The Curious Case of my Face: Children living with rapid aging of the skin desease

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More films about rare health conditions: These people look decades older than their real age. This is due to a genetic condition that affects their skin's elasticity: dermatochalasia. While their bodies and souls are still young, their faces trick others into believing otherwise. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: RTD ON TWITTER: RTD ON FACEBOOK: RTD ON DAILYMOTION RTD ON INSTAGRAM RTD LIVE

Comments from Youtube

Prickly Pickle : 10:29 he actually says : “happiness is when mom is close». Much deeper than their translation.

White Noise : Life is so f*cking unfair. Some people are given everything and others are given nothing. People deserve better.

정유진 : even though they physically look old because of wrinkles etc., you can see that they are young...It shows in their smile!!

mzunique22 : krills 8??? hes so smart he speaks as if he's much older

Helluminati : I watch these kind of TV shows to remind myself, that my issues, insecurities and worries are nothing compared to lives of some individuals.

Eva Levy : The 19 year old is actually beautiful despite the aging. Her smile is so infectious. I can see why her boyfriend fell for her

IRINUK26 : He has such kind ,sad eyes :( No child should face so much saddness

Priestley Harker : Russia, where the haircuts are revolting but no one cares.

Annalise : When she smiles you can see how young she really is

Hector Sanchez : Dawg imma cry 😭 these are manly tears okay ? That kiddo Kirill deserves a dad, when he said he was 3 in that older video 😭 I teared up. I hope life treats him good in the future.

Liberty Scott : Any man would be lucky to have a little boy like Kirill. What a cool kid.

DlchMcV : Is father absenteeism a big problem in Russia? In just about everything I see from Russia, there’s single moms everywhere. Why don’t the dads stick around?

BS17 : This little boy and his mother are so blessed. I feel in a sense like she is more blessed than many because she has such a sweet boy and a boy who loves her SO much! His words about his mother warm my heart.

Garajiru Speedpaints : The mother already looks extremely old for only 31 too

vivienne xx : She may not be beautiful.... You have a mullet don't be telling anyone they're not beautiful darlin

blondago56 : The little boy 😢💔when he was crying at school.... 😥💔😢ohhhMyHheart...

Sarah B : Some kids can be cruel and some kids can be lovely like Kirill's mate. He never noticed anything wrong until film crews came to him.

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : Now i got one more reason to thank God, being healthy is a privilege, i can't imagine how those people must feel

zyva : There are some gnarly haircuts in this documentary

Sunny Sky92 : Unfortunately Ekaterina and her husband are separated. She said the reason was because he was abusing alcohol and beating her. Their relationship drastically changed when she had the second child with the same condition. He never loved 2nd son like their first healthy son. The husband also was suspicious that 1st son wasn't his. He secretly did DNA test and it turns out the 1st son was not his. She married him when she was already pregnant from another man.

Light yagami : Does anyone remember curious case of Benjamin button?

Emma Leyva : Being happy and loved is better than being beautiful.

ChanelleMannion : 4:12 “she may not be beautiful but she’s happy”, bit harsh isn’t it😂

Swirlyapples : It’s funny really. Watching this video makes me reflect about how I sometimes think “this” or “that” needs to be “fixed”, yet I forget there’s a lot MORE to life than just looks. Yea looking pretty makes life “easier” but even that is subjective and will be different for everyone. Ultimately what matters is for you as an individual to LOVE yourself. And remember you aren’t alone :)

KTM Trooper : Life can be blyat sometimes

_SM_ : Their positivity is absolutely beautiful. I wish both families live long, happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Katwere James : Nature's way of tricking our eyes, a reminder that there is more than meets the eyes....

Miss T : 0:12 " I said she looked strange..." said the grown woman with a mullet.........

Angee Montana : This is so heartbreaking for both. I just wanna hug that little boy 💔

Hermione's Symphony : You can tell she's young, her spirit shines through

jeffb1988 : damn that lady really said "she may not be beautiful but she happy" back handed compliment lol

lion popsicles : "I know I look older, but I think I'm beautiful." Wow😮👏👏

Kira : I feel sorry for the groom´s haircut....

Joann Galindo : I love how she is such a diva wearing tall ass heels after giving birth. #handsdown - I wish I would have been a badass like her after having my children - not even close.

Tryptamine Odyssey : How old are you? Somewhere between 12 and 47

cc day : This sweet little boy kirill! I don't know if they will ever see this but i already have 3 grandsons and i sure would be his adopted grandma! This broke my heart for him that he's lost both his grandparents!

The Unsalted : That little boy, Kirill, I just want to hug him forever. You can tell he’s so intelligent, yet still see the 8 year old in him when he plays. He’s an angel.

noir s : Kirill is just sooo adorable omg

Insfires man!! : These documentaries really reminds me that having stretch marks isn't the worst thing in life

MoreporkOwl : irrespective of their aging condition they are lovely, beautiful people and with super wonderful personalities!! I wish them happy and prosperous lives, and best wishes to their families and friends.. xx

Kathy Rose : Kirill is just too precious. He is such an amazing son!

floridaruthy : “I know I look older, but I think I am beautiful.” I love that. One can hope our society is gradually changing on thinking youth is the only beauty possible.

Anthony King : Why would her mother say she isnt beautiful? Everyone is beautiful!

Nessa : I’m 23 and constantly complain about how people say I look so young and underage. This really put things in perspective. I should be grateful about my youthful appearance.

xHeroinx : Uhm why is her own mother saying she's not beautiful? She's a good mum but when she says she's not beautiful makes her a terrible mum

Francisco Aguayo : This is so sad!😭😭 they seem like they have such a good heart!

Hayley Dryden : wow that girl is hard core...walks in the snow in killer birth and hours after walks home in heels.. I never heard her complain once.. kept on smiling as well xx😇😇😇

Alyssa Self : Wow...there literally is an ad about wrinkle cream under the vid...

flower Hercules : With tears in my eyes @ the end, I could only say: Congratulations, May Thats beautiful baby and his mom that strong beautiful lady have a long healthy life. May all the other beautiful spirits in this Doc also find happiness and love ✌🏽&♡