The Curious Case of my Face: Children living with rapid aging of the skin desease

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Miss T : 0:12 " I said she looked strange..." said the grown woman with a mullet.........

ziljin : I hope Ekaterina's husband doesn't leave her like Kirill's dad abandoned him and his mom. I read in the comments that he ended up leaving her when their second child had the same condition. sad.

Simba89 : Am I being evil? I get angry that the first thing these people do is to make a baby. There is a big chance that your kid will suffer the same. Don't you want to think about it a bit longer before you take the risk?

Garajiru Speedpaints : The mother already looks extremely old for only 31 too

정유진 : even though they physically look old because of wrinkles etc., you can see that they are young...It shows in their smile!!

nejifan25 : No onions here....just authentic thug tears

decent mess : Next time you see a granny in really high heels it's probably just a teenager

ellie : did no one notice she's literally wearing the skinniest high heels whilst walking in the snow?? u go girl omg

lI Unknown Il : Im 12 is it weird that i want to be freinds with this 8 year old? He so adorable and seems nicer than most kids my age😢

mzunique22 : krills 8??? hes so smart he speaks as if he's much older

Kelsey Matthews : And here I am worrying about pimples...

Beca Coelho : Honestly this is one of the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen. It makes my heart full to see them all happy. Kirill and his mother absolutely deserve the same happy ending as Ekaterina.

Faie Yeager : So Kirill's Mom has the condition too? She said she's only 31..

DlchMcV : Is father absenteeism a big problem in Russia? In just about everything I see from Russia, there’s single moms everywhere. Why don’t the dads stick around?

snuupie : The groom at the Barber "you know what Barcodes look like" Barber "say no more"

anastasiya * : Why life you so mean take away Kirill grandparents ? Damn

Colin Qu : 23:06 "Is that his penis?" "No, that's his leg. You're flattering him."

aimeek1236 : Amazing how I don't have any of their issues yet I care so deeply about what people think.

vonwolfie : In Russia, the gun doesn't grab the child... *The child grabs the gun.*

Sunny Sky92 : Unfortunately Ekaterina and her husband are separated. She said the reason was because he was abusing alcohol and beating her. Their relationship drastically changed when she had the second child with the same condition. He never loved 2nd son like their first healthy son. The husband also was suspicious that 1st son wasn't his. He secretly did DNA test and it turns out the 1st son was not his. She married him when she was already pregnant from another man.

m i n a : Looking old does not mean unattractive!

James Freeman : I'm more shocked that he's 28 😂

Lupe : Those guns looked real

Angel : That man who married her is an amazing person. We need more people like him in the world.

Light yagami : Does anyone remember curious case of Benjamin button?

Becka Garcia : Ekaterina popped a beautiful baby boy out, and walked in those heels out of the hospital like nothing 😁 she’s awesome and so is her husband 😊

hejiranyc : I know I'm not alone in finding that... Ekaterina's mom's hairdo is totally giving me life. Fierce. A. F.

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : Now i got one more reason to thank God, being healthy is a privilege, i can't imagine how those people must feel

lI Unknown Il : Im not crying... eyes are just sweating

Swirlyapples : It’s funny really. Watching this video makes me reflect about how I sometimes think “this” or “that” needs to be “fixed”, yet I forget there’s a lot MORE to life than just looks. Yea looking pretty makes life “easier” but even that is subjective and will be different for everyone. Ultimately what matters is for you as an individual to LOVE yourself. And remember you aren’t alone :)

Kira : I feel sorry for the groom´s haircut....

dank cadenza : I don't know how a father (or mother) could ever give up their child and leave. Seems incomprehensible

aimeek1236 : I find it strange how its the men that always seem to leave more than the woman. I guess woman are the stronger sex.

MoreporkOwl : irrespective of their aging condition they are lovely, beautiful people and with super wonderful personalities!! I wish them happy and prosperous lives, and best wishes to their families and friends.. xx

Fabulous Sparkly Vampire Wizard : It doesn't matter what your outward appearance is. What really matters is who you are. I know, it can be hard to accept this when you believe you look horrible, but those who can't accept you despite your "flaws", aren't worth your time. Nobody is perfect, and nobody needs to be perfect. Our differences is what makes this planet an interesting place to live.

Yeenosaur : Is it hereditary or something because if it is then they should really just adopt.

Arukki : I cried like a baby when Kirill cried

M.D.rydin215 : Kirill is a cute kid. Normal young mischievous boy!!

Nessa : I’m 23 and constantly complain about how people say I look so young and underage. This really put things in perspective. I should be grateful about my youthful appearance.

anastasiya * : Aww Kirill is soooooo sweet crying because of his maths 😂😂😭😭😭💜💜💜 Omg he wants a dad 😢😢😢

project hellfire : I'm glad I was born decently normal no diseases or birth defects or any allergies hopefully I pass them genes on.

smh smh : From the thumbnail I thought it was about Erdogan.

KTM Trooper : Life can be blyat sometimes

ziljin : That must be so annoying, everyone thinks you have absurdly fake documents. "your ID says you are 18, but you look 81"

Stanlley Pajdak : How to get alcohol underage

Mister Magic : Чудесные девушки! Красивые! Искренние! И замечательный Кирюша! Умный и осознанный мальчик не по годам! Такие люди смотрят на жизнь под другим углом, они ценят каждое её мгновение..... Нам есть, чему у них учиться! Красавицы! Восхищаюсь! ❤️

Cassie C : Ekaterinas new husband comments on how mature she is. I suspect some of that is down to societal conditioning. Because she looks older even those who are around her all the time will subconsciously treat her as a bit older, a bit more of an authority figure than she actually is. Kids who are raised with more responsibilities often rise to meet that challenge. Not always, but often.

Joann Galindo : I love how she is such a diva wearing tall ass heels after giving birth. #handsdown - I wish I would have been a badass like her after having my children - not even close.

Tryptamine Odyssey : How old are you? Somewhere between 12 and 47

zyva : There are some gnarly haircuts in this documentary