New Iphone in a Nutshell

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Vang 圭 : And your battery will last 10 minutes longer. Boom. APPLE!

Iron Tarkus : People defend this, for the record.

Kovu The Great : I wonder what old android feature we don't use anymore they'll add?

murat cenik : the most realistic video ever made for the iPhone :))

Banny The Ban Hammer : This is way too accurate!

Cool Products : I don't mind companies updating their devices year to year. They added couple of features, small improvement and fixes here and there. All good, except the fact that I don't want to buy smartphone for 1100$+, especially because 90% of the time I will do 3 things: listen music, browse web or message.

airlockengage : It's what happens when you let marketing people run your company instead of people with vision. Lots of great looking ideas sold to other marketing people and folks with no opinions who are easily impressed. And what ideas ARE unique, are terrible. And what ideas AREN'T terrible or vapid are simply practical 'no, duh' decisions that anyone could have come up with. Often just bringing back old ideas that were abandoned for the sake of appearing to make progress in pursuit of some lofty, impractical futurist ideal. Holy shit, it's like what happened to Star Wars.

Machinator : Apple: Think less.

Whyexes : you guys wanted the headphone jack back...SO WE PUT A PROPRIETARY ONE THATS EVEN BIGGER THAN 3.5 MM IN BABY BUY IIIIIIIIIIIIT

Sean Dignam : $1100 for a phone lol. Wtf is happening

Rein : Innovation 😂

Mutfak Lezzetleri : We like your parody.

gprn : Well done ^^

RyomaSJibenG : *standing ovation*


mine mutlu : True

NOMADdaf : You couldn't give me an apple product, let alone sell me one. I bought 3 ipods for myself and family. Ended up throwing them all away with in a few months. Grossly over priced. Itunes messed up my PC, and I could get better, more user friendly for about $40.

Sarina Freeman : coz china dont like the Apple show the flag of Taiwan and Hong Kong and havent added china in front of this 2 regions, thus paid worker is sent to attack apple

OzzieBloke : Huawei are going to take a massive poop all over Apple in the coming months...

Jirt : iPhone XXL

Muhammed : iS next time.

Eren Üler : Buralar değerlenir #rez alın 👊

eerereps : LoL

Sulphurous : what we've been saying for the last years

tintman831 : Hahaha good video

מיכאל ג : lmfao so true

Majin Vegeta : Fact's 💯💯💯

NuclearKnives : New iPhone in a Nutshell

Moriarty Vivaldi : Pretty much.

MehmetBey : Anani sikim çok güzelaqewqarfeasw

Felktl09 : Accurate

Andrew Henrickson : Where is the nutshell?

KASberlin : Ich habe mein Apple gegen ein Samsung getauscht und habe es nicht bereut. Ganz im Gegenteil es ist besser.

James Ho : Hi there ! This is James from 9GAG. Awesome clip ! Is it possible for you to grant us permission to share it on our Facebook and Instagram ? Will surely credit you back !

GAMIR_SFM : How i have not seen this before?!

notta3d : Even Mickey Rourke was there. Cool.

LazyBoozy Gamer : still can't select multiple things

Yugan Dali : With that orangish reddish curved shape, they're hinting that if you want to buy one, you have to sell at least one of your kidneys.

IllidanLol : Apple sux so much now... I will never buy one more iphone

FreshStreamFails : cant believe they kept that stupid notch

donnythedingo : My favorite part is when there's nothing exaggerated, and everyone is fine with that.

Eissma Networks : Hahahaha thats true xd

Bulldozer : Fanbois are looking for Your address now


Edward Bliss : The entire planet are slaves to this tiny screen in your pockets. Really sad

Jonny Villa : Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

TROLL : Even Steve jobs hates the new iPhone

bamb0ostick : BEST. IPHONE. EVER!!!!!!!

王生 : 6666666666

Deh mitros : Did you make this?