One Eyed Monster - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (European JRPG Voice Acting)

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SW 057 : The english voice acting is so bad..

DrScaphandre : Best battle transition ever.

RockaPop : the most effort I've ever heard in a voice. *shut up*

Dank Memer : Why was mythra blushing Does she want the one eyed monster

Blackplant : Utterly memorable. And I like Nia's Welsh accent. It's cute.

Xale 1231 : Mythra wants the one eyed monster.

Alixx : "You've got a lotta nerve you one-eyed monster!" *DEVASTATED*


Gameboynitro 9 : That "Shut up" sound so convincing.

Ty Langs : That Shut Up had to be the most monotoned shut up I've heard yet

King K Rool Fan : 0:19 Rex, Mythra and Dromarch probably realized Reggie was gonna send the PG Ninjas after them for that scene. But I see what you did there, Nia 😂 Don’t act like you don’t know

CKruler : I can imagine Rex, Mythra, and Dromarch all acting like they were thinking "Did Nia just say that?!"

Ghoststorm : 0:30 *GAME* *THE WINNER IS -MYTHRA*

FinalStand : This is some FFX transition right there

LandonDoesStuff : It would have been glorious if Rex was toppled from that, man if they did that I would have died laughing lol!

Carl Casimiro : Any reason why Zeke's battle transitions are like xenogears?

MP64 : Did I WOT?! Yew goot a lot of NEEVE, yew one eyed monsta!!

NicoSlayer D4DDY4SACK : How does Mythra even know what it means if she has been asleep for 500 years. I doubt that phrase has been used since then. just to think about hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ethan Parada : What does one eyed monster mean?

The God of Absolute Hyperdeath : Mythra wants Rex's one-eyed monster

Matt Gallagher : That battle transition is the best-directed moment in video gaming history.

Miles Edgeworth : Some of these accents don't know where to go but across the weird parts of the UK

BigBrotherW : I literally cracked up laughing from this whole scene...and the transition from humor to battle was just...on-point.

Cosmo Kong AKA Cosmological expansion Dong : Nia can have my one eyed monster.

james magdirila : That’s just looks like a... One Eyed Monster! Step right up,it’s the One Eyed Monster!

Robert Johnson : Rated T for Teen everybody. My how times have changed...

Nugget74 0 : Why every time with the anime smack I mean come on

Kyle Lopez-Vito : I love Nia's accent... and everyone else's. Including Rex's, which many seem to dislike (maybe because some of his delivery were bad like when he is screaming). I could listen to them just talk about stuff all day. They're all so charming. This is not a popular opinion, but I dislike many of the voices in the Japanese dub because it's so weird and typical Japanese do not speak like that. Talk like Nia or Pyra in Japan and they will ask why you are talking like that.

10z20 : actual trash that only weebs enjoy

Birbddha : *seinfield theme plays*

The Warrior of Light and Dark : then there's Tora who's just standing there like "whats going on?"

eoss akira : I want Nia's voice to step on me. Not Nia, just her voice is fine.

637 H4CK3D N008 : That is the single best transition I’ve seen in a videogame

FireAleckX 101 : Thanks a lot mithra U just broke my screen.

DelEscRepeat : Tales of berseria brought me here and I love it . I usually was put off when I see dubs but this game is good. i don't care if its not in Japanese. The voice actor did a fine a job and I fuckin love it. now I'm gonna buy the switch just to play this .

DatBoiIcy : Did Gramps turn his head away when Rex made that face? LOL! He’s like, I’m too young!!!

RafaelDB : We need more British JRPG Voice acting

Meced : does someone wanna tell me what one eyed monster means

Carl Casimiro : Seriously the only saving grace of the english dub is how goddamn sexy is Nia's voiceover.

flameshana9 : Thumbnail was on point. 🍄

joeslickback : 0:32 Insert Full Force from Symphonia

Naoya Lhama : "LISTEN, PAU"

Master Jedi : Nintendo acctually allowed that type of language

Ian Manning : "SHATOOOP APPRENTICE!!" ~ Welsh Scotsman to Stan from American Dad

Arandomguy XD : These voices are so bad.

Shaiapouf The Elegant Royal Ant Guard : Shut up.... Wow Mythra, keeping that monotone voice I see.

Emishimaru - Sama : The voice acting are so awkwardly beautiful xD

Brandon Smith : Hey! This is my favorite part. Where is she slap Rex after Nia said one-eye monster. It was funny!😂😂😂

19tsmith1 : Best moment in the game lol

Super Shiny Star : I don’t see what’s so bad about the English dub. I love the accents and most of the lines are really funny to listen too. Voice actors stay in their roles and convey the emotions pretty well. Yea Rex’s screaming is cringeworthy and XC1 Dub was better by a long shot. But I still think it isn’t a bad job. (And guys lets be honest in nearly every game the Japanese dub is better so stop comparing it to the English dub)