Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones

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Comments from Youtube

Luziaf the Loner : I could use a single megaphone to break any glass. Simply smash that megaphone to the glass. Easy as pie

DeluxeCookie620 : It's a bear Thumbs up if u have a Bear

MarshmelloFan 2.0 : 7:45 Gta5 when your being chased by 50 trillion police cars

You Know Who Is Here : *_Chris, please stand for our National Anthem._* *_And you, Dog-Bear_*

Mystic : “Can these megaphones break this glass?” *Parks car near glass they want to break*

It's Rebecca A : *headphone users have left the chat * Edit: thx for the likes.

Naidely pereyra : And this is how people started going deaf Just kidding😝

Mr. Fusion : Imagine this as 8D audio

wawaspanda Studios : R.I.P headphone users The ghost of me is writing this

Gunnar Kinnaman : I had to turn it down so my iPad speakers wouldn’t break

ZephPlayz : I think by the end of this video I could see sounds

ja se : *Bart from The Simpsons Has Left The Chat*

Curtis Whitehead Jr : So in the final analysis, all multiple megaphones produce is a ton of feedback?

Aiden Bernstein : Rip headphone user Oh wait that means me

RAVENGUARD GAMING : If earape was played by the loudest speakers…

athandegracia : " R.I.P HeadPhones users" Fact : I liked mine Because no one will

Lord Sporqq : That must be the best pirate I’ve ever seen. So it will seem.

BoxersAndSocks : Any ideas for my channel? I'm yo for alot as you see in my videos 😂😂

Ryan Feldkamp : Are all streaming do you too Gucci gang song

Jeffry van Essen : It was the wind, it came from the wrong side. Otherwise the world was gone now

Darachu 64 : I feel bad for headphone users

The highly Cuber : I was watching this vid with headphones and I broke them after smashing my beats in the hotel wall😂

Aik Kee Heng : You only need one megaphone ringing at the glass s natural frequency n it will break... that s why u should be studying!

Sadhana Yadav : This man earns the money by using it

500 subs with no vids challenge : 3:14 WOOP WOOP THAT'S THE SOUND OF THE POLICE

Can we get to 300 subs with no videos? : If you’re Mr Beast’s neighbour..... *we’re sorry*

Aydan Sousa : For the people that know pearl from splatoon 2 that's the person they need to scream in the microphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sub to MrBeast

Sphere Gear : Put alberts a.k.a Flamingo scream there it will surely break it

Jurre veldhuijsen : Nearby town: what's that sound?!

Alex Peters : hey chris stand for our national anthem

- amy wong - : *_my ears have left the chat_*

Alex Peters : hey chris stand for our national anthem

Alex Peters : hey chris stand for our national anthem

Splatt Radtke : Do it again and say FBI OPEN UP

desi maxwell : I turned my volume up to max on my headphones and now I cant hear

Sarrox : How we contacted aliens for the first time

Diego Partida : Chris remember stand for national anthem silly chris

Cheryl Mellon-kelly : 🎶Chris stand for de national anthom🎶

ruby boyd : will Chris please stand for the national anthem

Anaklusmos For Fans : Dog or bear? I think it's a doggobear

Pevukka : Simpsons predicted this. 😂

Crazy Gaming With Ben : I hope u all have a great way Small youtuber by the way i Would love it if u subbed

Chanda Beekman : 3:15 So thats how they make earrapes?


OMGCrazy600 : Ahhh so this is why more people are deaf today!

Myfree Red : I would say rip headphone users but they've already died and been reincarnated

Brian Kuntz : Hey Chris i can tell your a north American

CHEESEBURGER With fries : Where does he get all these megaphones?

Wolf Clan Nation : Could have broke it by slapping it with the megaphone