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Dorian sapiens : One of the worst porg videos I've ever seen. I'm sticking to porghub from now on.

Eddy Burback : This is the most wholesome video I've seen all month

Arceus Lord of Creation : Jenny, you beautiful goofball ❤


Nate Socrates : I smiled a lot

Andrew appleman : This video is one of pure happiness. I really love this video so much.

azdgariarada : Obviously all future videos should take place with Jenny riding atop the mighty Porg. Side note: Porgy-back rides sound like lots of fun. ;-)

The Daily Dan : How much did it cost?

The Bamboozler : I see all that screen junkies money has gone to your head

Alex Greaney : Not gonna lie I kinda want one

samsteronic : Get a girl who looks at you the way Jenny looks at that Porg

_chary : should have got the big one

CCScorseseVideos : *Genuine Jenny moment intensifies*

Eddybears Lewing : This is the quality content this website needs

Eimerian : You spend that screen junkies money well I see.

sisigwithrice : 0:10 "How close are we?" "About 3 feet" 😂

NOT PRODUCTIVE PRODUCTIONS : The notification tested my reaction speed

Samurai : Glad to see the trip was worth it. Hope you have fun with the PORG

gumby013 : She's that special kind of crazy.

Hunter C : I’d pay to see Jenny vlog

Slayers Gaming : That thing is huge!

Schuyler Dade : Petition to change the name of this video to "Genuine Jenny Moment."

Donald Schumacher : The Porg was cute but you are rockin that outfit

Corey Bell : I couldn't get my friends to drive 15 minutes to pick me up from the airport. Jenny and her friends drive 2 hours to get a Porg. :(


The Lost Tracks of Space and Time : The ultimate Genuine Jenny Moment.

ArthurHWebb : you categorically losing your mind upon taking him into custody was simultaneously heartwarming, adorably enchanting, and certifiably wacky

Charlie Pardales : I love Jenny so much. She deserves that porg

Discordance Maxis : This is so wholesome

louistodd5 : A Porg?

Kobalta : I swear jenny is a national treasure

Jake Roberts : Genuine Jenny moment.

milton mazorra juarez : I read the tittle as porn.mp4 :(

fredgarvinism : Oh for the love of god please do not let any of my daughters find out what a Porg is.

Zach Gerrity : This is the most wholesome and sincere video I have literally ever watched. I'm a terrible, cold, dead inside person but this warmed my heart to no end

theoldar : Such genuine joy.

Rahul Seoparsan : So happy jenny got her 5 ft porg

Evart Moughon : i wish anything excited me like that porg excited you haha

Peter Abud : Porg VS BB-9E

traveling2 : This is the best thing I've seen all day.

Unseen Minecraft : I can die happy now.

standup109 : Dad: So what do you do with that YouTube money, darling? Jenny: .... *jump cut to Porg in parking lot* Jenny: Ya know.. bills...

Joseph Elizondo : This is the reason I subscribed, lol.

Dio_TR : Is it a dog? Is it a cat?. NO IT'S A SPACE MANATEE

Andrew Novak : At 3:08... Close your eyes... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A Little Bit Older : I like how everyone sees how that thing takes up a whole seat and they go "Jenny, YOU won't be able to get in!"

das hasguns : Sexy nerd OMG.

Doug Sullivan : @Jenny Nicholson I'm so happy you got your 5 foot porg I saw your shopping video and your genuine excited reaction at possibly winning one and am so happy for you and know it means a lot to you

TheHayes32 : 3 feet.......HAHAHA

Christian Ramirez : What if the whole time someone was in it....