We Are The Champions

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Millionaire Book Scratcher : Man you should be the lead singer for queen not Adam Lambert.

Freddie Mercury : Darling, you make me blush. -Freddie

김창호 : 한국인 손

Rocket 205 : Why are you not touring with Queen yet???

XANIX : “Hagan lo que quieran con mi música pero no hagan mierda con ella” se nota que este chico no desperdició toda la música que nos dejó freddie maravilloso cover

mexicanosdelmundo : This guy sounds 90% like Freddie - which is awesome, because he has a margin to still imprint his personal touch. He should be touring with Queen

Spooder Man : The plastic surgery is not fooling me Freddie.

Jeff the killer : The best part about his singing is not because he sounds like Freddie but he brings in that same home type of feeling that Freddie brought us when he was still alive, he sang for the outcasts and losers. He made everyone feel united under a musical succession. That’s why I love listening to this guy, he brings in the same amount of home that most people who try to do covers of Freddie lack.

swingthatmusic for me : Have you ever thought to make your moustache grow?

김성현 : 한국인 손?

MINDisLIFE : you are like Freddie reincarnated!

Jose Portillo : Do us queen fans a favor and don't get aids please, just don't die on us please

Nohe Lu : Freddy tenía un hijo? 🤨

rudra thakkar : Wow man that was fantastic

정직한영직 : 보헤미안 랩소디 보고온사람?

Ethan Trace : Sounds almost like Freddie Mercury!! Uncanny!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

박준형 : 진짜 똑같다ㄷㄷ

Shoyuke Paksi : Request : queen - Love of my life

Javier Calatayud : Haz canciones propias tío puedes llegar muy lejos

Fiona Wilde : whoops accidentally listened to this 5 times in a row

jungsfragen : WHAT??? This. Is. Unbelievable! Like a reincarnation.

Ryan692 : This is so close to the studio recording it's actually scary. Just incredible. Wish I could sing like this. Well done Marc and never stop singing! (not to mention your piano playing is stellar and shouldn't be overlooked)

철수 : 한국인 모여라

Mandibil : My appreciation of this song has grown through the years, more so than most other songs. The cheesyness and all though.

아임그뤁 : 신기하고 대단한게 저분이 프레디를 따라하는게 아니라 그냥 부르니까 저렇게 나온대요..개멋져,,

dimitreze : if I may request something, please do a vocal piano cover of Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy. pleeeeeeeeeeeease

みーなーこ教 : You are the champion.

catriona. cm : Much rather go to a tribute concert with Marc than a Queen concert with Adam.

Дмитрий Зайденберг : Since Queen is practically a tribute-band for themselves now (no new material, only performing classic stuff), Mark is the best man for the job. I wish they toured with him.

망고스틴 : 이분만 들으니 몰랏는데 원곡들으니까 비슷하다...

Luuk Van der Stad : please dont die again

Yair Ch : 1:41 Que cambío de voz, mis respetos

로켓라쿤 : Best cover ever Enjoyed it 1000000% Thanks for nice video 👍👍👍

Gatut Susanto : Marc Martel, you have great vocal and piano skills. I keep listening to your channel again and again.

Andrew Unknownadze : Holy shit, When my friend turned this video on i asked him is that Freddie but he said no, He said this is Marc Martel. Jesus his voice is 100% copy of freddie's one... u have a big talent dude! Keep it up that way!

YG Entertainment : *Give this guy a mustache*

Barshbley Rufis : Wtf its a voice of freddie

학동운 : 프레디 머큐리. 다신 죽지 마요....

Sebastian Martinez : Deverias de tocar con la banda original

Diogo Oliveira : Superb. Absolutely superb. First and foremost you are an artist and a true blessed one. I don’t want to compare you to Freddie Mercury, because it isn’t fair to him or to you. But man you do sound almost exactly like him! Those “we’ll keep on FIGHTING” are exactly the same! Uncanny and seriously insane. Bizarre even. Congratulations! Now... when and where are you exactly performing with Queen Extravaganza? I want to go! ;)

Vaping with MoBro : Hey man, your voice is amazing.... PLEASE could you cover Queen - "Spread your wings" I think you would NAIL it. God bless dude.

Daniel Naranjo : Wow

슈 슈 : How many times have I seen this idont know why but Im keep coming here to listen to this almost every day

앙모기취. : 한쿡인 찾아요👍

GAMES BKS : Marc please bring to Rock n Rio Brazil

Huelo el Miedo : Gracias por existir!. 👏

Gabriel Borges : 😍😍😘 talento puro

K : Where’s the beer and vodka on top of the piano?? Those are the only missing pieces bec you sound so incredibly like Freddie! Bless you!

x Kira The Fox x : Dude, every time you sing I get chills, you're absolutely amazing! You're literally Freddie rencarnated!

marlon donasco : I've got goosebumps for 2 minutes and 55 seconds.... DANG!