Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones

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MrBeast : Subscribe or I will use these megaphones outside your house I'm being serious

Luziaf the Loner : I could use a single megaphone to break any glass. Simply smash that megaphone to the glass. Easy as pie

Anaya Chinchilla : Im wearing funeral is on Monday👌

Amazing Face : How to break the class with a megaphones Just frikin throw the megaphones to the *glass

Wonder Lamb : 7:00 I thought a bird fell from the sky.

Brynn J : OMG I heard those megaphones in Canada 🇨🇦

FireFoxNNL : Holy crap dude, I could hear that on mute! Wait...oh, it's just the soundwaves traveling hundreds of miles to my location.

Fishbone : For anyone who wants to know how to break glass with sound without all of the megaphones, this is how you do it. First you need to find the resonance of the empty glass. This can be done by tapping on the glass and listening to the tone it makes. That tone is the glass's resonance and will cause it to break if an external source plays that frequency loud enough. So now either with a loud speaker or someone with a powerful singing voice, play the frequency really loud next to the glass and it should break!

Hank Mosley : It’s obviously a bear

pinkabravo : 4:45 the soundwaves are finally breaking through to the 5th dimension 5:11 oh sheet its gunna get even worse now

Esteban Rivera : I can see someone editing the clip and adding the moaning meme to it

Myfree Red : I would say rip headphone users but they've already died and been reincarnated

Taylah Sheridan : How do you know jake Paul’s songs

Halo Craz : Last year my grandma had a megaphone she didn’t want so she gave it to me, so as soon as you threw the megaphone my little brother turned it on XD

1000 subscribers with no videos Challenge : You can just throw the glass


ZephPlayz : I think by the end of this video I could see sounds

Rhys Martin Stolk : A bear of course a bear

Wiki L : I didn’t even have headphones on and my ears are still bleeding

Bitch.Im.Wheezing : the asmr community is quaking

Tricia Combs : I subbed where’s my car explain yourself mr beast!! EXPLAIN!

Pevukka : Simpsons predicted this. 😂

J Elliott : liek if ur eerdrumz bursst evertiem?

Xx_F_P_W_xX : Plz don’t delete my Minecraft xdd - description lol

Valeria tsekoura : Huh what you said?

Nozomi-Chan : Mr beast you need to have calculate the resonant frequency of the glass you are trying to shatter and vibrate it with sound at that specific frequency to excite it enough to literally vibrate it apart

Zack Tiger Heart : They forget to say something... Dont try this at home or others place. Try it on school only

Loser Baby : Some people can break glass with only they're voice.

Lorraine Cole : 3:26 giant gun from subnatica sound

The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o : 0:26 someBODY once told methe whhirl wus gona ro me ay eint tha sharpess tohl en teh sheEeEeEd

Zeyda Lynn : chris stand for the national anthem

Sarrox : How we contacted aliens for the first time

BoBoiBoy Solar : Dog

DogWentCrazy : I think I heard that all the way from Dallas! MY GOD!!!

Margaret Arcara : Dog or bear it's a bear

Evangelina xoxoxo : Thanks I’m deaf now...

SonnOfSwagg : Don't worry, Jake Paulers. If you've gone deaf that can be fixed by buying Mr. Beast's merch.

Cutecake776 Cutecake776 : I regret wearing headphones



Charlie Pringle : Rip headphone users

Rigby : My ears are legit ringing

SamuCosmog : rip headphones

Shelly Allen : Bear 🐻

EDK B : It’s a dog

Charlie Pringle : 3:25 wat da fippppp

Leon Pont : No ears, nor humans, nor cows, neither megaphones were harmed during this video (Jk ears were harmed)

Azrael Archangel : *¿Que Pasa?*

H20 Delirious : Go to 10:00

dan writ : If mr beast does that outside of my house then can I at least have one megaphone