Making a Simple Leather Wallet // DIY Leather craft

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Meow Tow : I want to hear more of the leather making and less of the piano.

General SherMAN : good looking!

Dominic Pitre : what kind of thread are you using?

Design with Hameed : its was great tuto but should explain well.

Camille Alhena : The kind of wallet I've been trying to find! I wish you're selling one for reals. Lol

lucas batista guibes : Do you already have the template? I loved this wallet, I am looking for some minimalist wallet a long time, and this one is perfect.

Marlon Dias : I want !!!!

Hugo Schmitt : You make a video like this and don't put an Etsy link to buy you stuff? Shame! :P

Craig Jardine : lovely video

Micah Rentero : What kind of leather are you using? And how thick?

Mukminin Roslan : Can you share size of this wallet?

Dara Nabs : Where can i get the pattern ?

mike antoine : Can we buy this from you

Ruben Mendez : For some reason whenever I watch your videos I want a coffee and beautiful work by the way

Heitam Jal : Leathurr

cazacu jimmy : please tell us what adhesive you use ?

John Albernd Alasay : wow nice how can I get the pattern

Shahbaz Hussain : Love all your videos, What is the thickness of that leather and where do you buy it from?

Mr. Dirtbiker : What kind of leather do you use

Oak Ridge Review : Yoooo what snippers be those bad ass little guys??

Handoko Boedhi : Beautiful


noor mohamed : Why don't you show us how you measured to make it work.

Aki : Where can I get the template for this wallet?

The Man : Money clip the middle so u can lock bills in the middle

Andrea Amador : How do you find patterns?

Shahrul Izham : Hi. May I know the thing you put on the leather? In white bottle and on the sponge. What are their usage for?

Thomas Derriso : Is there a template available?

iv6nyx : Is there a template for this wallet? Would love to make it.

TFvortexe : Amazing channel. Real gem in the community.

Prody : hi may i know the list of tools used in this video? :)

Eggy Stefanus : I really like this wallet. Unique kind of wallet for me..

Miguel Martinez : Oh right this look good genius!

Moe Shammam : can you tell me the sizes i should cut to

emily24241 : Is this wallet for sale ?

Penguin : Are you working on a printable for this one too?

TRUE GAMER : Can I buy one from you?

ほかまりさお : ぐっとちょいすですね。

Thomas Arentz : Can you post the template?

Bruce A. Ulrich : Great looking project! Enjoyed the video!

TheOneAndOnly : Can I buy this?

Saketh Kodela : Can I have one

jiteesh d : What’s the white stuff that you glued the leather on

Menina Conca : Tudo muito bom!!!!

T Viktorovich : Ну такое...)