Skiers vs Snowboarders 1985

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Channel Super Fun : Those gosh darn Smart Alecs are back at it again!

Mordant Vistas : Somebody needs to find mustache guy and interview him today.

ZorbaTheDutch : Moustache Guy - A tough but fair ski patroller at day, soft core porn actor at night.

Jt Burton : You kids and your Hula hoops and Zima and Pac Man video games

Micoola : This is real.

Khu NoPie : Some of them smoke that wacky tobbaccy and lip ya off eh

Craig Street : In hindsight..... The snowboard saved The entire ski industry. Created innovation where there had been stagnation... and injected life and youth into a Pretty conservative industry.

Andrew Ragner L : Chad is still on ski patrol.

where is danny black : Haha this is classic... but literally

Maxi Harti : That's how racism works

Ronak Dhakan : Classic example of how humans reject a new idea.

sexysniper232 : "They don't see our point. They only see their point and it's sort of a tunnel vision, of, of a sort" Bwhahahahahaha!!!!

koejoe : Snowboarding. The best thing to ever happen to Skiing tech.

Stathis Fragoulis : Logan paul got so embarrassed after what he did he time travelled back in 1985. 1:44

ste sand : Nothing to do with the snowboard, it's the folk the skiers don't like. Ie, not middle or upper class.

Toby Barnett : "Because they're missiles"

Jdc 3D : “They don’t see our point they only see there point”

B-RAD GAMES : This video hurts. I wanna go snowboard

anthony : FALSE. the snowboard was invented in Michigan and popularized by Burton in Vermont!

Nick Alary : Snortboarting is the devil!!!

TehRasia : "they don't see our point, they only see their point. Sort of tunnelvision." "do you see compromise of some sort?" "NO." oh the irony

Jer Nimmo : Maybe I’m too young but I couldn’t say someone “lipped me off” with a straight face

Taylor Page : Damn smart alecs

Hide and Tweak : snowskate in the 2010's is like snowboard in the 80's

Impreza WRX : My God has it been that long?

Ivory Samoan : "Skateboards, Skiboards whatever they're called"...XD

Oli Coburn : If I ever see someone one with two sticks skiing on the mountain my snowboard will hunt you down I have run over hundreds I never look back why would I

Big Troll : Hot Tub Time Machine?

Thor555555 : like told in a documentary "they didn´t lift snowboarders at all at first then they recognized snowboarding has a grow of market by 20% a year and everybody wanted a piece of the cake so 3 years later they told - ey, and we have a half pipe!"

Scooby : snowboarders can't see behind them??? They can literally look behind or in front.. it's skiers who cant see behind.

JustLetMeDrive : This is why Congress is a giant failure. Old men with odd attitudes, just as expected.

That Boy OneTime : 37 years later....

Buggy ThatShItCray : The legend says that his still hunting smart alecs and the snowboarders are still there...

luxoriusbg : 1:44 Logan Paul lol

Livereater00 : the ski patrol guy and the old man just dreaded getting rid of their cassette tapes, their rubik's cubes, swatch watches, atari, walkmans, cabbage patch dolls, mullets, and acid washed guess jeans. Let alone starting to use a computer machine.

sethvicious : this makes snowboarders look way radder than they actually are

Micah Francom : where is Chad??? someone send this to chadtropic!!!!!

Obi-Wan Kenobi : Shaun White just called from the future.

BullNutsBro : wtf, u can go faster on skis.

Albert BlackPearl : Today it is Drones!!

Bradle Paddle : It's just a trendy fad I don't think it will catch on...

Rocky Pruden : I'm a snowboarder in 2017. How things have changed lol

Buggy ThatShItCray : Snowboarders still here smart alecs

pliskin100 : This has got to be the whitest problem I have ever seen

Doctor Jones : And people say the 80s were a good time pfft

matttatts : It’s true, I’m a snow missiler and I basically just go to the hill to smart Alec and ride with no breaks.

Frederico Colon : OLD MEN WITH OLD IDEAS

tristan : Did anyone see that kid fall in the background?

D. Jones : I started snowboarding in '93 when I was 12 years old and by then there were already more snowboarders than skiers on the mountain. So much for what the skiers in this video had to say lol.

Berg the Great : smh