Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table

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Comments from Youtube

Trahn-Jahn : I feel like the wife is gonna walk in at any moment like, "Honey... It's been 5 years... You don't work at the restaurant anymore... Please... "

tarapapi : *_"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my perforated face spatula… and my grill scraper… even my Habachi. The ingredients I’ve lost… the heat I’ve lost… won’t finish cooking… It’s like they’re all still raw. You taste it, too, don’t you?"_* - Kazuhira "Chef" Griller

MetroVerse : There are videos that make you sad, and then there are videos that make you cry your eyes out. This video is the latter. I felt utterly destroyed watching this. The sadness in the chef's eyes when he tried to light up the olive oil was too much for me to handle. I feel emotionally exhausted and I fear I may never recover from this. Upon saying that, I realize how severely traumatised the chef must be, which drags me down into the mud even more. I don't think I've ever been hit this hard by a YouTube video. Stay strong brother!

Pussy Lord : You can tell he's trying hard to hide the pain

Jush 1 : this is so sad alexa play sweet home alabama

William Wesemann : *suicide rate increases 107%*

Anttac221 : At first this looked normal, until I realised that he was applying hot table cooking methods.

EnderEclipz : For a Hibachi Chef every 60 seconds a minute passes, but with your help we can stop this!

Godot : For just $3 a week, you can sponsor a Hibachi chef to make sure they never have to make a meal without a hibachi grill again

Krockettz : Had to stop the video halfway, the feelings of pain and sorrow were just too strong

Edwin Ford : God, Allah, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Khrisna, or any omnipotent being... I don't know whether you exist or not But... Please... PLEASE HELP HIM!

J-Brazen : This is so sad, Alexa play Cooking by the Book ft. Gordon Ramsay

Christopher Jin : I lose it whenever he just stares at the onion volcano.

THE DANKEST OF THINGS AND STUFF : Please put him back in his natural habitat I'm begging you

ImYoUrHoPe : right when i saw that raw egg not being cooked i could feel my heart break :'( EDIT: just saw the steak and i'm crying

Hans : *For just a penny a day* *You too can help a hibachi chef* *Find out what a stove is*

Boco Corwin : 1:33 i broke down. I couldn't help it. Probably the onions

Kyle Huo : This actually makes me really sad. The feeling of hopelessness and uselessness at 1:33... serving an imaginary customer, expecting the warm claps and wows from the audience, enjoyment and to see someone pick up your food and take a bite, with a satisfied smile. Only to see the shrimp hopelessly hit the floor, no one ever going to touch that shrimp but you when you drop it deep into the garbage, forgotten... it just rips apart your soul. Just like setting out the dog bowls for the dog who died years ago, knowing that never will any creature walk up to that bowl and enjoy the food, and sit on your lap to ask for head scratches... those days are gone now, never will they be back, you can continue to do what you've always done, but life will never be the same. You are helpless.

Bongo Boy : This just goes to show the uncaring and heartless society we live in

Lilitu : One shrimp for the dead homies

Elim Kwok : Thos is the face of a broken man

Jocoustic : 1:07 explains it all hahaha. Mad contemplating about life choices... why tf am I here...

GiraffeLord : I can feel the anguish of a tortured soul.

Ashley Cl. : Who told this man to crush his own dreams on camera?

Nico Akari : This video made my cry my eyes out and im not ok....i love food a lot and this man loves making it and for him to cook in a normal table alone, no one there to see him....no one for he can entertain is just sad.....and if u love food....u would cry watching this......IM STILL NOT OK!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💔💔💔

Jon A. : 0 out of 10 - I'm very disappointed he didn't set his home on fire.... Otherwise - this was fun lol.

MrAce : the poor man he's cooking on a regular table someone help him Yell now.

Hannah Sloss : The part where he just watches the helpless onion tower really gets to me...

Memo Kahoot : 1:07 me staring at my backpack, considering If i should go to school or not.

SteamedBunGaming : My man looks so dead inside

*v Erimi* x : He just stared at his onion tower and fallen raw shrimp.

SALTY SHADØW : Hello darkness smile friend ive come to talk to you again

Mixtape Dropper : Reported for abuse.

Tapsa : I'm usually not an emotial person but this brought a tear in my eye

Isaac Zheng : This is all depressing and all but the part where he launches the shrimp/prawn (can't tell) just killed me

Jakalaka : I couldn't finish the video; it was simply too much.

Rem Zero : I cried for 6 hours straight my eyes don't exist anymore

Scupple : Oh God, the onion tower...


Raphael Almeida : Please Age Restrict this viseo, it is too much graphic

Laizy Impechii : this isnt a chef its just a broke student

W. James : Half of me subscribes for the video. The other half subscribes for the comments.

Skumpkin : I was trying to be tough.... But the onion volcano... It broke me. By the shrimp toss, I was already dead from sadness...


Mazzy : So sad we should give him the grilled so he don’t have to eat those uncook foods

Sad Monkiie : 😂😂😂 My slow ass thought this was a real video lol I commented on this a month ago. Oops...

A Vsaucy Boi : I cannot bear the agony that this poor man burdens

Cold Beats : this was lowkey depresing

Arbaaz Patwari : I showed this to my teppanyaki grill It's now become a regular dining table