Breaking Glass Using Only Megaphones

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MrBeast : Subscribe or I will use these megaphones outside your house I'm being serious

lego marvel studios : Dont wear headphones

Zack Tiger Heart : They forget to say something... Dont try this at home or others place. Try it on school only

Andreas Frauentausch : 1 Buy new headphones 2 Watch this video 3 Buy new headphones

Tooba Firdous : Him : "It's everyday bro with the Disney channel flow 5 mil on teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent" Lol!!! :-P

Ze_ Arthas : Earrape IRL

Alex K : At 5:00 , it would've been funny if the car windows broke and not the actual glass xD


Denis Fathullah : Quality content

Robloxia GamingX : *megaphones arent even worth 1 dollar if they dont destroy glass*

Matthew Watt : Who wants to hear a joke? Read more

Rigby : My ears are legit ringing

BTS fan : I blasted this through my Bluetooth speaker

BreienBrian : Bear

Mia Tawil : Now I have a headache😖😵

Corn on the Cob : I would have just thrown the megaphone at the glass...... much quicker

MuteTv : This is some quality content right here

angus jack-goulart : I think the dog is a bear

corbin murrell : How many tables did u use

Littea Edits : *terrible titanic flute playing* *the audiance:....... *sad music* Me dabbing=OVER 9000 GUCCI GANG EAR RIG. IM MARKAPLIER 3078 IM THE FUTURE IM A SUPERHERO...................................... Oh my god Irene what is my randomness???

TheCrazyBanana : Rip those headphone users

SonicBoomPlushFilms : Holy crap dude, I could hear that on mute! Wait...oh, it's just the soundwaves traveling hundreds of miles to my location.

crazy funny weirdo : Wow 😱

Jade And amber show : A brag for bear and dog 😎😎

Jonathan07200 : Some body once tell the world is earing THIS

StellarGuard 1999 : General Disarray: "Simpson did it!"

Pevukka : Simpsons predicted this. 😂

Evelyn Cormanes : Everyone will get a ear bleed but me too

rose gaming XD : *ears bleed* lol thats louder than my lil sister

xSync OP : Bro my ears

ChickensExplosion : My ears burned in this video

HENRY THE RC CAR : *this guy is just full of ideas!* 😂😅

unknown person : MrBeast need heart❤

John Jr Adventures : I subscribed, liked the video, and turned on the notification bell

Pixilizied Gaming : *E a R r A P e*

Sarah Parkes : It a bear

Jonathan Pirolo : this gave me a head ache

ahmed tahiru : my ears!!

Lane Klap : Dog

Northern Republic Of Something : You know the vidios that say trumpet or whistle sounds heard all around the world. Well this is the cause lol

dogfood gaming : Give us sound warning next time lol

Kobe - : Headphones recommend

Daniël pastoor : rip microphone

MA Z : After this video I questioned what is an ear drum

sinful ._.sugar : Bear

MA Z : Bear

Nicholas Toth : Next level of ear rape

Gusaldi wachid : RIP headphone user

Izzy C : DOG

LANDON STAPLETON : Never make fun of Jake Paul😠😠😠😠😠😠😡!!!!!!!!!!!!!