DIY: Reupholster Dining Chair

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Mehditation : Yay! My first official new channel random subject video!

CircaSriYak : Wow I can't believe he didn't make it into an electric chair

Super User : Never clicked on a video so fast!

Riley : I love when youtubers just randomly make totally different content

Peter strawpoll backup : Just use Duct Tape

shubham preet : Engineers can do anything...☺️

Abbreviated Reviews : There's something really rewarding about doing work yourself... except when you fail miserably and have to call in the professionals regardless...

Electronoobs : I see 1200 for 4 chairs a bit high yes, but I guess that service is for those with very expensive chairs (like old vintage grandma chair) because if not, it is way cheaper to buy new ones. I've mehditate a lot with this video! Keep up!

akarpowicz : That "noodly thing" is called piping. :-)

TehnoAlt 446 : Full CHAIR Rectifier

Chinmay Dhumal : I was so much worried about your thumb all the time you were stapling. 😅

Aditya Sriram : You my friend possess the godly skill of pulling out entertaining videos out of thin air Seriously, a 20 min video of a man reupholstering one chair and yet I am *glued* till the end

Khaffit : Sometimes I dont know if you intentionally do stuff inefficiently xD Your furniture looks fancy af I like your (wifes?) taste

Chinmay Dhumal : Why didn't you just apply it directly without removing old ones? Or you should have used a blade to cut through the sides without the hassle if removing those staples. Does this sound good or stupid?

Matheus Carbonero : You can use a lighter and gently burn the end of the thingy and prevent it from unwinding

vesteel : Take a shot every time he says eh

Raven : Four CHAIR Upholstifier!

Zylon FPV : OMG, what is this, a video without any electrons?! Still entertaining though 🙂

Zylon FPV : You said “eh?” many times in this video. 🇨🇦

Zahidi BK : MehDIY

Semi : I hate those W H I T E N O O D L E S

Han Dy : You motivated me to bring my ass back in movement, thx! Good work, very good content, I'm proud to be alive and can watch your stuff.

Erfan : i love how the chair went from minimalist modern design to Iranian wedding service chairs

GromWizard : Please never use a nailgun or chainsaw incorrectly on this channel.

v4 /// : why did I just watch someone reupholstering his chairs for 20 mins?

Ev3thing : Ur wife must be happy if you're a GOD WITH YOUR FINGERS

Kalle Grabowski : I just watched a very hairy man upholster a chair with grannypanties looking fabric. and loved it.

moonasha : if this is anything like the brake changing video, those 3 leftover chairs will be sitting there for the next 6 years

Tajmonrvnge : Damn, your house looks so spacious! Can we get a mehditations house tour sometime in the future? :)

Subie Camp Life : Next time try just cutting the fabric and ripping it from the staple. Then just pull the fabric past the original staple point and staple it to new wood. Also just start in one place and work completely around to the original start point.

De Boswachter : I enjoyed Every second, Nice and learning + relaxing.

Super User : Why didn't you punch the pins through your fingers? That would have been awesome to watch!

Travis Piper : 14:15 That chair has seen things, horrible things...

dieseltinus : GIMMIE DA STAPLER!!!

ReabowRotors : And now you know why they charge that much :) Cuz people don't reaslise how easy it is!

Zirok1982 : Turned out better than expected! Just try not to leave the other chairs for the next year, like most of us would.

Speech less : I'll do it myself and save 1200$ and make a video of it and save even more

SinsBird : You've actually done a proper job

jotabeas22 : Mehdi: refreshing. I like seeing you do this kind of stuff. By the way, you should have put the seat's underside cover BEFORE the fabric. That way, you hide the ugly black edge quite better.

scsikrsk : с почином =)

BryJoGlow : beautiful chair, beautiful channel.

* : No shocking. But even a pain?😂😂

antera77 : ElectroBOOM way to remove staples: Soak in gasoline to loosen them, apply conductive paste to electrically connect them all, then connect to 120VAC.

Marc-André Brunet : Bravo, you are the first human that I subscribe on 2 different channels !👏👏👏

RavenLuni : How did you manage to do that without getting electrocuted?

VarrG : Its a Joy to see Mehdi hurt himself without electricity.

TheKaotikAngel : Honestly, it came out a LOT better than I thought it would at the start of the video! Nicely done!

Mher Saribekyan : No sparks? Come on! We want you to get shocked!

Caldera11 : Damn mehdi do you have a basket-weaving degree?

Marcelo Vidal Solis : Home improvement 1x01 Mehdi Edition