We Are The Champions

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Millionaire Book Scratcher : Man you should be the lead singer for queen not Adam Lambert.

mexicanosdelmundo : This guy sounds 90% like Freddie - which is awesome, because he has a margin to still imprint his personal touch. He should be touring with Queen

MINDisLIFE : you are like Freddie reincarnated!

Vaping with MoBro : Hey man, your voice is amazing.... PLEASE could you cover Queen - "Spread your wings" I think you would NAIL it. God bless dude.

Parzival : You sound so much like Mercury it’s scary.

Just your ordinary alien from mars : *sigh* you’re the closest we have to Freddie and your not even preforming with what’s left of Queen

Cat Attack : This is legit scary how good itis

Max Amillion : If this guy ever tours with Queen I'll go see it.

Ethan Trace : Sounds almost like Freddie Mercury!! Uncanny!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Judd Philby : Can see why he is performing vocals in the queen film bohemian rhapsody

FoFoTheBee : This is the first time I heard someone sound like Freddie Mercury


Mr. Robert : *Why this guy is not touring with Queen? Hey Brian, time to give people the real thing!*

Aaliyah macken : why did this get dislikes ? I don't understand maybe there just jealous that they can't sing as good as this guy 😂

Igor Lopes : Marc Martel no Rock In Rio com o Queen já! 🙌😀 Imagina a cena do Marc entrando no palco com eles! 😮😀😎! Uau... o bicho vai pegar!😀😀😎

Deborah Warren : WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG....dude....I close my eyes and Freddie's back. EPIC!!!!

Daniel Pestana : Simply perfect. Your voice sounds exactly like Freddie. It’s so impressive to even look at you and see the same facial bone structure as Freddie, which might be the reason why you sound so similar, or maybe it’s just you. Highly impressed. Thank you for this.

dimitreze : if I may request something, please do a vocal piano cover of Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy. pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Brian Ellis : Actually something good coming out of my recommended

Michile Lam : I am in disbelief. One piano. One voice. What a gift.

OnBendedKneeMusic : He SHOULD IN DEED, be Queens singer. But Adam Lambert has that gig. Don't understand that choice over Marc at all.

Awentia Wolf : How is this even possible!! I can die in peace now, You are AMAZING 🌹

jungsfragen : WHAT??? This. Is. Unbelievable! Like a reincarnation.

Sevy_01 : It sounds too good, but Freddie is unique

Pigeon Boi : I went to see you yesterday at the Palais Theatre, and you were incredible! You moved on stage just like Freddie would, and the voice is as smooth as silk, much like Freddie’s. I can tell you don’t try to sound like him, it’s natural. Keep up your incredible work, please! Thanks from Melbourne!

Michael Lorah : Some differences I've noticed between Marc's and Freddie's voices. Marc doesn't have the natural grit and growl that Freddie had (but he comes close on several occasions). He is able to hit and maintain some high notes that Freddie notoriously avoided because of the strain it put on his voice (especially in a live concert.)

Ashwin Grewal : At first I thought he just added Freddie's voice it was that good!!!!

I'mTheToast : You sound really good. I don't think I know someone who can sing so close to Freddie's level... Then I found you.

FerretEggs : Is it only me, or does he sound almost exactly like Freddie?

Belles & Tori’s spam : WTH YOU SOUND JUST LIKE FREDDIE😭 I luv yu.

Mark Comia : Better than Lambert

Norwegian viking : Adam lambert who?This guy NAILS IT TO 98%+..best i ever heard..

Georgia Pollock : Some parts you sound like Freddie but others you sound different/ unique

Shermyn Melendez : I felt like I was like a judge on the voice immediately pushing subscribe after your first note 😂

Nomad Games : You're carrying on a legendary sound that should never be forgotten. Keep on keepin on ma dude

Huelo el Miedo : Gracias por existir!. 👏

M4n013t3 :V : OMG sounds like freddie

Randy Indick : While you're singing Queen's song amazingly I can't help but stare at Jeff Buckley behind you ^^

Christopher Twiggle : Man, Quebec's just throwing out people that sing like popular singers. First you had Elvis, now you got Freddie. And to you, Marc, thanks for representing Canada the best way possible.

Brainicorn Studios : Why aren't you in the band? You sing just like Freddie! It's just amazing!

Diky Adrian : Oh My God, I never expect someone to exactly duplicate a unique voice like this. Incredible.

Niall D : Love the Jeff Buckley album in the back, you should cover some of his work. And man do you have an incredible voice, keep it up!!

Ash Le Cras : Amazing, better than Adam Lambert!

James Moore VOCALS : He brings some serious uncanny impersonation skills to the table but I still feel Adam has just a bit more authenticity to his approach. Mark is as close to Freddie as anyone has ever been though in terms of note for note perfection and tone.

Nice guys finish last : Much better singer than Adam Lambert. I should know, I toured with one of the biggest bands as a bassist in the world. You are truly great Mark and you should be singing in Vegas with Queen.

Stephen Hawn : This guy sounds more like Freddie Mercury than Freddie Mercury does

Ben Hermawan : damn!! your voice like freddie mercury, and i'm waiting for Bohemian Rhapsody..

Alexandra Cane : Just realized that Marc's face reminds me of an amazing mix of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie

D B 秘 : The one dislike is from Adam Lambert.