Can Your Mattress Protector Stand up to Sasquatch?

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A stretchy mattress protector is WAY more comfortable than that glorified trash bag you're probably sleeping on. Order a Purple Mattress Protector here: Subscribe to Purple! Most mattress covers are loud, hot, and ruin the feel of your mattress because they aren't stretchy enough. The Purple™ Mattress Protector is different! We created a double layered, breathable, stretchy mattress protector that defends your mattress from fluids, stains, dust mites, and bed bugs. The only mattress protector that can survive sasquatch Won’t make your mattress uncomfortable, but still protects from stains Stretchy mattress protector aids with deeper, better sleep Quiet and breathable so you and your little one can sleep through the night A protective protector that won’t make your bed uncomfortable Stretchy - Non-stretchy mattress protectors make your bed hard and uncomfortable. Purple’s protector lets you sink into your mattress so you get deeper sleep. Stands up to anything - This protector is liquid absorbent without leaking through so your mattress will stay clean no matter what spills or accidents happen. Sleep cool and quiet - The Purple™ Mattress Protector is so breathable and quiet you’ll think its all-night comfort is a government conspiracy. Save time - Our protector is stain resistant so washing it is a cinch, and the extra-durable elastic band makes it easy to put on a mattress and keep it there. For all those muddy, hairy, sasquatch-y kind of nights ======== Credits Video Agency:

Comments from Youtube

Pineapple : "They make your matress, noisy, hot and uncomfortable like a nickleback concert" They totally just wrecked nickleback with that 😂😂😂😂

YouTubeLogo : _when the ad is better than the video_

SMI1EFAC3GAMING : Two ads I never skip are old spice and purple ads

Max Brandt : This is one of the best and funniest commercials I've seen in a LONG time! I gotta get me a Purple mattress and cover now!

2degucitas : I love this one. Whoever is writing these commercials is getting an award.

Edith Ontiveros : " watching Transformers 4 through the window of an RV." I live for this ad.

MaxwellsDemon9 : vivid nightmares about deforestation

jjoyboi : THIS IS GOOD ADVERTISING. i sat through the entire ad and pretty much lost interest in whatever i was supposed to be watching LMAO

OliveManBeast : **Ignores Skip Add Button**

I Liek : I like how she constantly roasts her husband

Pokemon Rival Barry : *NO MUDDY FEET IN BED!!* What a sweetie! :) Me: xD

EvilSecondTwin : The *only* add in my favorites.

Chloe Weightman : *Wow she is burning her husband!* 😆 Also that 'child' is terrifying

Mieko Keliikipi : She’s just completely dragging her husband and I love it

Stew H : She is throwing out some major shade. Nickleback, Transformers 4, Chewbaca, her husband, nothing is safe.

Venancio Orive : I love when she keep roasting on her husband and the nickelback part got me dead 😂😂😂

The.Inferno : Once again Purple makes a comercial that's better than whatever video we were watching on YouTube . You guys are a riot

Frank Woods : Its rare for me to sit threw a ad, but thos one was hilarious!

nothing nothing : I like this ad a little too much 😂😂

Unknown ? : The only ad I am willing to sit through and actually re-watch :)

Bigfudge15 : The only ad on youtube I haven't skipped. Bravo guys.

Cassius Brooker : Noisy, hot and uncomfortable like a nickleback concert😂

s laura : Funniest commercial I've seen in a while 😂😂

R. A.A : I love this commercial man 😂

Vicar of Avarice : The only ad I will absolutely never skip

WebkinzFan91 : I honestly hate watching ads, but I watched this all the way to the end because Momma Sasquatch is played so convincingly that I sat through the whole thing.

Delta Drones : Awesome!

Ultimate Gohan : Literally the only YouTube add I've ever sat through. Bravo!

Space Jelly : I actually love this ad

Antinym 7 7 : I gotta say you guys make the BEST ads.

BLEACH PLEASE : Teacher let us watch this ad during class without skipping it

Yeevee : This ad was better than the video I was watching when it came on

lil boner : only ad i’ve ever sat through

Aditi Gupta : This is like the only time I ignored the skip button. Lol!

FaTiiLiZeD GaMeR : The only ad I’ve watched many of times without skipping it

S : I love this commercial. It is hilarious, very well done by producers. 🤣

Your average crusader : This makes me want to buy a purple mattress protector now. Good advertising

Andy A : They make such beautiful and creative ads lol and also nice and comfortable beds that I sleep with and everyone in my house too👍🏽👍🏽🛏🛌. I could literally watch this multiple times. This video is so cute I love it

Sky Farley : I left my vid to watch this a second time

Kevin Ahern : I never sit through ads! I've watched this several times, shared it on Facebook and will look into buying something from you!


Dimitri Lynne : I actually watched this whole thing...and...I don't regret it. It''s beautiful.

YoYo No : Left the video I was watching to watch this masterpiece... again! Gotta love purple 💜

Hector Talamantez : Commercials do not get any funnier than this!  Thanks for the laughs!  I am ordering my Purple Mattress in a few weeks!


Chloe Weightman : This actually makes me wanna buy this mattress cover!

e m : first time i ever ignored the "skip ad" button.

Pidge ThePaladin : I love this ad! We seriously need more like it! Can we please get a sequel?!

Annie Granados : Best ad I’ve ever seen