When you're at a party, but then a garbage local rapper slips the DJ a hundred.

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Depression Talks With Immanuel : ....the dancing though😂

Legendary Broly Boi : *_Milly Rock game still STRONK_*

Charblastaur : *uh ye yuh ooh ay skrrt brrt*

Harjap Singh : Sound cloud rappers be evolving

Team Shade : Some of us missing the point that he really got vocals😍❇🎶🎵✨💖

Anthony B : “I do not smoke with cigs but I got 11 kids” 😂🔥


nintenbelle : ok but where’s the full track of that first song bc i wanna add that fire to my spotify playlist

Justin Y. : Dude has some moves you gotta give him some props for that

Devon Parker : I pull up at your crib So I hope you got a bib I do not smoke with cigs But I got a little kid Ya girl look hella big But, yeah, she can get the pipe I know you do not like me But you know they hate me right I know I gotta fight you baby But I don't wanna fight I saw the baddest chick up at the mall But I was shy (Trust me I slowed it down and stuff) :)

Iron Gauntlet : The best line in that song is "I saw the baddest chick at the mall but I was shy"

MLG MELON : *I pull up at the crib so I hope you got a bib*

Gurosama Bltch : Everybody was focused on his dance and didn't notice the Thomas the tank engine Gangstaliciois Gucci gang backpack for thugs in the background.

Baki Hanma : "I saw a bad chick up at the mall, But I was shy" F to pay respects

wat007 : That Pokemon music tho 🔥

OustFoX : "I pull up at the crib, so I hope you got a bib" -Caleb 2018 Most underrated line of this year.

Work Smart Not Hard : Plz do a collab with longbeachgriffy!!!

YUNG GRAVITY : I want a full version of the second song

Mr. Anitai : I don't care what anyone says homeboy song was fire and them dance moves was lit

Heavenly Controller : What kind of a garage rapper got $100 to give to a random DJ at a party? 😂

jjfjkfjk : please hit us with the full version of that "baby boy" cover. that shit was flames.


Skaterbyname 44 : Thats one unstable ass milly rock

CHVNCE : "I saw the baddest chick up at the mall but I was shy" that sums up my life in one line.

UnPhayzable : _He might be bad at rapping but don't even think about robbing him_

YUNG GRAVITY : Yo that second song was kinda 🔥

J-Man Gaming : Petition to have Caleb put out his remixes to these songs. I'd be willing to pay money tbh.

Brr_Frosty : That song at the start was heat.... Release it

Forever Finessing Tv : lmaooo "Thats His Song ?"

Chambers : They should’ve got a *venus fly trap* on him

Sarah Sawan : Did he sing the first song? It's so good!

Amirah Davis : His beats are always fire. Like seriously, I would've love that version of "baby boy". I like the regular, Beyonce version, but that was was fire too🔥🔥🔥And y'all cannot tell me this boy can't singggg😊😍 Caleb got them *VOCAL vocals*

Steezie 影響力 : "Your girl look hella big but she can get the pipe" lmao

TheNethero : Sometimes I forget that it's just one guy playing every character, and I just convince myself that he has 100 clones of himself.

FunForSameer : *What did I walk into Part 5*

dat one black female : Ok not gonna lie the song kinda slaps and i want a full version

The Greatest : *i pull up at cho crib so i hope you got a bib*

Ninja FG : Second song is like everyone without auto tune.

ignismaniaco : Singing this song next time I go on Route 2.

VazzyCow : *Change the title, this shit was fire*

Belinda Burton : he going all out with those milly rocks 😂😂😂

RKCjr : The voice cracks during the song kill me man,...

xer xer : I saw a sexy chick at the mall but i was shy 😂

Nacho Beatz : Add some drums and bass and it would of gone platinum

Jeremiah : Bro but fr why all them sound cloud rappers be carrying around empty backpacks

Sidney Boakye : I overheard my sister playing this video and thought she was listening to Ugly God 😂😂

Aeropoison : New Fortnite dance?

Justin Y. : Nice moves

Shal ucard : It wouldve been top charts if he had a bike that he could use inside the pokemon center.

Don’t comment about my profile picture : Dem dance moves tho