Bill Burr Makes Jimmy Fallon Uncomfortable

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Comments from Youtube

Enrico Rossi : I actually like Jimmy fallon behaviour. Yes you can see he is a little embarassed, but he is not holding bill back!!

The Night : 2:31 Abplsolutely repprprehensibpbple bpbpbehavior

# : Bill Burr is my spirit animal !

Tim C : The only White guy that can say honest yet hurtful jokes about non-whites. Honesty is always the best.

rkidlat : Fallon's audience about to have a stroke laughing cause they hear real raw comedy for the 1st time

jim Griffin : Bill is exactly on the money.

KrisJM1234 : I can't believe I used to like Jimmy Fallon. The man forsakes the english language for obsequious laughter. The only reason he is successful is because of his SNL-esque skits and he has a band more talented and interesting than himself. He completely fails at the most important part of a Talk show-- THE TALKING.

jim Griffin : Bill has so much material,he does not have to save any for on stage,

Papi Sorrels : This dude is THE TRUTH!!! No one does it better, bolder, and more real!

Van PastorMan : Hey, we have a Ford Focus and my wife makes love to me. I must be something.

Timothy Watkins : I rarely comment on youtube videos but i gotta say man, This is absolutely hilarious. Halfway through the bit Jimmy starts coughing he is literally DYING from this interview, and at the end when he goes for the handshake twice and Bill ignores him. Burr completely broke this man.

D-LO 305 : Jimmy is soooo whack

Comedian John Doyle : Classic Bill! Love him!

David Kelly : Jimmy Fallon is a germ

matt nelson : their jowls!! lmfao

Labyirnth II : Bill speaks truth.

ognavo1 : Amen brother

Michael Albright : I don't mind Jimmy, I feel he is just being himself and as far as Bill...somebody had to say it.

Immortal_ Ishu : Bill Burr is one of the most original persons I've ever seen. Jimmy Fallon is one of the fakest guys I've ever seen.

Ceelos Games : No handshake

Ceelos Games : Jimmy sucks

Dirty Saint : Jimmy Fallon is such a chump puppet.

Raiyan Ahmed : Legends say Jimmy is still waiting for a hand shake

Andre 1999 : forklift at home depot....................

Global Autobahn : How many more times can a like this video! Bill Burr is amazing! 👍👍👍

Danielle Genack : 😂

gitsurfer27 : Who likes Jimmy Fallon? Is he really the best option for a talk show host? I could leave the house and find a better more likeable presenter within 2 minutes

Aleister Durden : Phony Fallony

Iqbal Dinho : Bill burr scared the shit out of Jimmy fallon who was basically trying very hard to steer clear of any of the controversial things bill was saying just so he can keep his job and live to host the next show

MrVpassenheim : Fallon's such a beta. Bill Burr tells it like it is!

Mark K : legend

Gurrola Gurrola : NEVER LIKED FALLON

roksteady : Gold digging whores destroying the world

JimRomesa Douche : "Platoon of whores"