One Eyed Monster - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (European JRPG Voice Acting)

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10z20 : actual trash that only weebs enjoy

DrScaphandre : Best battle transition ever.

RockaPop : the most effort I've ever heard in a voice. *shut up*

Blackplant : Utterly memorable. And I like Nia's Welsh accent. It's cute.

Dank Memer : Why was mythra blushing Does she want the one eyed monster

Xale 1231 : Mythra wants the one eyed monster.

Gameboynitro 9 : That "Shut up" sound so convincing.

Alixx : "You've got a lotta nerve you one-eyed monster!" *DEVASTATED*


Ghoststorm : 0:30 *GAME* *THE WINNER IS -MYTHRA*

FinalStand : This is some FFX transition right there

CKruler : I can imagine Rex, Mythra, and Dromarch all acting like they were thinking "Did Nia just say that?!"

King K Rool Fan : 0:19 Rex, Mythra and Dromarch probably realized Reggie was gonna send the PG Ninjas after them for that scene. But I see what you did there, Nia 😂 Don’t act like you don’t know

Ty Langs : That Shut Up had to be the most monotoned shut up I've heard yet

LordChaos246 : It would have been glorious if Rex was toppled from that, man if they did that I would have died laughing lol!

Ethan Parada : What does one eyed monster mean?

Carl Casimiro : Any reason why Zeke's battle transitions are like xenogears?

NicoSlayer D4DDY4SACK : How does Mythra even know what it means if she has been asleep for 500 years. I doubt that phrase has been used since then. just to think about hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Cosmo Kong AKA Cosmological expansion Dong : Nia can have my one eyed monster.

The God of Absolute Hyperdeath : Mythra wants Rex's one-eyed monster

MP64 : Did I WOT?! Yew goot a lot of NEEVE, yew one eyed monsta!!

Matt Gallagher : That battle transition is the best-directed moment in video gaming history.

Miles Edgeworth : Some of these accents don't know where to go but across the weird parts of the UK

Robert Johnson : Rated T for Teen everybody. My how times have changed...

BigBrotherW : I literally cracked up laughing from this whole scene...and the transition from humor to battle was just...on-point.

Birbddha : *seinfield theme plays*

james magdirila : That’s just looks like a... One Eyed Monster! Step right up,it’s the One Eyed Monster!

God : then there's Tora who's just standing there like "whats going on?"

Nugget74 0 : Why every time with the anime smack I mean come on

eoss akira : I want Nia's voice to step on me. Not Nia, just her voice is fine.

DatBoiIcy : Did Gramps turn his head away when Rex made that face? LOL! He’s like, I’m too young!!!

Kyano : Tales of berseria brought me here and I love it . I usually was put off when I see dubs but this game is good. i don't care if its not in Japanese. The voice actor did a fine a job and I fuckin love it. now I'm gonna buy the switch just to play this .

FireAleckX 101 : Thanks a lot mithra U just broke my screen.

Meced : does someone wanna tell me what one eyed monster means

flameshana9 : Thumbnail was on point. 🍄

Naoya Lhama : "LISTEN, PAU"

Ian Manning : "SHATOOOP APPRENTICE!!" ~ Welsh Scotsman to Stan from American Dad

Master Jedi : Nintendo acctually allowed that type of language

RafaelDB : We need more British JRPG Voice acting

Arandomguy XD : These voices are so bad.

Emishimaru - Sama : The voice acting are so awkwardly beautiful xD

Carl Casimiro : Seriously the only saving grace of the english dub is how goddamn sexy is Nia's voiceover.

Brandon Smith : Hey! This is my favorite part. Where is she slap Rex after Nia said one-eye monster. It was funny!😂😂😂

james magdirila : That’s just looks like a... One Eyed Monster! Step right up,it’s the One Eyed Monster!

19tsmith1 : Best moment in the game lol

NeonBlue27 : Okay so like why did they decide to make Xenoblade 2 have a typical cringey JRPG visual novel setup, awkward character design, mismatched voices, and Sonic Adventure style facial animations? Did they just *want* to spit all over the good Xenoblade name?

BestShadow : I actually never know what that means XD Even if I know now what it means, I never heard anyone saying that.

Selkill La Kill : English dub,uuuuh

Renato Fontes : The translation is so awful xD

Antonio Fuertes : The english voices sound like a just a pancake video