Making a Simple Leather Wallet // DIY Leather craft
How Its Made Minimalist Leather Wallet

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In this quick video I’m making a simple, minimalist leather wallet (for beginner.) at my workshop. The wallet is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather and is entirely hand stitched. Overall I'm pleased with the design of the minimalist leather wallet I made, and with a few tweaks it'll be a nice pattern to pull out every now and again. If you'd like to help me out, it would be amazing if you could share on your favorite social! Thanks! +Subscribe to Maker B channel If you have any questions, please leave them on the comments below! +Music


Design with Hameed : its was great tuto but should explain well.

벨토 BelttoTV : I get a lot of inspiration from your video. Fighting.

dinesh kutti : Awesome do you have pattern for this?

haerrr : Hey I've just come across your channel; just a suggestion, how about making a phone sleeve? I've been wanting one myself and after two of your tutorials I think I'm gonna make myself one of those soon, I hope! Love your channel, it's so satisfying to watch your process 💕

General SherMAN : good looking!

C1011 : Could you link a template

CJN_TheLitCookie : Hey great video is there a template available for the wallet I would like to make one myself.

Папа Мастер : Очень классно, а главное просто и красиво. Не могли бы вы скинуть мне на почту схему с размерами? Спасибо!

RomanticGarbage : I tried this by making the pattern by myself and messed up with the leather thickness, so there’s a gap between the ends of the outer piece. Be careful when you try it.

Dominic Pitre : what kind of thread are you using?

Camille Alhena : The kind of wallet I've been trying to find! I wish you're selling one for reals. Lol

Oscar Martínez : What measures did you use?

lucas batista guibes : Do you already have the template? I loved this wallet, I am looking for some minimalist wallet a long time, and this one is perfect.

Josiah Anderson : Hey can you do a video on stitching a minimalist wallet

the conquering truck driver Can/USA : For some reason whenever I watch your videos I want a coffee and beautiful work by the way

TheOneAndOnly : please sell this

Andrea Amador : How do you find patterns?

ARNOLD V : Where can I buy one?

iv6nyx : Is there a template for this wallet? Would love to make it.

Prody : hi may i know the list of tools used in this video? :)

Shahbaz Hussain : Love all your videos, What is the thickness of that leather and where do you buy it from?

Miguel Martinez : Oh right this look good genius!

TFvortexe : Amazing channel. Real gem in the community.

Oak Ridge Review : Yoooo what snippers be those bad ass little guys??

Eggy Stefanus : I really like this wallet. Unique kind of wallet for me..

John Albernd Alasay : wow nice how can I get the pattern

Marlon Dias : I want !!!!

Mukminin Roslan : Can you share size of this wallet?

Uriel Cortez : Should of gave measurements and all that...

ほかまりさお : ぐっとちょいすですね。

noor mohamed : Why don't you show us how you measured to make it work.

Roby Turcios : What kind of leather was used?

Thomas Arentz : Can you post the template?

mike antoine : Can we buy this from you

Penguin : Are you working on a printable for this one too?

cazacu jimmy : please tell us what adhesive you use ?

Handoko Boedhi : Beautiful

extoprak : Finally a video with nice music, not an annoying stupid discotheque music..

usama uvais : Excellent work. what type of threat you have used??

Meow Tow : I want to hear more of the leather making and less of the piano.

RomanticGarbage : Where can I get the template for this wallet?

The Man : Money clip the middle so u can lock bills in the middle

Micah Rentero : What kind of leather are you using? And how thick?

TRUE GAMER : Can I buy one from you?

Dara Nabs : Where can i get the pattern ?

Craig Jardine : lovely video

Mr. Dirtbiker : What kind of leather do you use

Shahrul Izham : Hi. May I know the thing you put on the leather? In white bottle and on the sponge. What are their usage for?

emily24241 : Is this wallet for sale ?