Jeff Goldblum as the Pull Out King (inc bonus credit sequence)

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Joshor The Mighty : I am convinced he wasn't even supposed to be in this episode, he simply wandered into the studio dressed just like that and started for lack of a better word "goldbluming" and the directors started filming him like a rare bird or something.

sag2007ama : "i AM the pull out king" don't know why it's so funny. It just is!

sag2007ama : "not everybody knows about this, and uuum.. nor should they"

Owen Reese : They probably didn't give him a script

Range Ryder : I always lose it at "umm...not everyone knows about this.."

David Norris : They said that Jeff goldblum is making that all up on the fly. ... genius.

SerialGothQueens : This is every awful local commercial that comes on while you're watching TV....but crazier. Priceless.

Natalia Valadez : Every time I see him somewhere I think, "I am the Pull Out King."

Rockfish : I love how the mike eq is way too high.

Grammaton485 : Where I live, there's a strip mall located across the street from a cemetary ,and I always think of the end of this clip when I drive by.

Artorias the Abysswalker : This is so amazing it makes me giggle every time. Jeff Goldblum is awesome. Reminiscent of Tim and Eric.

Let me Eat cake : he's having a sale?? gotta go......

What-If Machine : He is so weird and amazing.

Alexander Kemble : Jeff Goldblum is a genius: "I am the Pull Out King"

Robert Hughes : and we're having a sale

ZatoichisCaneSword! : I've been searching for the Pullout King since around 2013. I got my picture taken in front of that boxvan in the commercial. They didn't show it in this vid but underneath the logo for the pull-out King it used to say "Ask anybody in Portland, they all know I'm the pull out king."

Apples : I wish Jeff Goldblum would pull out on me.

Silly Villy : why does he remind me of the joker?

MlSSlNGN0 : i pulled out once it was okay

Redsugardoll : After all these years, he's still so handsome, damn I'd never want him to pull out.

WesIsaLeo : 0:13 - $144.99 for a bed that pulls out into a bed. What a bargain!

shit : Because of uhhh these um uh sofas

Doctor Weird : I am the grandmaster

NME10E : Love the Jefe

Ben Williams : When you’re on YouTube for like 3 hours you end up finding a hidden gem.

Michelle : Portlandia is trying to be like Tim and Eric here. But they went a little farther with the poor production quality

SHOOKEN : Why does he do that thing where he holds his hand up to his mouth like he's whispering but he is, in fact, speaking at normal volume??? It's hilarious.

Custos Venetus : Is he saying to stay pure in a king bed? 😂

JTConner : The "I am the pull-out King" bit is an homage to The Wiz electronic store 80's/ 90's commercials, which was also a memorable character on Seinfeld.

Ks Y : one of my favorite episodes! I love Lance and Nina!!!

Taylor Gastinger : And were, uh, having a SALE~..

johnied850914 : What show is this from

deadbeatdynamo : The funniest shit ever.

WesIsaLeo : And all pull outs!

Ben Roley : Tim and Eric vibes

vanguardduelist : I am the pull out king!

Cobra Commander : My ex called me the "pull out king" hahaha