40 대 1 이상형 찾기 실사판 (남자편)

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laloo x : for me it would be any1 who doesn’t find me ugly stay **everyone leaves**

cheonjae yeoja : When u fall in love, u won't even remember what was ur ideal type?

H K : Wow I feel so bad for him after the appearance questions. He's so polite and jeee when a lot of the women left my heart sunk.

Jojo Bee : He's actually a really nice guy. And he was forced to ask those superficial question, which he felt bad about doing. He just made up the figures. Feel kinda sorry for him because he's obviously NOT a superficial type...

2 Cool 4 u M8 : Last girl: "im gay" *stands up and leaves*

Anaa Adrienne : Once he said his requirements for height and weight the majority of girls who left, did so not because they didn’t fit into that category because they were all pretty slim and tall but because they didn’t want someone that shallow

i’m still alive : what was the director thinking? why didn’t they give him the same categories for questions as they gave the girl? implying that appearance matters more when you’re a female is... disappointing.

Chris A : I don't know why you guys are acting like this guy is some criminal for having a weight requirement of 45-55kg when the director is the one who asked the question and he even states he doesn't know how to gauge female height/weight which is probably why he gave such a low weight.

moody star : He seems like a sweet guy and I think the producers made him ask the weight question

starryfelix : He's so thoughtful thinking of other people's feelings.

༄TheWeirdoShow༄ : I love the way he thinks. Truly wish more people would tend to be more sensible like him.

fortnite leaks fr : 45kg /55kg ?! Ce sont des tiges à la fin !?

Goddess Layla : i need a lesbian version thank you

Alicia Marquez : I’d ask anyone who has ever cheated on their SO to leave.

heyxnerya _ : The question about the weight was disgusting. Think how those girls must have felt when they needed to leave because not weighing the right amount? 45 kg isn't even healthy for a grown woman.

hipnhappenin : So polite

그러하다 : 다신보지 맙시다는 아니지... 여자편때보다 좀 예의없는 여성분들이 보이네

성혜인 : 그냥 저 남자분의 이상형이 그렇다는데 자신이 맞지 않으면 그냥 나가면되지 왜 자꾸 비꼬는식으로 말하는 사람이 몇몇보이지,, 저분이 자기 이상형을 강요한 것도 아니고 그야말로 자기 이상형찾으러 나왔으니까 그렇지,, 죄송해하시는거 내가 다 보기 안쓰러움

이다빈 : 남자분 민망하고 죄송하셨을 것 같긴 한데 솔직히 몸무게 말했을 땐 나도 정떨어져서 나갔을듯 ㅋㅋ.... 너무 현실감 없다

Ilona Sit : I feel really bad for him:( When they asked him about weight and height, I can tell he felt really bad when telling his ideal height and weight:(

Your Neighbor Amos : That's interesting. I really like that you guys chose an average Korean guy ^^

Uzma Kashif : Bro why would u ask about weight

itz lanaaa : 0:58 *when you accidentally open the front camera*

푸링 : 0:55 남자는 엽사 찍어도 예의상 다 남아있는데 여자편 가보면 셀카 예쁘게 찍었는데 알아갈 생각 1도 안 하고 4명이나 나감ㅋㅋ 얼척없네

waz goin : 1:02 wtf is that a guy

NamiiCho : Ooooo he's so handsome ! And how he keeps looking at the camera loooollll but compared to the female version, he seemed very polite and considerate to the women but the woman felt more like she was feeling bad about herself u_u

LeeLee OwO : "Who Did Plastic Surgery" Girl: How About Filters? I Was Dead Laughing XD

벚꽃[ARMY] : 아 이런거 그냥 안했으면 좋겠다 서로 기분이 썩 좋지도 않아보이는데

Cynnamo : Jeeeeeeez. If i was 45 kg i would be a stick of bone

인간 : 하나만 물어볼게요... 여성적인 스타일은 뭐예요? ...

heonity : he is just. wow that’s an attractive man

xx xxy : 키몸무게 질문은 해당되셨어도 나갈듯 키 170에 몸무게 55가 정상으로보이냐 니들은?

bean : he is so precious and i feel bad for him aw u can tell that he is a rlly good hearted guy :))

Trisha Nicole Tan : The fact that no one left from the beginning shows girls are more understanding

Felicia Andersson : 45 KG?! Boi he’s lookin for a baby

MrButterFluff : I need a gay version please thank you

퐝지 : 여성분은 나올때마다 눈호강하는데 제발 잘 좀 생긴 남성분 좀 섭외해주시면 안되요..?찾기 힘든건 알지만요.....

Maria M : 45 - 55KG FOR A 165CM GIRL ?? does no one else find this insane

Jesus Christ : 1:28 “FBI OPEN UP!”

Park Jimin : he feels like such a bully, i feel bad

MissManagerK : The dude was really sweet and nice, he was trying his best to be kind. And since he had less knowledge, it makes him seem like a bad person. But he was so good! He seemed like an amazing person.

Bambam's mole under his left eye : Out of all the dating vids here, wow. This made him look so shallow when it came to the appearance part but can we appreciate how polite he is? Like seriously, he’s very kind and he felt uncomfortable having to ask those.

나니 : 애초에 프로그램 자체가 이상하니 남자분도 저런질문 하게되지... 몸무게는 진짜 당황스러웠다.. 45~55인건 상관없는데 키 취향이 160~170... 여자 160에 정상 체중이 55에요..45는 비정상..

paris burning : 남자 생긴것도 별로고 말하는것도 어리버리한게 존나 왜케 따져ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 어이없음

KookuuKooku : *”Mom? Dad? How did you two meet??”*

ArtofDylan : Here we go again in the comments, westerns forcing their standards and people getting angry cause they don’t fit this guy’s taste in appearance

태민 : 저건 질문 하는거 진짜 실례 아닌가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나도 저런남자 만나기 싫을듯ㅋㅋㅋ정떨~

Multifandomity : WOW. "I'm not picky but I prefer THAT specific height and a girl who doesn't exceed 55.56565Kg. Kthanks. Bai" SIGH

Nicole Alvarado : ESTOS COREANOS WE 🤣❤️ Los amo 🤣❤️🤣

nostal gia : 까다롭지 않다면서 졸라 까다롭네 착하게 생겼는데 몸매 몸무게ㅠ좀 깬다..