Chucky Bit my head! F'kn CHUCKY IRISH IN LONDON

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Lala Armijo : This makes me laugh every time i watch this

chucky the killer doll : I bit her head

blown22 : Apparently Charlie is called "Fookin Chucky" now. And he bites heads instead of fingers.

D.C. Studios : She just leans in

Kari Witmer : I cant get enough of this!!! Makes me laugh everytime. 😆😆

Mary-Anne Delaney : I watched this a hundred times and I keep sharing it. She is so innocent and that's what makes it so funny.

Cankerous Booch : we irish can't make the chucky noise without being filled with murderous rage


TheWassupyall : this wee girl is everything that's cool about Ireland.

Agent Dale Cooper : Don't piss off an Irish person...or a Scottish person for that matter.

zenobia10127 : I must have watched this video 100 times. It's never enough.

Sherry the gypsy Salzman : I love it

monica Smith : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Lmao I want this for a ring tone 🤣

Susan Baldwin : I can’t wait to hear Chucky’s side of things

Joseph Xavier : It's not right, but damn it it's funny.

Caroline Lopez : She is so cute

Beatriz Ortiz : Make more videos.

Ulstermanone : Great Ulster accent

dgaflifestyle1 : "Little McGregor"

Ashlyn Barfield : Lol

joker199 : I just love the facial expressions as she leans in to say 'Fukin Chuckie'.. priceless

NATHANIEL FLORES : This is gold.

Malgorzata Porebska : Hahahaha OMG i cant stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂

Marcus Roele : "Listen youse guys we got us a rat fink squealer in the gang...... Who is it, Boss?...... Chucky..... *gasps*..... FOOKIN CHUCKY!!!

Nelson Ricardo : just more evidence that the world is going to trash, how can you think this is okay is amazing #letkidsbekids...sad :(

mrsjulz000! : This is freaking hilarious I'm from Ireland im dying XD😂

Tennille Mitchell : OMGosh!!! this is SOOOOOO hilarious!!!!

fnaf coolo : XD I would probably say that XD but what did really bite her??😂😂

Layla Marie : 😂😂😂😂lolssss

Skye pie : Lol

XxPrincessKhattakxX786 : this is so funny i saw this video on the whatsapp status!

yemi yemzi : this is so funny

E SinOhio : Cuteness level overload!!!! Who knew cursing could be so adorable.

boris butterscotch : Oh god.

Carey Gosa : f'kn adorable

TurtlePod : ok

Dave Ortiz : I can watch this over and over. it's to adorable for anyone to get mad at this Lol

Daragh Kiernan : Say fookin Chucky got worse back

XRablaxX fortnite : Omg it's too funny lol.xd

Rocky Harper : bahahahhahaha

Ayrrianna Sleesman : This is really funny

Romey Todd : She sounds exactly like my cousin hahaha

Kynam Western-Roberts : This kid is just a mess 😂🤣

jayanah williams : OMG lol if if only i could get away wid dat

Just Cut It : Ha thats me in a couple of years

Zach Cano : So freaking hilarious.

Chris Dallaire : The Lean in and the facial expression is just too much hahahaa

Dilan W : it's something it is so so funny

Jeffrey Sterling : Fine