We Are The Champions

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Millionaire Book Scratcher : Man you should be the lead singer for queen not Adam Lambert.

Pink Panter - Comedy : First words...and i like this video

James Hallett : Adam lambert out Marc martel in

IRO LIFE : I was fan , but now im air conditioner

Smol Bean : Adam Lambert left the chat *Marc Martel join the chat*

mexicanosdelmundo : This guy sounds 90% like Freddie - which is awesome, because he has a margin to still imprint his personal touch. He should be touring with Queen

Ronan Playz Guitar : He got the looks of Freddie...he sounded like Freddie.....Oh My God.....Freddie is Alive!!!

Foxtrot 007 : My mouth dropped in the first "I've"

Maitreyee Dutta : His side face and nose are looking like Freddie... Agree 👍

edo r. ramadhani : Queen + Marc Martel (John Deacon return) 💪

PARADOXAL : Your mother had something to explain


Abdelillah Mouhib : Unfortunately Queen just picked up the Gay Side of Freddie and left the Singer side enjoying the fans in a tribute band.

Ryder nibba : plot twist: marc was freddie wearing disguise

Jose Luis Castillo : Please sing under pressure

Kannemy : 2019?

Vhalhallah Covarrubias : I thought this was Freddie’s voice in the beginning

GnSabs : Dude ur vocals!! Handss Dooowww

LiRose 123 : I think that god has wanted to give us another chance and let us listen to the voice of freddie live again for those who didn’t have the opportunity.

Veronika Ko : Он похож на Фредди Меркьюри, может его душа переселилась в него, у них даже голоса очень похожи, и черты лица😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😚😚😚❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vernon Santiago Smith III Esq. : No disrespect to Adam Lambert as he in his own right is an incredible artist with amazing vocal range. Having said this, I do think Mr. Martel would add be a much more suitable front man as his “authenticity” to the one and ONLY Freddie Mercury is as close to what most are hearing. “Comparison is the thief of joy”

El Ganzo : Welcome back Freddie.......

Luis Fer Alonzo : Don't die again please!!


MINDisLIFE : you are like Freddie reincarnated!

Yansuari Shakti : I can't believe it's his voice. Adam Lambert is good but this is too damn good. Crazy dude


Jacqueline Bennington : Me encanta tu voz sos el mejor

Wenny Loreto : Best cover ever! Love this man!

Ethan Trace : Sounds almost like Freddie Mercury!! Uncanny!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Katie Steele : That piano playing is so satisfying. Ooft 37 likes

niuniu : Not to be the odd one out, but DAMN I wish I can play the piano like that

Ikhsan Kurniawan : He better then adam

オタクキモイ : 日本人いますか?

Luke Faulkner : I was surprised how good this is! Your voice really sounds like Freddie's.

George : This is ridiculously great. You've got all the inflections down...and yet you have your own unique timbre to your voice. It's both fortunate and unfortunate in a way that you sound "like Freddie". It's great that you sound like him, but you'll likely always be compared to him. Had you come first, Freddie might very well be on YouTube (if YouTube had existed in his time) doing what you're doing.

Vhalhallah Covarrubias : This is amazing!! I love your voice so much!! Freddie Mercury would be so proud!! Lots of people suck at singing Queen songs but you rock!!!

CORNWALL GHOST HUNTING : How is this voice not out with Queen touring.I feel the soul of Freddie in that voice.

Chris Barker : Listening to this brought the awe feeling I had when I first heard this song and bought the 45 record when I was in 4th grade in 1977-78. This song was new then. It was my introduction to Freddy and Queen. And I was a fan ever since. Marc’s singing is as close to Freddy’s singing voice as anything I had hoped for or could imagine!

jungsfragen : WHAT??? This. Is. Unbelievable! Like a reincarnation.

Aria Didden : He’s hot AND an AMAZING pianist and singer. Keep it up!

Vhalhallah Covarrubias : Adam Lambert is trash compared to you!!

Shameer Lalloo : Wow... amazing My generation Freedie

Vintage Bricks : still amazes me how similar you sound dude. In May 2016 we needed you at the Leicester City title winning party

Huelo el Miedo : Gracias por existir!. 👏

Louis Layones : freddie mercury was reborn as marc martel

Joel Vlogs : Increíble a i soy el unico que habla en español

fido dido : "The show must go on" please.

smile More : You are a spark, brother don't stop! I have played every instrument but I've been fortunate enough to be blessed with an ear and vocal elasticity. However, I have had a theory since I was in high school that I never really mentioned to literally anyon. I made exception with my husband who is an Astro physicists. I noticed there seems to be a direct correlation between a persons facial structure and the sounds you can expect to "naturally" emanate from them. U are another example of this. Your wide jawline and facial positioning isn't a coincidence that your perfect at what you do. With that being said my dear you are blessed so so so very much. That's a voice that leads, God bless and carry it well!

Luuk Van der Stad : please dont die again