Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones

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MrBeast : Subscribe or I will use these megaphones outside your house I'm being serious

Luziaf the Loner : I could use a single megaphone to break any glass. Simply smash that megaphone to the glass. Easy as pie

athandegracia : " R.I.P HeadPhones users" Fact : I liked mine Because no one will

Friendship : *Glass:* Mr. Beast, I don't feel so good.

Alexis Hamel : You better have gotten that bear out of there before you did that they have sensitive ears

F5ing : Rip the person who edited the vid

ZephPlayz : I think by the end of this video I could see sounds

Lazy Reaper : By now, the US Military has labeled this as a terrorist weapon because it can be heard all the way from colorado.

FOODOTIE : Anyone else notice they changed the glass?

Mr.Skulls : 37.904 People got their headphones destroyed watching this

Emaan Khan : 6:36 is what u came for Thank me later

Pevukka : Simpsons predicted this. 😂

Benjmin Davis : 7:44 when the police is after you

marielkana : * headphone users have left the chat*

Star Butterfly : *_But bart had omega phones_*

Red Ninja1915 : I just realized I need to learn sign language

FireFoxNNL : Holy crap dude, I could hear that on mute! Wait...oh, it's just the soundwaves traveling hundreds of miles to my location.

Noodles Life : Rip earbud and headphone user They now have to learn sign language and explain to their doctor whlat happened 😂😂 Hint I liked my own comment because no one likes unpopular people

Adrian to be remembered tho : Clearly thats a bear I mean what are you BLIND

S. S : bart is so proud

B O B B : 6:38 *Simpson can guess the future!*

Myfree Red : I would say rip headphone users but they've already died and been reincarnated

Narwhal Randomness : i feel bad for the bear

フラムモンFlammon : I made a mistake wearing earphones...


Daniel Poole : Blew out my eardrums, but great content. *Ears were ringing for ages

Leon Pont : No ears, nor humans, nor cows, neither megaphones were harmed during this video (Jk ears were harmed)

Mia Mayers : Is this a dog or a bear?

The Amiracle lab : The decibels don’t matter, what matters is the high frequency. (Faster moving sound waves) What that means is you need a frequency that will move the compressed molecules inside of glass. Molecules in air are freely to move and in glass they are very packed; it takes a high frequency to separate them. The more high pitched sound, the shorter the sound wave is. That means it’s a high frequency.

brothster : What ....wHAT....I CANT HEAR!!

Felicia Playz : My new alarm....

EPMTUNESツ : The ability to break glass is mostly based of of getting the right frequency, not just volume.

Coren 7802 : ITS A BEAR

oddlord XL : i want that car know

Some awkward Weirdo : Rip my speakers

Ciara Donohoe : It's beara co bama

Sarrox : How we contacted aliens for the first time

XxShadow AnimationxX : *iTs ObViOuSlY a BeAr*

ShinedownRacing42 : *Wait sponges don't talk???*

Younglmn : this should be used as a soundtrack when a ghost jumpscares you in a game

Shrek Lasagna : This is so sad bear play the nation anthem

SonnOfSwagg : Don't worry, Jake Paulers. If you've gone deaf that can be fixed by buying Mr. Beast's merch.

Meme Paul : Neither he is a doge

Ian Love : How could the Simpson’s Betrayed mr. beast

Tristanbeamerb0i : its a bear and yes chris should stand for are nation

siru 325 : Ear rape at its best

Alex K : At 5:00 , it would've been funny if the car windows broke and not the actual glass xD

YOUSEF PANGADAPUN : 8:54 plz plz plz stop🚫🚫 mean R.I.P MrBeast 😞😞😞

Michael Wedeking : Why am I wearing headphones

Foxisdaily : How many megaphones does it take to rape your ear?