British Army

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Big Smoke : "This battle's barely even started and I'm down to only a handful of men; you're doing very poorly in this war, I might say." lol

Sebastian Larsson : This is literally a major reason why the US won their revolutionary war hahaha

Ben : irl the Brits completely demolished us in open field, at least in the early campaigns. They brits lost for the same reason we lost in Vietnam, lack of political will to continue. Contrary to popular memeing, standing in a row and shooting wasn't stupid, it was the best way to get maximum firepower out of unrifled muskets. Lots of lead flying at once for the inaccurate guns. Once accurate rifled barrels started to become popular (see: Kentucky longrifle) small groups not in formation could start doing serious damage.

JamesTavRule : In a weird way, this is actually somewhat accurate, although obviously this is over the top for comedy, the British sense of "fair play" was always an aspect. When the crossbow was invented, British soldiers refused to use it because they saw it as cheating. A new tool that required no skill and could easily be reloaded, it wasn't honourable to use it. Meanwhile the French and Europeans were really happy about discovering this new weapon, and fully used it, while British troops were being mowed down. Despite this, the British won each every major war as an unstoppable force using less effective weapons even though they had access to them, but just refused to use them. That's how you win with style.

Trayson Martin : This is pretty much a representation of Mount and Blade: Napoleonic War

Slyguy : 18th century combat. lol

Bizzy MB : as a british person... i think the revolution was right. after the seven year war and the increase of taxing in america due to britan being too dumb to keep track of the cost of a war, they had crossed the line.

Miles Davis : I wish they still made this show. This was my childhood, sneaking down to the basement to watch these at like midnight. Nostalgic at its finest

Pinkrton : My teacher showed this in my history class and it was great

Greg Larson : This is actually kind of accurate lol

Oliver Koura : 21 Savages shooters

Senior Batman : The sad part is that, people in Europe really did think this way. They especially, were disgusted by the Indian Fighters who used Indian tactics and were basically sniper squads.

Heavily Armed Easily Pissed : common myth the American forces fought in lines just like the British

GuruJudge21 : A more accurate representation would be most of them leaving to fight the French & Spanish somewhere else, after beating the Americans silly. Still funny though.

Sky Hunter : Accurate.

bobkin611 : No wonder we won the war. Lol 1776 BABBEHHH

Jerberus : "We agreed on noon?" They obviously haven't read anything about Miyamoto Musashi.

logosfabula : "No g'fying?"

Swaggy G : This is a rip of a MAD magazine comic. Couldn't begin to tell you what issue.

ajttambo : Lol i love this

Ben Darago : Well then they're assholes for trying to kill poor little seals.

littlespaghettibabyboi : SAS would fuck SEALS up

liamsdeely : Seriously people were all on the same side, to solve this argument all I can say is british equipment is better than any other, mostly, but we dont have much of it

loolfactorie : @njdevil281 In overall numbers the Americans lost alot more, your French allies who you should credit helped you alot since they were on our doorstep fighting Britain, but like most wars it was planned

njdevil281 : @Mastertroll3000 Your obviously an emotionally disturbed pillock. The US hardly got its ass kicked. Sure Washington was burned by a much larger and better trained force, but the British suffered many naval defeats in that war and were absolutely massacred by Andrew Jackson in New Orleans. Faggot.

njdevil281 : @1gazary I'm pretty sure that it didn't...

josielyn0 : Lol were not dumb beats

66Bloodline66 : @Reishyn xD

Tayto : @AvidRawr Ireland kicks all three of your arses. Once we sober up, the world will be ours! Just... give us another century or two. Maybe three. We'll get around to it eventually...

Maxwell Redd : that's why we won

ITSYUPYUP : @ 1:45 he says "right?" and it sort of has an echo and i thought it sounded funny..thats all..

Heromedic18 : This is actually very accurate lol

Josh Borduin : If only you could play pokemon like the americans...

Þeodcyning : Haha I love the fact that this lot actually captured 1/4 globe

Dyntravi : @thehunter6692 Why are you still replying to this?

Mike Aznar : American's invented modern warfare

all those hard working construction workers : Hes right! There are rules in modern warfare! i mean it pisses me off when people hack and mod!

Galahaund Lacerium : @DynTravi Stupidest thing you heard? You're saying that it matters whether or not we would be able to beat our allies in a war, and that's the stupidest thing you've ever heard? It's not surprising that you resort to using such base insults. You're incapable of parsing the idiocy in the argument you seek to perpetuate, so of course you attempt to debase people who tell you to put an end to such petty antics in the comments section of a comedy sketch video.

Dyntravi : @thehunter6692 "It doesn't matter which side would win a war..." :D GTFO that's the stupidest thing I've ever hear some 12 year old mutter. I love WKUK, and i understand its a joke you retard. I'm not talking about the sketch when I discuss world powers. More important things for you to be concerned about would be passing the 6th grade.

Galahaund Lacerium : @DynTravi There are more important things than the military and military spending. There are more important things than this argument. Shut the fuck up, both of you. From what I've seen you're clearly idiots incapable of merely enjoying a comedy video. It's a sketch, it's a joke, leave it at that. It doesn't matter which side would win a war today, if it means that one of the people in this argument dies, the world wins.

Dyntravi : @Talbot6832 I'm not talking about the size of the USA as our advantage. The only reason you haven't been invaded is because no country considers you a threat compared to the USA. Most advanced? Your truly reaching when you say that. Our country spends 19.35% of our funding on our military. Your country uses 6.3%. Are you telling me your country has amassed such a surplus of weapons that your country just doesn't need to care anymore. The US would squash you. We are armed. You are not.

ThePresence : @Talbot6832 Paine wasn't a founder, he just spread ideas through Common Sense.

Talbot6832 : @DynTravi Hmmmm.... the US attacking an Island crammed with 60 million people with one of the most advanced and best trained military's on the planet. Couple that with the fact that Britain has not been successfully invaded for 1000 years and even then that was before the idea of a nation state got going. Times change... the sheer size of the USA means that if you hadn't created a super power from that then you'd be retarded, as it stands your nation is just a disappointment.

Talbot6832 : @ThePresence100 So Thomas Paine was born in America?

Talbot6832 : @specom Apart from the fact that the Vietcong did not have air power (napalm, etc), massed artillery, unlimited tanks.... in fact neither did the NVA. The Americans relinquished control of the jungle by using a heavily road bound army, the North V. just needed to suck it up.

Kody W : @agerse1234 I do believe majority of Americans come from a German or Irish decent and even the african american population with English falling in behind those three groups. So it was not populated mainly by england, perhaps at first but not anymore.

meimoose : This video was poking fun at both Americans and British people but... 1. This happened in the 1700's = Has nothing to do with how people are today 2. It is a freaking video meant for entertainment and not offense to anyone. 3. Both countries have been allies for many years. 4. If America were taking over England back in the revolutionary times, we would have been unsuccessful as you were with us and you would have done most of the same type things we did.

James199566 : Red coats r gay

Bobby Lean : Oh the old ways...haha

The Techno Viking : Sweden rules baby! whoooo!