The Banana Splits Opening and Closing Theme 1968 - 1970

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TeeVees Greatest : So sorry about the quality guys, I managed to salvage this from an old Beta tape from 1978, so there's massive deterioration on the tape, Cyberlink managed to fix some of it!

Katrina's Toy Channel : Love it! Thanks for posting!

Darth Frodo : Oh, what memories this brings to this 53 year old man. Such a joyous and innocent show, from a time way different than today . Kids have no idea how good we old folks had it compared to the turmoil and tragedy of now. Nothing else compares to the Banana Splits.

DiscoKitten5 : Mid 2000's boomerang early morning going to school

Wyyrdo Jim : I'm 53 years old and every time I hear this I sing right along!😋

TeeVees Greatest : and of course do you all remember "Uh oh, Chongo, its Danger Island next!".

C : Gonna brag a bit here folks. I worked at K. I. in the mid to late 70's and got to wear Bingo on many occasion! Hot as hell but it was a blast and back then it was fairly loose behind the fences. I miss LaRosa's Pizza still! Thanks for posting this... great memories!


sentaimaster100 : I remember this show back when Cartoon Network was good! Before it went to hell

Brendan Richards : One banana, two banana, three banana, four, Roll another spliff and then we'll smoke a little more. All the flashy colours are so pretty, what a sight, Gee, this stuff is strong, I think I'll take another bite.

Powerman33 : So who else wanted to and still wants to drive in one of the banana buggies?

D Roman : Such a groovy show. This made such a strong visual impression on me as a kid watching great children's TV programming of the late 60's and early 70's. It's sad to compare this to the weird occult, PC shows that kids have to watch these days.

Bob Silver : Now we are GROOVIN!

RJ McAllister : "That's an oooch!" "That's a double ooooch!" "That's a triple oooooooch!" Saturday mornings at 9:30 CT, NBC, 1968.

Terry Kennedy : Wished I could have been the age I am now 27 in 1970. The clothes were amazing. As were the programmes and things for the house. And just everything basically.

Renee Bloggs : It was so much better to be a kid back then!!!

Mike McConomy : Memorys of Saturday mornings.

Delenn Moresby : One of my absolute favourites as a child. The late 60's early 70's were a great period for kids programmes as some were, for want of a better description, psychedelic and so fantastically odd. Banana Splits, H.R. Pufnstuf and Tomfoolery were awesome. Shame they are not all available on DVD. I've got all of H.R. Pufnstuf, only season one of The Banana Slits as season 2 has not been released and Tomfoolery has never been released as far as I know. If only....

MontanaR_2018 class : I'm 17 and I watched this as a kid, thanks to boomerang.

Riley Gray : I want this played at my funeral, lmao.

Sam Holden : This is the most cheerful song i ever heared😀

TeeVees Greatest : thanks for all the kind comments guys! Sorry I've been out of the loop for ages with ill health, and havent posted for ages!! But Im still around, although Youtube keep copyrighting all my themes, I'll try and keep on top of it. all the best in life!!

Huw Bert : Brilliant! A trip down memory lane for this 54 year old!

Steve Baer : I am going to be 51 those were the most innocent and awesome era. But they sure don't make that kind of era like they used to make, Groovie and far out.

Steven Dolce : R.I.P. Boomerang (2000-2015)

Tom Keir : 1968 i remember this from when i was 8 years old, i used to love watching it, and the sour grapes dancing.

BK_ Knight : This is when Saturday mornings television was television especially back in the days! Those were the days! thanks!

Jill May : how this takes me back

d3nv1 : Directed by Richard Donner !? Wow, same as Superman et al ?

Rooster Hat : I used to watch reruns of this on Boomerang when I was a kid. Nostalgia, all around.

Infuriated Dragon : why do I remember this show fondly? I'm 15,damn you dad.

Sophia Galindez : wow, #CHILDHOOD

Aitch Cee S : Have we heard from any actor who played a banana split?

phiend : Never seen this show just remember boomerang playing this shit every day in between cartoons

PG II : that monkey with the shades and pointy hat is Drew Carey, I just know it!

BOW D : Arabian knights size of an elephant

Steve Baer : Kids of today don't know the groovy time like the blast from the past. To see 3 men in costumes acting like the 3 Stooges of the Hippies generation.


vjmlhds : Sad part is, no way a show like this on Saturday mornings anymore...would never pass E/I standards, and the "too cool for school" millennials would appreciate it (can't hashtag it).

cedric ivanhoe : Mil gracias por la oportunidad de recordar gratamente nuestra niñez y juventud, saludos desde Panamá. Thank you for the opportunity to remember with pleasure our childhood and youth, greetings from Panama.

John Morris : Somewhat disconcerting to think that Bob Marley Jewified this tune and used it for"Buffalo Soldiers"...

Bryant Hardin : Bring back the memories OMG when everything was so easy and incident

DrDespicable : Man, I never missed an episode of these guys - I love 'em still! Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

HypeBeastSlayer_420 Memes : I use to watch this as a kid 😅

Charlie Bank : The 70s looked amazing

kevbaz2012 : anyone else notice the same director of the superman films richard donner also directed the banana splits...

Tom Lindsey /11telstar : I once worked with John Candy,and what a wonderful, magnificent guy this was! Too bad he died. The world needs more people like him.

moviegoerdude : omg how can you not smile listening to this

RyuDarragh : I have Slacker Radio and one of my channels is "Hits of the 60's" that have been digitally remastered from original master tapes. You hear details in the music now that were swamped by noise back in the day. I play it on my 500 mile trips between Pittsburgh PA and New Haven CT. Halfway there after hearing my childhood and young adult favorites... and this plays! When I could stop laughing, I realized, this music *was* a hit from the 60's :P

Fabio Casa : Tra la la tra la la la Tra la la tra la la la Tra la la tra la la la Tra la la tra la la la One banana two banana three banana four Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more Over hill and highway the banana buggies go Come along to bring you the banana splits show Four banana three banana two banana one All bananas playing in the bright warm sun Flipping like a pancake popping like a cork Fleagle bingo drooper and snork Making up a mess of fun Making up a mess of fun Making up a mess of fun Lots of fun for everyone Four banana three banana two banana one All bananas playing in the bright warm sun Flipping like a pancake popping like a cork Fleagle bingo drooper and snork