Bill Burr Makes Jimmy Fallon Uncomfortable

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Sam Walton : This is one of Bill's funniest and most truthful bits. The full version of this in his special should be put in the Smithsonian. Jimmy wishes he had a fraction if Bill's raw comedic talent.

Tim C : The only White guy that can say honest yet hurtful jokes about non-whites. Honesty is always the best.

David Kelly : Jimmy Fallon is a germ

KrisJM1234 : I can't believe I used to like Jimmy Fallon. The man forsakes the english language for obsequious laughter. The only reason he is successful is because of his SNL-esque skits and he has a band more talented and interesting than himself. He completely fails at the most important part of a Talk show-- THE TALKING.

# : Bill Burr is my spirit animal !

Gerard Vivanco : Jimmy Fallon is SOOOOO lame!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Night : 2:31 Abplsolutely repprprehensibpbple bpbpbehavior

Papi Sorrels : This dude is THE TRUTH!!! No one does it better, bolder, and more real!

jim Griffin : Bill has so much material,he does not have to save any for on stage,

gitsurfer27 : Who likes Jimmy Fallon? Is he really the best option for a talk show host? I could leave the house and find a better more likeable presenter within 2 minutes

jim Griffin : Bill is exactly on the money.

Enrico Rossi : I actually like Jimmy fallon behaviour. Yes you can see he is a little embarassed, but he is not holding bill back!!

Van PastorMan : Hey, we have a Ford Focus and my wife makes love to me. I must be something.

Ceelos Games : No handshake

Danilo Obando : Jimmy is soooo whack

Ceelos Games : Jimmy sucks

Comedian John Doyle : Classic Bill! Love him!

Labyirnth II : Bill speaks truth.

Raiyan Ahmed : Legends say Jimmy is still waiting for a hand shake

Gurrola Gurrola : NEVER LIKED FALLON

Dirty Saint : Jimmy Fallon is such a chump puppet.

ognavo1 : Amen brother

Immortal_ Ishu : Bill Burr is one of the most original persons I've ever seen. Jimmy Fallon is one of the fakest guys I've ever seen.

Michael Albright : I don't mind Jimmy, I feel he is just being himself and as far as Bill...somebody had to say it.

Andre 1999 : forklift at home depot....................

matt nelson : their jowls!! lmfao

Mark K : legend

Danielle Genack : 😂