Xbox Live Original Promotional Video

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Blasts Mods : We've come a long way... or have we?

nandog1939 : When online gaming was dominated by teens instead of children.

beavis : darkmaster later changed his gamertag to thelegend27

Alejandro : This has a very early 90's vibe

Winter : We don't have voice masking in 2016.......

Jesse J : I remember the first few days of Halo 2 on Xbox live... After a game everybody was saying "good game, good game" made friends and all but after a few months or over the following years it became f you and f this... That's when I unplugged my mic!

Bnaski : Darkmaster is tmartn of the rarly 2000's😂😂

ThelastGinyu : 1:11 The first XBL troll.

vb7200 : So this must be the before the days of the xX420DaNkMA$TER$Xx

RingoMcWingo : Wow, this reminds me of Disney Channel for some reason.

Jim Patton : God, this reeks of late 90s cheese. It's so awesome :3

316whatupz : Plot twist:  Revolt was never officially released for the original Xbox. Things just got awkward......

Fault : Is DarkMaster still on xbl?

Skeletor Jopko : I wonder why they ever got rid of the voice masking.

Il loan lI : that's the exact insults you hear on Xbox live T_T

Vepokk : DarkMaster? That's edgy

Battlefielding : Why did they take out the voice changer?!? :(

DJ Alfe : and thus online gaming was born on that day

TexasTechMom691 : I remember seeing this when I was 8 years old and I got an Xbox in 2003. This was on a promo disc that came with the Xbox.

owningops シ : First Gamer tag on xbox is "DarkMaster" lol

Video-Kal : 1:12 And thus the squeaker was born

drunkenn1nja : "Wheresmycar" lol talk about early 2000s

Brewster Million : Those mics look like they were pretty good quality compared to what came with the xbox one

Not a matureperson 66 : I miss the early 2000's.

Alex's Vice : All those OG gamertags 0.0 :(

Edward : So this is where MLG Dorks where born from... Also I kinda wish you could still do voice masking in modern online gaming.

Gabe Coronado : Jeeeeez. Does anyone remember the days when these features were amazing and crazy and we're all like oh my god this is the best! And today we can talk to our Xbox and then snap for multi-tasking, have our Xbox turn on and sleep with voice, and new mode suspend where we can leave the game to the dashboard and still have the game running! Like holy shnicker, look how much technology has changed through a single decade!

1UP Studios : And thus this promo made kids make racist slurs to adults thanks xbox

BRANDON121230 : i have this on the demos on one of my original xbox games


Ashley Gennings : DarkMaster is the original TheLegend27.

Lol X is dead : This should be a dank meme

Frankxx87 : Lol what's with that creepy painting in the background

Pixelcitizen : Hmmm.... I have to wonder: When DID the Late 90's vibe ended? I hear people say it was around 2004 or so... I believe it ended around 2005. It may be just me, though. :/

DoNut_Boi : 0:39 I laughed so hard for some reason!😂

pronedaddy : "WE CAN HEAR YOU, FOOL!!" hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

J Rad Man : Is that dude wearing his boxers?

im naK™ : you have to have a high speed internet connection! Like DSL or cable? JAHAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHH

NoExcusesLadies : Why they get rid of the voice tanger it was so awesome

ODST Brooks : I Miss these days so much

Christian Limbach : im trying to play xbox but dankblister keeps kicking my ass

Sans : This it still better than any of the consoles

The Eighth Era : Looks like Tmartn.

Ethan : Kinda looks like tmartn

ECGxNANO : "Xbox communicator" yea.... a mic

DJ Mellon : The first xbox live squeaker😁 1:12

l2CRE4M : Hnnhnhngngg the cringe

Feranmi Olugbenga : I have an original Xbox live

Ryan Cavitt : I miss the voice mask feature. Lulz