When you're at a party, but then a garbage local rapper slips the DJ a hundred.

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Anthony B : “I do not smoke with cigs but I got 11 kids” 😂🔥

Justin Y. : Dude has some moves you gotta give him some props for that

Harjap Singh : Sound cloud rappers be evolving

Baki Hanma : "I saw a bad chick up at the mall, But I was shy" F to pay respects


VazzyCow : *Change the title, this shit was fire*

Devon Parker : I pull up at your crib So I hope you got a bib I do not smoke with cigs But I got a little kid Ya girl look hella big But, yeah, she can get the pipe I know you do not like me But you know they hate me right I know I gotta fight you baby But I don't wanna fight I saw the baddest chick up at the mall But I was shy (Trust me I slowed it down and stuff) :)

OustFoX : "I pull up at the crib, so I hope you got a bib" -Caleb 2018 Most underrated line of this year.

Iron Gauntlet : The best line in that song is "I saw the baddest chick at the mall but I was shy"

nintenbelle : ok but where’s the full track of that first song bc i wanna add that fire to my spotify playlist

Jeremiah : Bro but fr why all them sound cloud rappers be carrying around empty backpacks

jjfjkfjk : please hit us with the full version of that "baby boy" cover. that shit was flames.

AppleJack Berry : Can we all just acknowledge the fact that Caleb perfectly transcribed the melody, harmony, and rhythm of the beyonce song at the beginning and made his own arrangement, just for this video?????!!!!!

Gurosama Bltch : Everybody was focused on his dance and didn't notice the Thomas the tank engine Gangstaliciois Gucci gang backpack for thugs in the background.

BrendiButt Vevo : So we gonna act like Caleb didnt pull out the best dance moves known to man at 0:17?

Zusse : Like you’ll be jamming to some classics and then this trash disrespects your ears

ii AlmightyMirah : His beats are always fire. Like seriously, I would've love that version of "baby boy". I like the regular, Beyonce version, but that was was fire too🔥🔥🔥And y'all cannot tell me this boy can't singggg😊😍 Caleb got them *VOCAL vocals*

Skaterbyname 44 : Thats one unstable ass milly rock


Brr_Frosty : That song at the start was heat.... Release it

UnPhayzable : _He might be bad at rapping but don't even think about robbing him_

Work Smart Not Hard : Plz do a collab with longbeachgriffy!!!

J-Man Gaming : Petition to have Caleb put out his remixes to these songs. I'd be willing to pay money tbh.

RKCjr : The voice cracks during the song kill me man,...

Sarah Sawan : Did he sing the first song? It's so good!

Don’t comment about my profile picture : Dem dance moves tho

SuperNuke : why he Milly rocking hella aggressively

Steezie 影響力 : "Your girl look hella big but she can get the pipe" lmao

Roxas Clark : The Pokemon music tho 😭😭

Joshua Barber : (In Griffy’s voice) I’m going home..... I’m going home.

Heavenly Controller : What kind of a garage rapper got $100 to give to a random DJ at a party? 😂

Veda : was not expecting those abs 😏

JNRsteel squad : Idk why but that head turn at 0:26 got me dying 😂😂

oBuddy : caleb can you send me your version of the first song

Mani Di Lupo : Pokemon Red/Blue Cerulean and Fuschia Theme, shoutout to my boy Squid for finding it. It was killing me.

UnPhayzable : He should've used that hundred to buy better bars

Aeropoison : New Fortnite dance?

Sidney Boakye : I overheard my sister playing this video and thought she was listening to Ugly God 😂😂

lilman boss : These SoundCloud rappers always carrying empty backpacks

Devin Shamel : When he said “I saw the baddest girl at the mall but I was shy” i started sweating because of how much I felt that 🔥🔥🔥🔥

TheAMaazing : Don't even lie this video was to low key show off your body lmao this dude 😂😂😂😂

The Greatest : *i pull up at cho crib so i hope you got a bib*

Carune : Damn Caleb Vocals at the start.... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Joshua Fleming : 0:18 what was that 😂😂

Forever Finessing Tv : lmaooo "Thats His Song ?"

Daniel Thrasher : Bruh I was playing Pokemon when I clicked on this video get out of my head

A1 youngod _ : What the name of dat song in the beginning


Nacho Beatz : Add some drums and bass and it would of gone platinum

ALEK : *I need a FULL baby girl song*