Skiers vs Snowboarders 1985

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Channel Super Fun : Those gosh darn Smart Alecs are back at it again!

Micoola : This is real.

where is danny black : Haha this is classic... but literally

Bradle Paddle : It's just a trendy fad I don't think it will catch on...

matttatts : It’s true, I’m a snow missiler and I basically just go to the hill to smart Alec and ride with no breaks.

Khu NoPie : Some of them smoke that wacky tobbaccy and lip ya off eh

Mordant Vistas : Somebody needs to find mustache guy and interview him today.

Craig Street : In hindsight..... The snowboard saved The entire ski industry. Created innovation where there had been stagnation... and injected life and youth into a Pretty conservative industry.

Jt Burton : You kids and your Hula hoops and Zima and Pac Man video games

Prakticle J : the scooter kids feel the same pain 😂

B-RAD GAMES : This video hurts. I wanna go snowboard

koejoe : Snowboarding. The best thing to ever happen to Skiing tech.

Andrew Ragner L : Chad is still on ski patrol.

Maxi Harti : That's how racism works

ste sand : Nothing to do with the snowboard, it's the folk the skiers don't like. Ie, not middle or upper class.

Impreza WRX : My God has it been that long?

Jer Nimmo : Maybe I’m too young but I couldn’t say someone “lipped me off” with a straight face

Hide and Tweak : snowskate in the 2010's is like snowboard in the 80's

Toby Barnett : "Because they're missiles"

Taylor Page : Damn smart alecs

Nick Alary : Snortboarting is the devil!!!

Oli Coburn : If I ever see someone one with two sticks skiing on the mountain my snowboard will hunt you down I have run over hundreds I never look back why would I

Jdc 3D : “They don’t see our point they only see there point”

anthony : FALSE. the snowboard was invented in Michigan and popularized by Burton in Vermont!

Yamaha 27 : One of them no good “snowboarders” will lip you off if you aren’t careful.

Big Troll : Hot Tub Time Machine?

That Boy OneTime : 37 years later....

Ivory Samoan : "Skateboards, Skiboards whatever they're called"...XD

sexysniper232 : "They don't see our point. They only see their point and it's sort of a tunnel vision, of, of a sort" Bwhahahahahaha!!!!

Albert BlackPearl : Today it is Drones!!

Stathis Fragoulis : Logan paul got so embarrassed after what he did he time travelled back in 1985. 1:44

Thor555555 : like told in a documentary "they didn´t lift snowboarders at all at first then they recognized snowboarding has a grow of market by 20% a year and everybody wanted a piece of the cake so 3 years later they told - ey, and we have a half pipe!"

David Sopkin : Those God Damn Californians

Scooby : snowboarders can't see behind them??? They can literally look behind or in front.. it's skiers who cant see behind.

Rocky Pruden : I'm a snowboarder in 2017. How things have changed lol

ZorbaTheDutch : Moustache Guy - A tough but fair ski patroller at day, soft core porn actor at night.

Micah Francom : where is Chad??? someone send this to chadtropic!!!!!

AGENTARMES : Thanks Obama!

Ryan : What is skiing?

micro christ : I’ll lip ya off !

Frederico Colon : OLD MEN WITH OLD IDEAS

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Shaun White just called from the future.

TehRasia : "they don't see our point, they only see their point. Sort of tunnelvision." "do you see compromise of some sort?" "NO." oh the irony

C Potter : wtf, u can go faster on skis.

dolbydarma : I still won’t ride at Aspen since they held out the longest against snowboarders. I know they host all the huge snowboard events now, but man it took them long enough.

Full Beans : News was so simple in 85

ahikiller13 : Did anyone see that kid fall in the background?

Ronak Dhakan : Classic example of how humans reject a new idea.

Doctor Jones : And people say the 80s were a good time pfft

Metal Man Lol : Funny sh*t!! Snow boarding is cool, I’ve tried it a few times but I still prefer my downhill skiing. To me dual skies is more challenging then a single snow board can offer. Plus skies are faster and I don’t always run into people but when I do it’s while being stoned and slightly intoxicated, what a blast!