Cardiac Arrest

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Otto Vainionpää : This is worse than a horror movie. Difficult to watch.

MorayShot : Saddest beeps in world..

Eric Owens : That was on a simulator. Medical Schools have these.

Kaushal Parekh : my daddy died due to cardiac arrest on 24th March, 2014 & I hope no one died due to this from now, medical science please do ur best to fight & win against cardiac arrest.

crazyearthquakes : Simulation or no, the nurse in me is sooo stressed out watching this ahahaha

Tractorz : He's dead Jim

Daniel Mota : Watching a heart fail in front of your eyes must do something to you..

Jake the Animator : My grandma was put into cardiac arrest because the hospital took off her mask even though they weren't supposed to and they killed her thanks a lot hospital


Olivia Bean : this is scary as hell, but useful for a story I'm writing.

The Dustosaur : It's like a bouncing ball, HAHAHAHAHA, he's dead....

mccabber24 : What? Where's the "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"? I'm disappointed now

TheGhostRiderGeneral : Medical explanation: Cardiac Arrest is when the patient has a heart failure and they're heart beats and very fast rates. If they are not properly treated or they're heart is not shocked, they will flat line, and if the doctors do not act in about 5 to 7 seconds, the patient will die do to heart beat failure.

Cynthia Flores : PACs can cause pauses. Had a patient with frequent PACs last week that caused 3-4 second pauses. He needed a pacemaker. Crazy. But VTach and Vfib continue to be the ONLY shockable rhythms. Asystole is still only treated with CPR and some serious epi

Youtube Slimes! : I am 10 yrs old and interested in this. Weird?

Becky Fraser : This is anxiety provoking

Ryan Esperanza : V-fib kinda looked like polymorphic V-tach

SHJ Gaming : How did you get this simulation? I'm assuming this IS a simulation and you didn't just film the ECG of a person going into v-tach and then sudden cardiac death :P

lemontraine : This makes me sad, because I'm currently writing a story where the main character dies after she's attacked. A different character wasn't there in time to save her, and he blamed himself as he watched her die. ahhh Well thanks, that's some good education anyway

cuvo219 : That went straight to v tach

Carson gillespie : Live heart to scary demons in imaginations at death after flat waves come

4mysonable1 : What if the patient is DNR candidate and consented to research or something

CerberaOdollam : wish it was me...

SingIng TAING : we can see clearly now: 1 Sus-décalage ST : ischémie myocardique 2 Onde Q de nécrose appear 3 Sus - Décalage ST with T négatif 4 Onde Q de nécrose très net , ST disparait 5 Tachycardie Ventriculaire 6 Torsade de Point 7 Fibrillation Ventriculaire 8 Arrêt cardiaque

sacr3 : It's sad to see such an awesome simple organ just come to a rest

Mr0erick0 : The book "lights and sirens" brought me here... and holy crap.

Litagano Motscoud : "Artist: Sounds of Nature White Noise for Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation" ಠ_ಠ

Sans : Hope that they are in Heaven

Alex Mercer : My dad died from cardiac arrest...

KAG : probably this is made for teaching purposes.. but if that was a real patient yeah, he is dead, cant you see the asystole (flat line) in the end (in case of the patient singed DNR)

Kadar Jeerman : I don't know why, but watching this is horrific. Simulation or not, these pulse readings freak me out.

DUSTERDUDE238 : reminded me of the scene in "Steel Magnolias" when they had to remove the daughter from life support. and everyone there just silently and sadly watched her EKG just get weaker and weaker and then finally flat-line. Gawd that was a sad part of the movie. I cried like a baby :(

Olli Karen : my grandpa died on 1. september 17.20, I remeber this sound for my whole life...

Tango : This Bass Drop Killed Me

Caters Carrots : You can bring someone back to being conscious if they have asystole. How? Injecting a large dose of adrenaline. Defib won't do a thing to a heart that is not beating or spasming.

Matthew Ferrie : Did anyone else find it weird how the electrical activity turned into a decaying sinusoid? Why did it do that?

Angriffstank VIII : Бедный Майкл Джексон. ПОКОЙСЯ С МИРОМ

PastelGrave : Wait...did I just watch a real person going into cardiac arrest and then die?

Emre Güney : Ventricullar fibrillation 😨

Falaxuper : How to distinguish coarse VF from torsades?

TheBratzNerd : i was only looking at this for my biology homework..that was soo sad to watch.. :(

Plumface-sama : it's probably just a simulation

Joshua Del Rosario : Morse Code?

ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY : echocardiographie a partagé une vidéo avec vous sur YouTube : “HOCM / CARDIOMYOPATHY HYPERTROPHIC”


Phoenix : I just cannot get my head around the small-ness of the 'window of opportunity' between sinus and asystole. If someone passes out and people don't respond to them in cardiac arrest (as has often happened for various reasons, such as because other people claim that they haven't got a health problem); how can that few seconds be long enough to get those people to reconsider and spring into action appropriately and even manage to save their life, and enable a full recovery? And if people say, they would know if the person was 'down' that there could be a problem; I cannot reconcile this with the lack of time left over to respond successfully. They have to think, then act, and be successful and have the right equipment and so on... Why should an A&E wait until someone is down, and ignore the warnings given? They have done this, because when someone is telling staff that they are having heart racing etc, they often get told to sit down; apparently this is because they often get abused by patients. I cannot reconcile the two forms of protocol (i.e. this security protocol and this CPR protocol), no matter how hard I try.

wx4newengland : So thats kind of what happend to gramps, so based docters told us even if this had happened in a hospital chances of living are like less than 12%?

Bryan Chavez : Wow cardiac arrest

KANE HELLZ : As a person who live's with PVC's (thousands a day) and is scheduled to go for an abalation sure have to study up on the heart and it's rythms.

Polloloco51 : scary, sad!!