Kicked in The Nuts Episodes 1-4

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MrHandss : before there was "it's just a prank bro", there was kicked in the nuts guy.

LuxDrePKMN : I dont care if he told me I was on video I wouldve beat the living shit out of him

Noe Abarca : family guy brought me here

Curtis John : Can't believe I didn't realize this was fake years ago when I first saw this. So obvious by the reactions and the director says "action" at 3:07

Ronnie McChuckles : Obviously fake but still worth watching ;D

CosmicUndeadElf : To all the fools who think this is real: Why would Johnny Carson be there watching this? That doesn't strike you as a little odd???

David Price : Draymond Green

RSG simslover : WTF O.O he just kicked two little boys!! That is not okay even if it is for laughs...

VoLTaGex BrUTaL : 5:20 is the best clip!

Ben Zandbergen : This man is CLEVELAND BROWN from Family Guy, that makes this so much more funny!

Amir Rahimi : My balls hurt when watching this 😖

Michael Heitz : I have to think of Idiocracys "Ouch, my balls!". I thought I would never see the day when this low of the human mind would become real...

Miguel Saraiva : ofc it was fake, do you think anyone would care if it was for tv if someone kicked them in the balls randomly? would've been knocked-out after.

Gideon Waxfarb : 'My friend... my friend... you've been kicked in the nuts!'


rekkin noobs : I think it's funny how everyone in the comments are such tough guys. Makes it funny on two different levels. Too dumb to realize it's fake and even dumber to take it so seriously as to threaten the guy.

Laurence Ellis : If the victims know kicked in the nuts, how come they don't recognise the guy???

C.J Robbins : 2:06 is that donald trump

That one Crocodile : *My balls feel offended*

Lesy Denton : but i would kick the guy back

Definatly Original Name : Kicked in the nuts IN THE HOOD, GONE SEXUAL.

Lesy Denton : best show ever

Hugo Denim : The original "it's just a prank bro"

Royce Clark : of course its fake everyone nuts is not that solid lol

Jared Thompson : Wait holy shit this is a real show? i seen this parodied on Family Guy but i did not know this was a real show.

AnimatorLinden : all these triggered comments lol

cat luva : That freaky guy with the hardhat was a beast.

Daniel Evans : 02:58 why did they stand up? is nut kicking an art in the states?

ShawnDude82 : 0:44 That guy is my spirit animal. "You've been kicked in the nuts!" "Oh man. I sure have!"

Lord of Spaghetti : 0:11 How did you find Nicholas Cage's house?

Soviet II : BTW - ty for the epic fake audience...tuxedos? Johnny Carson? OMG I am not that stupid

Zer0_ : Booring

The Internet Killed Music : I like the way the black woman is jumping up and down in her chair.

Jon Veliky : like for Vork

ENSUE Animation Studios : This show is fake. Check wikipedia.

Artem Goatbov : FAKE

Isaac Christie : Lol I saw this in family guy I didnt think it was a real thing, why would they make this


ProKiller3131 : Why do people find this so funny

squarefan80 : is that nicolas cage in the beginning?

Joseph Wilson : This was not funny.

EmilysVideography XOX : Even IF the funeral one was fake. It still isn't funny in the least.

FreelanceXD : It's obviously scripted, but are they wearing cups or litterely getting kicked in the nuts?

S1KRR : The second dude just busted a nut at that porn shop and now he got kicked. I guess you busted the other nut.

Lavonna Thornburg : Family Guy broght me here, and this show is just cruel

83BallroomBlitz : If a guy kicked me in the nuts, even for a joke, he is getting one back, and a few more when he hits the ground! Couldn't promise a punch in the face wouldn't be included too!

Elijah Herrada : The first clip he didn't actually get kicked in the nuts

OnePlayerRocks : Ah a simpler time the good old days

The Snow Nigro : wtf was wrong with television in the late 90's to early 00's?

redeyedbandit1251 : Blew my mind that the guy kicking people in the nuts is the voice of Cleveland Mike Henry.