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I'm sure this is just the drunken, vulgar madness that Miyamoto imagined all those years ago when he created everyone's favorite turtle-murdering plumber. Well, at least nobody rode their bike face-first into a tree this time. Follow us on Twitter: Tshirts n stuff:


Phil Böhm : Elyse dropping that chicken nugget, taking a bite out of it and then dropping it again was unintended comedy at its best.

Ryan Nguyen : they didn't include the best bruce line from the stream, when bruce was smashed af after the second game ended and said "engage all defenses.... and get this man a bed" and adam started crying from laughter

Adrian Daniel : 29:20 "you think I stupid cuz brain soft but me smart!!" Holy. Shit. I laughed so hard at this.

HighLordBobo : I idolize Lawrence because he is all of the things I aspire to be: 1) a huge nerd 2) pretty jacked 3) maybe not an alcoholic, but probably

Ebin Ecks Dee : Guys, I'm starting to think Bruce will never freeze

Ash Menon : James's expression at 12:35. My man is seeing sound right there.

Bug Boy : They were drunk by the end of the first game. They couldn’t even pronounce Miyamoto right. Monty is a mole not a beaver. Elyse was shocked Mario had nipples. This is the first video I’ve ever seen on this channel. It’s beautiful. 29:46

JeC Gee : I love that Adams Luigi hat blended in with the green screen

ohyouresilly : 24:37 Another indecipherable remark made in Elyse's drunk space alien language that we'll never know the meaning of :(

Casual Potato : Ah, I miss Drunk Bruce and Drunk Elyse. Everything is right again.

armando1is1great : Adam that's some impeccable Master Hand cosplay at 21:27

guyyouseewhenyoudie : 10:39 is Elyse at her most magnificent

DrHankVenture : Who fingers stink the most? Beaver.

Grey Goose : I absolutely lost it when Adam put on the Luigi suit and blended into the green screen

Riley Peterson : 26:33 I live for moments like this

N33T_0 : "I'M AN ELEGANT WOMAN AND I DESERVE THE WORLD" *gets zapped* 12:21

SpeckOfDignity : 16:12 he says, you know, like a liar, wearing a Nintendo shirt.

Devon Palmer : This episode is a goldmine for quotes taken out of context.

Alex Morton : Like how elyse pointed out they were playing a mole but kept calling it beaver anyways lol

Luis Angel Salcedo : 29:25 Drunk flirtatious Elyse is the greatest version of Elyse! 🤣

Blue Allen : 14 minutes in: "This is unsustainable" 33 minutes in: "Wow, they really went for it."

Robert Williams : Having Adam dress as Luigi with green screen is killing me! Send help

2Parlie : Elyse Willems saying "Thank you" and staring into nowhere is the best thing ever 31:18

MrTelboy : Guy who came in asking them to be quiet must have been really confused when he walked in and saw the Mario brothers, Princess, Ezio and Black Panther (who never freezes btw).

Dylan Studley : Top 10 things that will blow your mind #1 Bruce never freezes

Mitch : "Beavers are known for their agility" - Bruce Greene

cjcirca88 : this is BY FAR the funniest drunkest ive seen them hahahaha best one

Jackley Two Beers : Adam was the best in this, his hat being green, blended into the green screen. This made his facial expressions, or lack of, so pristine and made it pop. 10/10.

gavriev2 : B is for Bruce B is for Bruce neva freeze

Andrew Gallagher : I dig Adam's Ronald McDonald haircut @26:10

Carter Mangum : i love Elyse so much! shes so hilarious and i feel like she doesn't mean to be which makes her even funnier!

Sireno Man : Holy shit! The guy playing as Rosalina looks like Bob's boss from The Incredibles

Elexess Ashley : I’m glad YouTube recommended this to me. I was sold by how many times the girl was so proud of being a beaver

Phil Glass : James has that thousand yard stare, he's looking through the game code and into Miyamoto's black soul.


WaterbuffelNL : Explanation for 2:17 : Only 1 person can pick each doll, you can't have multiple people select the same doll. So basically the fastest one gets it. You can see Luigi selecting it and after that it didn't work for the others. Sorry James, your controller works just fine, but you're too slow! :) The rule is there to avoid ties and having people who lost sight of the correct one to just pick the same as the 'confident' person (or just the other people at all) which would make it impossible to have the other win and you lose as result.

William Paz : 26:34 best moment, the boo laugh killed me

4j25 : Invisible Adam killed me.

Andi Punkahtii : So what’s the deal with the people coming in telling them to be quiet in the past couple videos?

bytesize0801 : 13:30 "what's bee selling?" AIDS medication " what an unexpectedly dark joke lmaooo

SleepingElite4 : I like how Adams Luigi hat blends in with the green screen 😂

Prison Mike : Elyse dropping her nuggets twice is literally most of us when we eat after drinking.

Hoerstyy : Bruce and Elyse are the best combo

ThisIsMyFullName : Holy beaver, I've never seen Elyse be this drunk lol

Cartas Arcanas : *Ive never cheering for a beaver so hard ROFL*

Door Knob : i love how bruce and elyse started passing out randomly at the end

물건 : Eluce is my favorite FunHaus combo.

erwockz12 : Elyse and Bruce teamup is always GOLD!!!

A-med SB : they are hilarious when they're drunk , I don't see a difference between drunk lawrence and regular lawrence tho.