Jeff Goldblum as the Pull Out King (inc bonus credit sequence)

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Shibby : he's not even acting, he's just being himself LOL

David Norris : They said that Jeff goldblum is making that all up on the fly. ... genius.

Owen Reese : They probably didn't give him a script

Natalia Valadez : Every time I see him somewhere I think, "I am the Pull Out King."

sag2007ama : "i AM the pull out king" don't know why it's so funny. It just is!

sag2007ama : "not everybody knows about this, and uuum.. nor should they"

Joshor The Mighty : I am convinced he wasn't even supposed to be in this episode, he simply wandered into the studio dressed just like that and started for lack of a better word "goldbluming" and the directors started filming him like a rare bird or something.

Rockfish : I love how the mike eq is way too high.

SerialGothQueens : This is every awful local commercial that comes on while you're watching TV....but crazier. Priceless.

Sir Artorias : This is so amazing it makes me giggle every time. Jeff Goldblum is awesome. Reminiscent of Tim and Eric.

Grammaton485 : Where I live, there's a strip mall located across the street from a cemetary ,and I always think of the end of this clip when I drive by.

Alexander Kemble : Jeff Goldblum is a genius: "I am the Pull Out King"

MlSSlNGN0 : i pulled out once it was okay

Let me Eat cake : he's having a sale?? gotta go......

BryWy : This is bullshit. Everyone knows I'm the pullout king.

Robert Hughes : and we're having a sale

ZatoichisCaneSword! : I've been searching for the Pullout King since around 2013. I got my picture taken in front of that boxvan in the commercial. They didn't show it in this vid but underneath the logo for the pull-out King it used to say "Ask anybody in Portland, they all know I'm the pull out king."

Jiuyal2406 : Some of you may not know, but Goldblum's wife has a sister, and that sister runs a pilates studio in Stavanger, Norway. She made him endorse her studio, and it seems like he jumped him pretty suddenly about it too 'cause he's sitting in front of a goddamn keyboard. Anyway, it reminded me of this so thought I'd share it here of all places (He's only been at the studio once btw):

Doctor Weird : I am the grandmaster

Silly Villy : why does he remind me of the joker?

NME10E : Love the Jefe

What-If Machine : He is so weird and amazing.

Range Ryder : I always lose it at "umm...not everyone knows about this.."

Chase : Holy shite, this is goldblums audition roll for the grand master in Thor ragnarok! He was even in costume for a Minute! Also... a funny sex pun. "Nah, eh Baby! I'm the pull-out King, don't make me wear a glove!"

WesIsaLeo : And all pull outs!

Ben Roley : Tim and Eric vibes

vanguardduelist : I am the pull out king!

Cobra Commander : My ex called me the "pull out king" hahaha

Redsugardoll : After all these years, he's still so handsome, damn I'd never want him to pull out.