Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table

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UnPhayzable : Top 10 Anime Heartbreaking Moments


Jonathan Morales : When will the government realize that a hibachi grill is a basic human right for hibachi chefs? America is the only major country that doesn't provide free hibachi grills to these American heroes.

Hello :3 : This is....oh gosh...I just...no...this isn't right!!

Scupple : Oh God, the onion tower...

Hannah Sloss : The part where he just watches the helpless onion tower really gets to me...

Cringy Lumpy brown vegetal Studios : Heartbreaking: som boi with red bag on head throws vegetals on table and plays with them.

Stugazo21 : Can we start a GoFundMe account for him?

SilkyTable : *Fire doesn’t light up* *shrimp hits floor* DEPRESSION INITIATED

GiraffeLord : I can feel the anguish of a tortured soul.


KevinX : inb4: "isis claims responsibility for this tragedy" comment. too lazy to actually check conments just guessing.

Thraxarious Tailchaser : Every year, dozens of Hibachi chefs must cook meals without the help of a hibachi table. Your donation can help mean the difference these poor souls need.

Toast : Press F

KC A : I know it's clickhole, but this genuinely makes me sad.

Gandalf for President : Hibachi Chefs cutting onions 😢

rakeeb hossain : Liek if u cri evry tiem

estar guars : And now try making a california roll on a hot teppan

Connor Kelly : Everyone send their thoughts and prayers to that poor man.... I've never seen something so tragic

GoodCitizen, GreatCitizen! : Why does someone have to experience this sadness. If we could just switch places then this won't happen to him.

save the snails : *tosses whole raw shrimp to person*

PusdienlaikaŠovs : ...left here. Just to suffer.

Systematic_ : the plot is very funny, but the cinematography on this one makes it dramatic

Amarii Allen : A True Tragedy.

Bone Lord : This Is so powerful, I cried

JoJo Marie : The sad music makes me feel so depressed...

Kristina Ojeda : 1:34 I never laughed so hard in my life

CrackaDon : Liek if you cri evry tim

A : when will the government step up to make sure sickness like this never happens again? i pay my taxes.

Gabriel Mohamed : Me when I graduate in a few months

dat boi shawn who tips 0% : He looked so happy to flip that shrimp to someone, only to realize that no one will be there for it :(

R.A. Klein II : I honestly can't stand Hibachi. We went there with my brother for his birthday and I had no idea what it'd be like, but it was a bad experience (for me). Waiting 45 minutes for a salad (that nobody even asked for, i didn't even know we'd get one XD) and I don't like salad, so i had to wait another 15 minutes after that for the chef to finally come out and start cooking, and he had to do his earshattering utensil routine before even starting the food, and then after the food was near ready he started throwing it in our mouths for some fuckin reason (apparently that's fun? IDK, I'm very awkward around people so i hate it) And then, around 90 minutes after just sitting down, we get our rice and stuff while we wait for our food we WANT to get finished. Anyways, about 100 minutes in we finally have our plates, and he just kinda speedrushes to get the hibachi clean before he can leave us and go do whatever he does. So, it wasn't an experience i liked. It felt more like a show than it did a meal, and the meal wasn't even of great quality (it was just of great quantity) Anyways, this video was pretty funny ;)

MandyDraws •w• : That's torture right there.

Mixtape Dropper : Reported for abuse.

sabina anand : Good job wasting food 😡

Micah Sanders : That moment where he stops and stares at it lol

Big Booty Buisness : I'm on the fence, should I like this video or dislike it!?

Thicc livesmatter : This shit is really sad tbh

SuicuneTheButtercat : I know this is sarcasm and all BUT ITS ACTUALLY MAKING ME SO SAD ;~:

Marco Sanchez : I cri evry tim

kogan cames : Tragedy

Tarik El-azim : all he wanted was some damn fire. FIIIRE!!!!!!!! WHHHYYYY!!!!!! LORD WHHYYYY!!!!!!!! 😢😢😢😖

Alex Goebel : Why? Who made this?

Ŕ̵̵͟ad̨͢͠ ЯaϾϾooИ : I died when he flipped that shrimp on the floor 😂😂😂😂

Yo Yo : That guy has some skills though!

PizzaCowDragon : What even is this chanel

Oliver Tvarnø : What is so sad

Day Dream : I might've done this high af once...

Kevin Nguyen : It was sad the entire time but what really go me was when he threw the shrimp and no one was there to catch it

The BK Factor : When your mom tells you to stop playing with your food and your rebellious