DIY: Reupholster Dining Chair

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CircaSriYak : Wow I can't believe he didn't make it into an electric chair

Aditya Sriram : You my friend possess the godly skill of pulling out entertaining videos out of thin air Seriously, a 20 min video of a man reupholstering one chair and yet I am *glued* till the end

Khaffit : Sometimes I dont know if you intentionally do stuff inefficiently xD Your furniture looks fancy af I like your (wifes?) taste

moonasha : if this is anything like the brake changing video, those 3 leftover chairs will be sitting there for the next 6 years

There is no name : When do we get to see ElectroWIFE?

Mehditation : Yay! My first official new channel random subject video!

RavenLuni : How did you manage to do that without getting electrocuted?

ReabowRotors : And now you know why they charge that much :) Cuz people don't reaslise how easy it is!

Semi : I hate those W H I T E N O O D L E S

Speech less : I'll do it myself and save 1200$ and make a video of it and save even more

Yota_Ninja : Actually enjoyable to watch. Very cool and motivating. Thanks man.

Headhunter203 : A tip for the end of the noodle doodle thingy is to take a lighter to it LIGHTLY (pun intended). This only works if the material is made out of polyester or some other synthetic plastics.

Sanidhya Agrawal : In India, you'll get this done for 12 dollars..

Munjee Syed : 1200 FOR FOUR SEATS do they also replace it with silver

Riley : I love when youtubers just randomly make totally different content

jotabeas22 : Mehdi: refreshing. I like seeing you do this kind of stuff. By the way, you should have put the seat's underside cover BEFORE the fabric. That way, you hide the ugly black edge quite better.

Travis Piper : 14:15 That chair has seen things, horrible things...

Tech Hat : there's a "destapler" or whatever it's called at the lower end of a stapler

Marc-André Brunet : Bravo, you are the first human that I subscribe on 2 different channels !👏👏👏

Abbreviated Reviews : There's something really rewarding about doing work yourself... except when you fail miserably and have to call in the professionals regardless...

Hubert Ziebicki : Is mehdi canadian? He says "eh" a lot 😂

Antonie Arbogast : 3:00 literally Me at any job...

Priyanka Iyer : I can't believe I watched a 20 minute long video of a man fixing furniture with such interest. You are truly entertaining xD

DWHJR : This is probably the best project you’ve ever done

akarpowicz : That "noodly thing" is called piping. :-)

Dukefazon : I think I'm a sucker for fixing and refurbishing videos. I highly enjoyed watching you work and the result turned out really nice. About the crazy glue: if I were you I'd cut the unwinded part and hit it with a little bit of flame from a lighter. That material must be some sort of plastic stuff so it would close and melt a little. Ps: I'm not a professional either, just a fan :)


JoraForever : you need an special second channel outro

Jesse H. : It's not "were helding" OR "was helding!" Duh! It's "heldeding." 99% sure.

shubham preet : Engineers can do anything...☺️

qiddas : I also particularly enjoyed the elevator music.

The Govenor : Why knot get a ay see wire and poot it all over da char.

Louis Greschner : Beautiful work. Looks really very professional, and nice fabric choice too.

Jonas : While saving money by not paying someone else to do it, he simultaneously _makes_ money by not spending any! Genius!

TehnoAlt 446 : Full CHAIR Rectifier

aboriani : "Those tiny monsters with their dirty and GREASY fingers"

Thingy : Mehdi the handyman has a nice ring to it

Crash Bandicoot : Even out of his work field, he still manages to hurt himself HAAAHAH classic

Thomas Wieferink : 12:12 close your eyes and enjoy. 13:55 and again.

TecStuff : Just use Duct Tape

Adhika Padhana : Sub to this channel maybe he will shock himself again or some kind of giveaway at certain subs

Stone Cold7 : 2:52 I can't tell you how many times I did that

Tecno Gameplay : take a tour of your home in a video

mrsemifixit : Could sew the end of the noodle thing a bit to keep it from unwinding

Super User : Never clicked on a video so fast!

Vegee : 13:38 I said Ooooh in the exact same tone right before you did!

Charles Lumia : Nice job! It came out good imo. Can't see any issues at all.

Willtato : Game: guess the number of times he says the word: noodle!

Mircea Crafter : Open a shop and do this since is paid so well

v4 /// : why did I just watch someone reupholstering his chairs for 20 mins?