Marc Martel - We Are The Champions (Queen cover)
This guy sounds just like Freddie Mercury

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Available on Spotify: Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – "We Are The Champions" 1. Bohemian Rhapsody 2. We Are The Champions 3. Love Of My Life 4. Under Pressure (Featuring Kevin Max) 5. Don’t Stop Me Now 6. You Take My Breath Away 7. Somebody To Love 8. We Are The Champions- Reprise


mangrovezac06 : This man must come from the planet mercury

ReaLIfeChannel : My mother thought i was listening the voice of Freddie.

ElHombreTopo : People: Reincarnate isn't posible Freddie: Hold my mustache

Mikhael . Hamonang : Marc can't replace Freddie but, he can replace Adam

Keeping up with Audrina and Sydney : producer of bohemian rhapsody movie : so how much do you sound like freddie? marc: *yes*

Nosaferatu : Lost it at "I've paid my dues" I love your voice,

Griscuits : Freddie would be proud. He said "i don't care what you do with my music after I die, just NEVER make me boring.". Thank you Marc for holding up to that standard.

Tutor and Tourist : You've got a great voice. I am so amazed. Can't wait for your next video. Great job!!!! 😊😊😊

PARADOXAL : Your mother had something to explain

John Taylor : John: Reincarnate yourself Freddie: Hold my Stache

Buğra Özelgül : Close your eyes, Listen Marc Martel, Feel Freddie Mercury style..

John Richardson : It's unreal. Not just the voice, and not just the face, but also the mannerisms. If his mom ever admitted being at a Queen concert, all doubt in my mind would be gone.

melanie 1303 : 0:01 is the same voice of Freddie OMFG

GunsAndPoker : Marc wakes up every morning and pisses excellence.

꧁William꧂ : Freddie mercury 10 Marc martel 9

REE productions : Queen fans:He is not coming back. Marc:I’ll give you one mustache for you to believe me.

Retro : Did anyone hear when he said “I pay my dues” I swear that part sounds exactly like Freddie

MelaniaLovesRockAndRoll XD : My mum: *walks in and hears Queen* hey sweetheart you Lissening to Queen? Me: nope this guy is just singing a Queen song and sound just like him! My mum: OH LORD It sound just like Freddie Mercury tho..

Slav Frankenstein : *marc on america's got talent* Judges:so how well do you sing? Marc: *yes*

Joal Bulaong : Marc with the Queen. Please! Please Sir! I was born on 1994 thats why I want to hear the Queen perform with the Soundlike freddie Mercury. Thank you. From Philippines 🥰

Yumiku Kirishima Scarlet : I was like.. Hey Mom! Dad! Guess who's singin?? And they were like... It's Freddie And I was like.. Nope! And they were like What? Who is that then?? That's then I showed 'em Marc's covers and they were like Woahh!!😭😂👏👏👏


Edd Glassus : Just close your eyes, you won't notice the difference

Irsyad Channel : Mukanya kok hampir mirip sama FREDDIE MERCURY...

Ростислав Новиков : Anyone: No one can sing like Freddie! Marc: hold my beer

Pink Panter - Comedy : First words...and i like this video

Murillo Vieira : Marc Martel: "I've paid my dues" Me: *started crying*

Anne Music : I asked my mother to listen and tell me who it was without seeing it. She seriously said: this is Freddie. ADAM LAMBERT LEAVEEEE

jahseh dwanye ricardo onfroy : We are all glad your still a piece of freddie mercurys memory

Ready Player One : Eres el mejor imitador de Freddie Mercury y no creo que nadie te supere imitandolo, y creo que deberiasejoras tus agudos para que tuvoz se parezca más o si no quedarías como Roger Taylor ;). Regálame un corazón Saludos desde Colombia

Foxtrot 007 : My mouth dropped in the first "I've"

Manfred Plos : Who wants to live forever , please.

Arzhang Emamifar : tell me marc How come you had never heard of Queen and Freddie mercury ? this is like a Surprise from GOD. again , perfect

V3ntilator : Queen sadly chosed Adam who can't sing this properly like Marc.

Ibrahim Arisoy : Thank god for giving us Marc Martel 🙏

Smol Bean : Adam Lambert left the chat *Marc Martel join the chat*

ROBSONN SANNTOS : Impressionante a semelhança. Muito obrigado pela belíssima interpretação!!!

Tobias Krog : Switch out Adam Lambert please...

FaZe MelLo : he started it perfectly. and ended it perfectly

Sunny Stephen : Absolutely nailed it. The piano and vocals are spot on. I like this even more than your Bohemian Rhapsody!

IRO LIFE : I was fan , but now im air conditioner

Wars Archers : I dont know what to react but you're amazingly talented

r.s.b 1997 : please please do "Good old fashioned lover boy" that would be amazing😍

Mifis : Very nice voice bro !!! See you Mifis channel 😉

Briar Rose : Thanks darling! You're back!❤

MexicanosDelMundo : This guy sounds 90% like Freddie - which is awesome, because he has a margin to still imprint his personal touch. He should be touring with Queen

David Alejandro Acosta Rolando : the second most beautiful voice I have ever heard ....FREDDIE IS ALWAYS FIRST

Alon Doron : Marc you are a champion and a legend

CałeTe TV : What if Freddie reincarnated but only price to come back to life is to give away his *mustache*