Black Peter Pan

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DammitSinged : _Peter Pan_ *_With a hard R_*

Heavenly Controller : YouTube’s been around for 12 years!? Well I feel old...

Dio Drando : Okay, it's Peterish Panbino, bells be ringing and be tinkering.

Milan : -this is peter pan! -no this is america

Anime Balls Deep : Lol this is brilliant

B-Series : *This is Peter Pan*

ryanblnkfrnw : Donald's 22 here (:

JT : "Well I haven't aged..." lol he literally hasn't aged since this video. He looks exactly the same.

T rod : "petah?" "ye-yes john?" "we aren't allowed to listen to rap!" I am deceased.


shelbeanie143 : Donald Glover is actually the best Peter Pan.  For reals.

Samuel Murrill : If they're all grown up now, why does Wendy and her brothers still sleep together? Im slightly concerned

Tim Kasony : Get the hell out of our house Allen iverson

Connor Nelson : This is America

Pusher Love Man : When Lando Calrissian is playing Peter Pan 10 years ago

Brandon Douglas : What's going on here? Shit man I ain't going back DIED.

It'sJack : Home girl drop it like the nasdaq

angel williams : Peter?... Yes John? We aren't allowed to listen to rap 😭😂 LOL WHY

Kraven Moorehead : This is incredible. This is a beautiful and valid critique of stereotypes sand race. EVERYONE needs to be able to laugh at themselves. And I applaud all of you for that.

Kayla Santos : So proud of Donald!! He's come so far. I remember watching this back in high school.

PhatNeck TM : Woah they kinda predicted Lebron James' legacy lol

Riichi Kosher : still awaiting the black Peter Parker!

Andy Isaac : is that childish gambino

neogigo : What a Golden Globe winning performance!


S. Chelcey : 😂😂😂😂 DONE ! he said " We cannot listen to rap! "

SiR_4:20SmOkEs/AlOt : This was the highest point in his career hands down. This is America

No why : his face at 3:30

Michelle Xie : If you look closely Peter Pan is black

Miss Tenacity : Did anyone else randomly saw this in their recommended feed??

Caryn D Prescott : A pigment of your imagination.

Deja Davis : his face at 2:31 and just..... the line at 2:38 along with his nervous laugh HAHHAHAHAA

Not Austin Trott : allen iverson documentary brought me here

Lily : i would kill to get a hug from Donald

TheShrewCat : This is amazing :D Hearing Bino speak english english, priceless :D 

MattJoshTV : Donald glover proves he is the best in the world in the first 4 seconds hahahaha

Jade Wilson : here's to wishing Donald Glover sneaks into my room tonight! He can call himself anything he likes!!

Jeremy Borrero : *T H I S I S A M E R I C A*

Joseph Ang : I didn't even look for this.

Fuchsia Lou : Peter Pan evolved into Simba.

ballisticmonkey999 : This man won 3 Emmys, I love him.

Emre Türker : _(Peter Pan shoots Captain Hook)_ This is Neverland Don't catch you slippin' now Don't catch you slippin' now Look what I'm whippin' now

_Childish_Creator_ : Gambino spitting fire xD

Isaiah Thornton : "Get the hell out of my house Allen Iverson!!"😲😲😂😂😂😂

Its Megamind : This is america

Kaneki Kenpachi : _This is_ *Peter Pan.*

peterjohn : *shoots them all in the head* Donald: THIS IS AMERICA

Orlando Calder : "Get the hell out of our house Allen Iverson!"

Werdxp : This Neverland, Don't catch you slippin up

Cecil Rhodes : Why is this in my recommended​