Heartbreaking: Hibachi Chef Tries To Make Meal On A Regular Table

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Godot : For just $3 a week, you can sponsor a Hibachi chef to make sure they never have to make a meal without a hibachi grill again

Gatica : -wipes tear-

UnPhayzable : Top 10 Anime Heartbreaking Moments

Hello : This is....oh gosh...I just...no...this isn't right!!

Jush 1 : this is so sad alexa play sweet home alabama

Natalie Alfera : F

A Vsaucy Boi : I cannot bear the agony that this poor man burdens

Mute Pepe : 1:33 lmao he threw it into a non existent customers mouth

Trahn-Jahn : I feel like the wife is gonna walk in at any moment like, "Honey... It's been 5 years... You don't work at the restaurant anymore... Please... "

[KYS] : It's been over a year now since I first saw this. I *still* cry myself to sleep at night when I see the chef's face in my mind. How can I ever recover from this?

THE DANKEST OF THINGS AND STUFF : Please put him back in his natural habitat I'm begging you

Toasted Fan Art : *Anxiety* *intensifies*

Zwei : In some parts you can tell he's trying not to laugh but with the music it just makes it look like he's sad.

tarapapi : *_"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my perforated face spatula… and my grill scraper… even my Habachi. The ingredients I’ve lost… the heat I’ve lost… won’t finish cooking… It’s like they’re all still raw. You taste it, too, don’t you?"_* - Kazuhira "Chef" Griller

Oscar Tettmar : My condolences go to his family

Hugh Miller : "I've always cooked for others and made them happy. Why is it I can't do the same for myself..."

Oneirataxia : I'm pretty sure this is classified as a crime against humanity in at least 9 countries.

johndice : *throws shrimp onto floor*

Aditi B : i’m the shrimp on the floor

Cheddar : He looks happy on the outside, then- you see his eyes. You can see his soul being ripped away. Straight out of them like a vacuum. You see that, the table, his mind, is now gone. What man lives without his mind? He tries to entertain himself, take his MIND off of it. In fact, this shrimp must represent his soul leaving him, from his mind. The shrimp lays dormant, as the chef looks at what he was, now left on the ground, does his original table represent his happy place. Away from people? What happy place is that. He realizes this. The shrimp, just rubbing it in.

Nathaniel Park : I've been avoiding this video because of the first word in the title. Glad I clicked!

EnderEclipz : For a Hibachi Chef every 60 seconds a minute passes, but with your help we can stop this!

J-Brazen : This is so sad, Alexa play Cooking by the Book ft. Gordon Ramsay

Elim Kwok : Thos is the face of a broken man


Krockettz : Had to stop the video halfway, the feelings of pain and sorrow were just too strong

Matt TheDestroyer 2 : I'm holding back tears, this is so powerful

Toasty-J : Liek if you cri evry tim

Pussy Lord : You can tell he's trying hard to hide the pain

Anon Anon : On 19 December 1976, Congress has publicly announced they will no longer be finding Hibachi grills due to the post-effects of the Cold War which America's economy suffered from. Hibachi Chefs were outraged, mass protest were held throughout the nation calling for reforms for what was once, a basic human right. The World Health Organisation cooperated with the Human rights organisation to propose a policy of granting Hibachi Grills through donations. But the policy soon failed due to the lack of understanding for Hibachi Chef's suffering. Post WW2 deep hatred for Japanese culture and cuisine is also long-standing and embedded in Americans which contributes towards the denial of their human rights. A once great nation was marginalised. In 1978, the Japanese King intervene and seeked diplomacy to solve this issue but was effectively rejected. This resulted in a two year war. Eventually, the UN stepped in on 1979 January 7, and mandated that US provide free Hibachi grills per restaurant. The bill was passed with a 178-1, with US as the only opposing country. Hooray to Hibachi Chefs.

Ludwig van Beethoven : n-noooo...wh-wh-whyyy... the look of sadness in his face, knowing its not being cooked

Dark Angel : I've watched this several times and it's like the worst thing ever

Monstermushmush : 1:33 i actually died

GiraffeLord : I can feel the anguish of a tortured soul.

ooflads : This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito

isaiah veirs : The onion choo choo train doesn't choo choo... 😞

Faith B : This hurt to watch

Jonathan 69 : First world problems be like

theplainest : This added something to my life. I don't know what.

Tripleuu : *cLInK* -cLOnk-

William Wesemann : *suicide rate increases 107%*

BuckyBoi : This is like watching a Navy SEAL going to a 12 year olds laser tag party

Hannah Sloss : The part where he just watches the helpless onion tower really gets to me...

Iveros m : This is a crime against humanity

Bill Cosbie : Soo sad. It's like watching hobo under the bridge, jerkingoff punks for $15 a pop.

box man : This is so sad can we hit 69 likes

ThatAsianOcelot : I'm legit crying.

SaturatedFat : Feels like I just witnessed the birth and death of my own child.

Edwin Ford : God, Allah, Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, Khrisna, or any omnipotent being... I don't know whether you exist or not But... Please... PLEASE HELP HIM!

ok sure : I cried for 6 hours straight my eyes don't exist anymore