as how ideal types and standards can really hinder your chances at finding someone you vibe with whether youre looking for friendship or a long term relationship. Also this smol bean looks like another smol bean frm JBJ :3

lil playful fandom girl : He really made me think with what he said at the end of this... ‘we should try to not hurt others with our ideals’ Personally, I don’t have ‘ideals’ I’m not too picky and lol its not cz I’m ugly or desperate but In general I think everyone has something that is attractive whether it be physical or personality wise. I rather meet someone that wants to get to know me and go from there.

Manijeh Binesh : I get the height, but ofc it can hurt someone when you tell them to leave if their "too fat" for u

awsome social life : If someone is 170 and weight 55 they underweight. It's not healthy.

meme enthusiast : this guy looks like kwon hyunbin

Teriyaki Sauce : Like 5 of the girls said “Can I leave Now.”

사람사랑 : He was sweeter and more genuine than the women who filter out guys.

Stevan Milojevic : He was apologizing whole video😊😊. So polite!

Chanumon : The physical appearance part should've never been included honestlt. I feel like some girls left just because of how the questions came off

Black Wigga : 1:25 He dodged a huge bullet, right there

Shiemi Yvienne : Only me find this guy cute ? I think he was just being honest about what type of girl he really wants. Well in the future maybe he won’t be in a relationship with his ideal type, but it’ll definitely not from an online matching. Believe me, no one would continue a blind date if they didn’t find that one attractive, all the girls there even stay for his look you know D: And he even had very good reasons for what he had chosen, “It’s easier to hug them” is a quite good reason to me. He even bowed to every single girls that left. He even felt sorry for everyone, the ones that left and the ones that stayed.

Robyn Farrugia : 45kg?? Is this dude looking for a ten year old lmao

Baylee Corona : "alright, anyone who doesn't want to stay on the blind date can leave" *no one leaves* *gives the camera a gangsta stare*

진수현 : 여자편은 사회적조건 물으셨으면서 남자편은 왜 외적인조건이죠?ㅠㅠ

노지 : 여자들 막말하는거 진짜 매너없네.. 여자편에선 남자들 그래도 끝까지 매너지켜줬는데 채팅방에 말하는 꼬라지보소..

Daniel Bahena : “I’m not that picky” looool

Meister Manfred : I have a small question to korean girls: Do you think this guy is handsome?

hipnhappenin : So polite

배건영 : 다신보지맙시다 를좀장난스럽게 쓰신것 같은데 남자분이 조금 기분이 나쁠수도있겠다

XXX : Damnnn this boy is everything ...he had so much respect 😙🙌

IllIl : 남자편여자편 다 봤는데 두번째 항목이 여자 대상으로는 외모조건 남자 대상으로는 사회적조건인게 참..ㅋㅋㅋ......

A True Love Official : This is fun and interesting but a little bit harsh. I wanna try it but just for fun. I know everyone has it's own version of an ideal partner but most of us fall for the opposite. xD

James R : 1:25 *Asked about taste in girls "I really like kids"

나마나 : 날씬하고 자연미인스런 탱탱하고 밤에 리드하는 여자 ㅋㅋ

Christineerr : he's so precious omg 😤💛

최정음 : 써클렌즈는 자연스러운것도 많은데 ㅜㅜ 외적으로 안본다는건 정말 정말 본인의 착각이신듯..

Someone Random : I'll be the one who doesn't like children😂

HOESEOK MY HEARTEU : “How are you so fine even from that angle” BAHAHHAHAHAHA

Righty SnipeZ : "Your nostrils lmfao" on the first question and that girl didn't leave...

최연우 : 키는 170까지 잡아놓고 몸무게는 55까지 잡아놓네...

Verowatches : Men do not know how to take & send good pictures. If you're a guy having no luck online dating, it's probably because your pictures suck. ASK A FRIEND!!!

Ivy : The channel should do a version of 1 foreigner vs 40. It would be interesting.

R B : LOOOL he was lowkey getting roasted by the girls 😂😂😂

한유송 : 응. 졸~라 따져.

GlOdZiO : This was actually really sad 😞

Rose Tico : It’s an easy task. Just say “Hello there.” And then, see if any of them reply with “General Kenobi!”

uma army sofredora kpoper : Aí queria entender oque tava acontecendo

SuSie Daniels : LMFAOOOO the question About how they are in bed. I screamed

TaeHyun B1a4 : Why is everyone mad at him for the height and weigh thingy? He said he wasn't sure and all he did was answered the question that was asked... and to those asking "Can I leave now?" yes you can, he didn't ask you to stay. you could've left.

Joseph Holt : Here is mine. Can you speak English? No? Leave! All leave. XD

Ni K : 1:36 that’s waay too early

Zehra Catalbas : The girls got so defensive. In the 40 vs 1 female version, none of the guys were butthurt about any of the questions, but the females took offense in everything. They were so sensitive.


Beatrice Galvosaite : I thought he said he wasn’t picky 😂😂