Aimer ft Taka - 『Falling Alone』cover

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Exoic : really good! :D

Frog Man : keep it up ! amazing voice

Musashi Miyamoto : Beautiful cover of my favorite singer, very good job ! Ganbareeeeee Nb : I just laughed so hard when I noticed the man at right

VOXEN7 Music : Niceee

Lourdes Gómez : Te quedó genial!! 👉👈❤😢

Diego Cuevas : I like your voice

Alon : Oh my...

Zyx Annia : Yes she has a beautiful voice but the more important thing is she sing in tune perfectly omg

jjang jjang man bboongbboong : you've a beautiful voice! idk why its not getting more views!

Hengky Budi : your voice so beautiful ^_^ i wanna see ur face :3

MD Zahin Adeeb : Amazing! You have the voice of an angel!

Sxun Heartnett : please cover Aimer - Stars in the Rain :D

Jia : i'm your fans now xD

Taufiq Rahman : also do Aimer ft. TK - Us please, i like ur voice xD

sara sang : wow your voice is so nice

hieloron : Que hermosa voz.

Dexonic : seriously, you have good voice :V

Denzel Nalenz : This is beautiful

review tachi : omg !!!!!!!! watashi wa anata no koi wo ski desu !!!!! i meani really love your voice

Lunia : stars in the rain ビアノのコバお願いします

TinyCursedSword : beautiful voice! keep it up :D

肥祺 : 君はいろいろはともかく。でも、君の声はすごくいい。超すごいマジで。

Milo XiaoYi : 女神!!

shatehouu : pro pro