Kid flosses to 'Mamma mia' on the bagpipes

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Ilyx : Once humanity goes extinct, this will somehow become the last piece of evidence that we existed. Good luck trying to decipher this one aliens.

Taylor : Who plays quads with traditional grip...

ahuachapan2 : Ends too soon!

Aiden Snacklad : no one: Kid waiting for his mum in the grocery line: *starts flossing*

Rachel Parenteau : Where was this? I feel like I've been there.

LokNWykLeer : Challenge: Put as many ridiculous details into one video as possible. Go!

acrionx : I hardly know you anymore.

McGherkinburger : Mayhem!!!!

alex allen : hahahahaha danny

Flipryzzz - : Saлам малейкум шкилы

Gert Finkelhoffer : Where & why was this? Does anybody know?

Jesus Christ : What in the ginger did I just watch

Gsquared : God is dead

Avocado Hammer : Hilarious!!

TheVJProduction : an indian scotsman that is something new.