Trolling on MW3 - Making a Kid argue with himself (Funny Reaction's)

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Shrhodes I : Kid sounds like the voices on Moonbase Alpha

sukhjeet grewal : lets observe a moment of silence for the future of humanity

Yuzetsuki : Billions of years of evolution has led us to this. This kid.

WAWDoing : This is hilarious!  I love when he starts insulting his own mother!

Harold Potter : LMAO he tells himself his balls need to drop

MEEHOWtv : This kid has such a bright future in front of him...

Revenant : ....Isn't prestige just how much you've played the game?

kek l0rd : immmm betarrrrrr, urrrrrrrr shet

Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play : Is this English?

Melwing : This would be better if I could understand one fucking word the kid said

ctrlaltwalrus : hi reddit

Baruch : emo nerd intro.

Cedric Wyche : Its actually slightly depressing how dumb this kid is.

AminMelaLle : I like it when he starts mocking himself and tells himself his balls need to drop

Larry Bundy Jr : Lol, Reminds me of the old Bob Chandler calls himself prank calls :D

EXPHunterForce : Oh god this is perfect lol

WarrenKD : This... Is the greatest thing EVER! :D

NovaProspekt1337 : I love that he commented that hes needs to wait for his balls to drop LOL

Achmeron : You have to be a special kind of stupid not to recognize AT LEAST the sound of your own voice -_-

JJ Mcnab : Argh that intro.

EmbraceEntertainment : Imagine that worm being your son.

Efreeti : I have nothing clever to say. This has eroded all hope I had that tomorrow would be a better day.

Isaiah Cipriani : All these kids aren't squeakers anymore. Damn, time flies

Koleyo : I've yet to find a comment from 3 years ago

wastedyouth191985 : Call of Duty in a nutshell

Hemuset : How did he not realize he was talking to himself? Literally?

Sho Kill : I'm dying of laughter. hahahahahahaha.

Brian Damegd : If he ever finds this video he'd better end his sad life.

nightravin : Actually starts at 0:27

Bsclly : When you were playing his voice back he called you a squeaker. Wat.

Braydon Garrett : What version of Minecraft is this?

SuperChunk : I'll add ye tamorrow. No I'll add ye tamorrow!

HollyBlueAgitated : *YOU KNOW I'M RIIIIGHT*

Shootzki2 : He doesn't even recognize himself. He is not self-aware. This kid is not sentient.

skyefox : Hilarious since the game rewards you for playing a lot, not playing well. Hard concept to grasp for a 12 year old huffing paint.

True Iron Addict : Kids playing the game and talking shit, irritating, Kid getting irritated and calling himself names, priceless. ... Now it's 2016, I just watched this again and i was crying again.

MooMofo : I really hope you messaged him later when this vid came up so he can check it out and realize just what happened.

Minor Trash : I wanna kms (funny)

Baruch : Autistic nerd humour.

Slack : kid doesn't recognise his own voice lol

"Once There Was An Ugly Barnacle, He Was SO Ugly That Everyone Died, the end" -Patrick Pinhead Star : Is he Irish or hogging an extra chromosome?

Silly Skeleton : It's ok kid. Kurt Cobain knows you know you're right.

Welshe : Hahah that was amazing thanks for sharing m8

TrustTheProcess : what's up with the donkey Kong music on the intro?

Alphawindman IVL : This might be the best video on Youtube. You know I'm right.

Alexis R : I feel like listening to a political debate.

Todd Christensen : This is the troll of all trolls.  I love this.  I know this was made a while ago but I can't get enough of it.

Kenny Swift : Lol @ 4:11 "I'll I'll.. I'll add you tomorrow ok?" "NO I'LL ADD YOU TOMORROW"

SmokeySmokez : holly shiit, this is hilarious,and frightening at the same time.

Henlo XD : I remember this! aha btw Im DJ Roysterr