Skiers vs Snowboarders 1985

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Feel the angst , feel the vibe. News segment on the Rivalry

Comments from Youtube

Layne Hagan : Running up the hill to poach the snow on a fancy new "skiboard", running from ski patrol, all while rocking a mullet and some tunes on a mobile cassette player? What a time to be alive.

pliskin100 : This has got to be the whitest problem I have ever seen

VICE D POWERS : 'They just don't see our side" " is their any room for compromise? absolutely not"

Toby Barnett : "Because they're missiles"

Andrew : Chad is still on ski patrol.

odinnn510 : this just shows how stupid, wierd and afraid humans are of the unknown. the world is doomed. stupid people everywhere

Jake N : Mustache dude’s grand children probably snowboard now.

Johannes : those damn skiboards or whatever they're called without breaks unlike skiers right...

Channel Super Fun : Those gosh darn Smart Alecs are back at it again!

Scooby : snowboarders can't see behind them??? They can literally look behind or in front.. it's skiers who cant see behind.

where is danny black : Haha this is classic... but literally

Weedles : as a skier... this is painful to watch

nlabanok : You darn kids get off my lawn !!!

Ronak Dhakan : Classic example of how humans reject a new idea.

Mark : (Skier) "Do you snowboard or ski?" (Snowboarder) "I snowboard" (Skier) "Ah, but you have no breaks and you can't see behind you" [Awkward silence]

Buggy ThatShItCray : The legend says that his still hunting smart alecs and the snowboarders are still there...

Stathis Fragoulis : Logan paul got so embarrassed after what he did he time travelled back in 1985. 1:44

Jack Mehoff : I still have my first board... 135 Kemper freestyle. 1991

TehRasia : "they don't see our point, they only see their point. Sort of tunnelvision." "do you see compromise of some sort?" "NO." oh the irony

lord thick nipples : lmao skiers hit other skiers all the time, but for some reason when a snowboarder does it it's somehow different, and now every single person riding a snowboard is the equivalent of a drunk driver going 120 on the highway

YeOldePoop : Skateboards or skiboards, whatever they're called.

WARD : Was that ski patroller from Hot Tub Time Machine?!

Me Dwight : I'm a skier, I work in the terrain park and other than my fellow park rats I prefer snowboarders, it's not always the case but you often get the vibe that a traditional skier feels superior.

Khu NoPie : Some of them smoke that wacky tobbaccy and lip ya off eh

Chris L : Moral of the story people all snowboarders are drunks!

Thor555555 : like told in a documentary "they didn´t lift snowboarders at all at first then they recognized snowboarding has a grow of market by 20% a year and everybody wanted a piece of the cake so 3 years later they told - ey, and we have a half pipe!"

ensomniiac : *Swoosh!* Wtf was that timmy? A god damn missile!

DGETHIS01 : "Ohhh how the mighty have fallen." All you skiers should worship our shredder asses for keeping ski resorts alive

Mordant Vistas : Somebody needs to find mustache guy and interview him today.

GarrettSelfVlogs : Hope The Mustache Guy Feels Stupid Now Saying They Will Never Become Popular 😂😂

Scott A : News was so simple in 85

Petfama : «Even if snowboarding is just another california fad»... oboy

Kaipakta : "They don't see our point they only see theirs" "Do you see some kind of compromise in the future?" "No" ... Wut?

D. Feliciano : Theese millenials with there so called "snowboards" always ruining everything!!

BullNutsBro : wtf, u can go faster on skis.

Blitz Sh0cker : This fear is the same reaction people are having to city scooters, self driving cars, or airplanes in the past. Pioneering is risky and dangerous but very admirable.

Eggcellent0 •8 years ago : Any other snow boarders here? 😂

sethvicious : this makes snowboarders look way radder than they actually are

SWAG LOADER : imagine being this conservative

David Suggitt : The snowboarders won and the skiers lost. I haven't seen a perfectly-formed field of moguls since 1985.

Fayza : skiers and snowboarders are natural enimies.

Ibrahim Rammal : You Sir are wrong. Skiers always bump into us snowboarders. Nerds! 😂

Max Wolverine : Hey folks, I was born precisely in *1985* Gosh! 😦 I'm so damn old, now!!!.... Oh well, I don't mind. This video is really dateless (modern): confirmed. 👍🏻😉⛷VS🏂🏻

Fastback GT : Classic example how the white Protestants keep out the riff raff. No wait, that's Caddyshack.

Wippermannl : I did 134 kmph on skis!

abrahizzzle : Man this is good. Those darned pesky skiboarders✊🏼😤

Ivory Samoan : "Skateboards, Skiboards whatever they're called"...XD

DSGNS ca : S M A R T A L E C S! -sincerely, moustache

David Martins : Good times...