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This week at the Gravpad, the gang installed a spring floor! Shop 巨 merch: Gravitated Equations Official: Fraid ► Bailey ► Z ► Solomon ► Jack ► Dom ► Britt ► Edited by: Chris


Madi Kotz : I’m a cheerleader and I would never be able to do that?!?!!!!

teagan myers : The editing and transitions were sick

cayden piegza : Incredible, what did you use to edit this?

Claudio Portugal : Nobody gonna talk about where he puts his hands on 3:23 ?... Ok

Jay Martin : Hey do more trampoline vids pls keep up the good wrk

snowboard savi : Those lumafades 😍😍

KYRIAKOS PK/FR : I love this video 😍😍

Replace : These guys are underrated and deserves more. Keep up the good work.

Loliness : How would I go about getting mats/floors like that one to flip on?

Bailey Payne : SO SICK!!!

IDDKS_Khailel : So we just going to ignore the thickness

Noony Doody : I literally watched this Channel earlier today, it was at 12k subs. Now it is at 13k?!!! Keep it up!

RYVN 9 : The man that you were teaching to do a flip is lucky

lul m8 lul m8 : Sooooo sick

F1NAL : Good video guys. Really enjoyed the content. Take care, all of u that are reading this ;D

Calen File : markell tho😂

Samuel Laci : make vlogs i wish i could have that set up

Flip Nick : Sick🔥💪

NawnyGamer : 4:50 - 5:00 insane

Mikhayah DeNatale : Bruh I just had to sub

Legend Smith : Can u give me a subscription

George Carter : U are sick!

MR.NINJA The first : You guys are the best Youtubers ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(like my comment)

John McDermott : Bruh we gotta collab and make parkour squad grav gang for life G

Savagelil Dill : I want that floor

DiceyDie : 0:58 WTF Snatchcannon!?

Aaliyah Entertainment : Let me join the gang !

Gaming Roblox unicorn : I just love you guys and I know how to do a back flip but I’m too scared I don’t wanna break my neck so yea oh and jack is my fav

Teresa Montes : Sol and Bailey Yassssss

Treasure Ramclam : Sol is a cutie

Ritesh Chaudhary : wow murphy is also there😮

Omar Shafiq Vlogs : This is like th Faze Clan of flipping

Quinn Panasiuk : omg your so good

Veronica Zamudio : Can I go

Savanah Mary : Sol is by far the cutest

ManuelFreyre115138 : That was epic🤘🏼

Jesse Ten Hoor : 3:12 wtf

itz flipen ben : I want a airtrack soooooo baddddddd

Q and E : Love the videos ❤️❤️❤️!

Amber Mobley : where did you buy the spring floors from ??

Elias Solvang : Insane

Random Plus : Bruh at 3:08 twerking in the back round

Random Plus : You guys deserve so many more subscribers

Dplayzz z : Bro your the best editor one like equals one edit

Denilson Gande : Britt so hot ahhhhhhh

gucci club : I’m so jealous

DUCK_ROBLOX : connor murphy lol

Coach Azubuike : Let me be in y’all vids I can flip

Jos Van Wieren : wtf i love this so much but i think i never gonna meet you all becouse i live in the netherlands so that sucks