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dorianXsapiens : One of the worst porg videos I've ever seen. I'm sticking to porghub from now on.

Slayers Gaming : That thing is huge!

Zach Gerrity : This is the most wholesome and sincere video I have literally ever watched. I'm a terrible, cold, dead inside person but this warmed my heart to no end

Andrew appleman : This video is one of pure happiness. I really love this video so much.

Nate Socrates : I smiled a lot

Alexander Neal : This is amazing. Please vlog more.

Doug Sullivan : @Jenny Nicholson I'm so happy you got your 5 foot porg I saw your shopping video and your genuine excited reaction at possibly winning one and am so happy for you and know it means a lot to you

Ariel_Grey29 : This video just makes my heart happy.

Techie Design : Kitten my swole on right meow.. :)

EricTheKartoonKing : Guys it's 4 whole moments of genuine Jenny moments!

Christopher Antunez : Lmao...could just have mega-porg take a corner and record from another angle. He can watch the door.

kyubii972 : I have only one question. Why?

The Dashboard : There are far too many "That's what she said" and "phrasing" moments to count in this video. Still, glad Jenny got her enormous porg. I think BB-8 is gonna be jealous.

Ghost InTheMachine : I don't know what that thing is, but I want to switch places!

Xavier QuiƱones de LeĆ³n : You Ought to be in Movies Jenny Nicholson..."you re a greet actress petite "Clifton Webb

Damien Talrose : Somewhere near the end of this I realized that it would be a whole different kind of video with no picture and only audio. Now the porghub comment is funnier/creepier...

I'mNotSmitty : XD just listen to certain parts of the audio

Peter Huang : Then that night a Chinese slave laborer cuts his way out of it.

The Shady Rest Inn : Switch to portrait, people will think your being edgy.

Trike : Porg boyfriend doesn't complain about riding in the mother-in-law seat. Porg boyfriend is best.

Kobalta : I swear jenny is a national treasure

Robert Allen : I've seen the video. I've seen the giant brown penguin critter. And I am still totally, completely perplexed, wondering what the bloody heck a porg is?

BassPlayerAvailable : I might have missed some of the audio in the video but did Jenny buy this or did the guy who won one in a previous video donate it to her?

Hurricanelive : Good news, if you're ever homeless you can slice it open and use it like a taun taun. :)

Mariko True : Jenny you are unique. At this point, all we can do is hope that the Porg doesn't de-evolve into a Gungan.

jigyoda : Did she say thank you?

BradSk88 : This is one of very few videos that I don't mind starting with "hey guys"

Synystr7 : 1:48 YEA STEVE. Shirking on your duties as a man.

Jonathan Desautels : I think you bit off a little more Porg than you can chew, Jenny

mpneeb : I wonder if, in the STAR WARS universe, there is a "show" called 'Porgnado.' Because there should be. Foul weather on Kamino creates a funnel of porgs that circle spaceports all over the planet dispensing... death or something.

mike smith : what is that and where can I get 5 of them?

Good Job : Porg is her new boyfriend

ulf_radon92 : I hate Disney for whoring themselves for merchandise, but I will totally buy the shit out of one of these.

Cereal Snob : It would be so cool if I could have you on my channel to review some cereal together.

Fun Guy : Close your eyes and just listen from 3:15 onwards ... tell me it's not just me!

oscar chavez : Why did I fell in love with her?

joostoboy : "omg it's so big"

Klaus Gartenstiel : did you know that it is stuffed with little porgs?

serrocXIII : We are the PORG. You will be assimilated.

TomƔs H Carrillo : that's a big porg.

The Thought Criminal : There is nothing in the world like a nerdgams.

ShuckleShellAnemia : "Steve"? What happened to Griffon?

Paul Errico : This defines "adorkable"! But, what the heck is a Porg?

Kj16V : This is one of those videos that has you wondering how much more successful you would be right now if you didn't waste all your time watching videos like this.

Connor Pierce : If porgs dismantle the First Order in The Last Jedi then I quit

Komninos Maraslidis : "Just hit upload now, we'll worry about vid name and description later" >.<

Edmund Greene : THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!! (everyone kept saying "it's so big".)

dashdeception : Porg I just I keep pinching myself or slamming my head into the wall at different angles trying to make sense of this I want out of this debased pocket dimension

NyxKitsuneSan : I may not understand, but I approve of the happiness

Danny Kidwell : This made my day. Thank you.