DIY: Reupholster Dining Chair

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CircaSriYak : Wow I can't believe he didn't make it into an electric chair

Aditya Sriram : You my friend possess the godly skill of pulling out entertaining videos out of thin air Seriously, a 20 min video of a man reupholstering one chair and yet I am *glued* till the end

moonasha : if this is anything like the brake changing video, those 3 leftover chairs will be sitting there for the next 6 years

Semi : I hate those W H I T E N O O D L E S

RavenLuni : How did you manage to do that without getting electrocuted?

Mehditation : Yay! My first official new channel random subject video!

There is no name : When do we get to see ElectroWIFE?

ReabowRotors : And now you know why they charge that much :) Cuz people don't reaslise how easy it is!

Speech less : I'll do it myself and save 1200$ and make a video of it and save even more

Yota_Ninja : Actually enjoyable to watch. Very cool and motivating. Thanks man.

Sanidhya Agrawal : In India, you'll get this done for 12 dollars..

Tech Hat : there's a "destapler" or whatever it's called at the lower end of a stapler

Travis Piper : 14:15 That chair has seen things, horrible things...

Headhunter203 : A tip for the end of the noodle doodle thingy is to take a lighter to it LIGHTLY (pun intended). This only works if the material is made out of polyester or some other synthetic plastics.

Riley : I love when youtubers just randomly make totally different content

Munjee Syed : 1200 FOR FOUR SEATS do they also replace it with silver

MB : Wich retirement home did you steal the cloth from?

Thomas Wieferink : 12:12 close your eyes and enjoy. 13:55 and again.

Priyanka Iyer : I can't believe I watched a 20 minute long video of a man fixing furniture with such interest. You are truly entertaining xD

Abbreviated Reviews : There's something really rewarding about doing work yourself... except when you fail miserably and have to call in the professionals regardless...

Tim Seguine : "Destaple-izing" "noodley-poop" "fabrication": You have such a way with words.

Hubert Ziebicki : Is mehdi canadian? He says "eh" a lot 😂

Dukefazon : I think I'm a sucker for fixing and refurbishing videos. I highly enjoyed watching you work and the result turned out really nice. About the crazy glue: if I were you I'd cut the unwinded part and hit it with a little bit of flame from a lighter. That material must be some sort of plastic stuff so it would close and melt a little. Ps: I'm not a professional either, just a fan :)

Antonie Arbogast : 3:00 literally Me at any job...

shubham preet : Engineers can do anything...☺️


Saripdol : I also particularly enjoyed the elevator music.

Jesse H. : It's not "were helding" OR "was helding!" Duh! It's "heldeding." 99% sure.

The Govenor : Why knot get a ay see wire and poot it all over da char.

akarpowicz : That "noodly thing" is called piping. :-)

JoraForever : you need an special second channel outro

Nintendo Vs Gaming : Use a lighter or a hair straightener to melt the end shut

DWHJR : This is probably the best project you’ve ever done

Sti6X : I was very depressed in my grandmother died but watching your videos made me laugh so f****** hard you cured my depression

TehnoAlt 446 : Full CHAIR Rectifier

Hyper sonic 01 : DAMN nice job medhi for your first time

Jonas : While saving money by not paying someone else to do it, he simultaneously _makes_ money by not spending any! Genius!

Tejas Bhandare : I was nervous when he was using the electric stapler

T C : it's "pipping" not a white noodle thingy.😁

TecStuff : Just use Duct Tape

Chr1z2 : Wow, you are a real charity worker! *wink* *wink*

Thingy : Mehdi the handyman has a nice ring to it

Charles Lumia : Nice job! It came out good imo. Can't see any issues at all.

j mangogamming : 9:14 Thought that was hair 4 a sec

Super User : Never clicked on a video so fast!

Adhika Padhana : Sub to this channel maybe he will shock himself again or some kind of giveaway at certain subs

Alex Gordon : It’s called piping. Like plumbing pipe.

Willtato : Game: guess the number of times he says the word: noodle!

Machine Geek : II did not expect that to go so well. Well done man!

v4 /// : why did I just watch someone reupholstering his chairs for 20 mins?