Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015
My favourite Aretha Franklin performance She will be missed

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Full segment of Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015. Chilina Kennedy, plays Carole King in Beautiful, the musical, introduces Aretha.


mark anthony mendoza : Kids nowadays: Wow Beyonce is the greatest!! Aretha Franklin: Hold my furcoat

Prince Lewis : I’ve been a man my whole life but for 5 minutes and 03 seconds I also felt like a Natural Woman. RIP

TheBigwill1016 : 74. battling cancer. casually blows the roof off the kennedy center.

Samy S : She hit that high tune effortlessly. What a legend

Marco Faraone : She was 73 years old in this performance...LEGEND!

Z Z. : The asian man behind Carole King is crying before any notes are sung or keys stroked. Bless his heart😂 This is the greatest career and life finale ive seen in a long time.

Vener Santos : Whos watching june 2019?

itsme christy : I like how she comes out with the purse like she's been out to the store and just decided to stop in.

Maksymilian Rojek : She knew it, that she dont have time anymore. This performance was the best in her wonderful career. Even though she is not young, but she did it, like a young Goddess. I love u Aretha. You will stay forever in the memory of generations. NON OMNIS MORIAR! Greetings from Poland!

estimatedprophet88 : Trump will NEVER match the class Obama had.

Teddy Marian : Is that Carol King fangirling?! That's adorable🥰

Clemdon Baird : I got so much goosebumps, and felt so much euphoria. This is what music should make you feel always.

ladyjaneofdunans : This was a "drop the mic" performance without dropping the mic.  God, am I the only one who is in tears over this magnificent performance?

myheavenopen : I miss you Aretha we love you in 2019

Keith B : WOW WOW WOW.....Come on....even the President was in tears!!!!!

Cheryl Simmons : This lady carried herself with dignity and pride She will Always be the queen of soul. My girl came out of that fur coat and brought the house down✋ Aretha Franklin you will be truly missed but never forgotten RIP Queen Aretha ✝️🌹

Pablo Costa : 4 years later and i´m still here watching this amazing perfomance for the queen of soul.

Trident Diving : There are singers who are powerhouses. Then there is the sun.  Ladies and gentlemen, Aretha Franklin. They say you should only regret the things you didn't do, I regret that I did not figure out a way to be there for this performance. Wow.

Who Me : I don't know how many times I've seen this, and it never fails to affect me emotionally.

Seth Corn : R.I.P Aretha Franklin, she will be missed and she was a legend. 😇😇😇

Karen Robinson : Who else was crying while watching this😥😥 RIP to the one and only queen of soul

joy nzaywa : How perfect on Women's Day. 2019 and onwards. Thank you Aretha

Mia Wallace : the Caroline react is just priceless! And Aretha... girl, you took us to heaven!

Elwin Green : Every time I watch this, I feel SO sorry for whoever had to follow that performance!

Artist Temple : That's what you call "tearing down the house!" 🏠 To think that we were gifted to be born during the time that this gloriously talented soul walked the earth. 🌎 Such an honor. Thank you, Ms. Franklin. ❤

TR Goohileshea : You don't really realize what a force of nature she was until you hear a performance like this. At an age when most people are settling into nursing homes, she did THIS!!

Leigh Lyric : Brian May: Freddie loves Aretha Franklin, he always love pure art. Freddie: I wish I can sing like her. And this ladies and gentlemen is the reason why. 😉

Kelvin Vistan : Im a guy from the Philippines. And DAMN did she make me feel like a natural woman. And how i wish to high heaven i could make a woman feel like this. Now she was not a superstar. She was a GALAXY all on her own. And in this performance she went out on a Big Bang. And her light will be seen forever.

Leighton John : Tears in my eyes again. What a performance. RIP.x

barry allan : Here’s a lady who didn’t have to sing half naked to make it she did it with pure talent and class rip and thank you for the memories

MrR3d1 : She just threw that fur coat away and took 99% of today's singers to school. Rest In Peace.

Concerned Customer : Who cares if you did a version of it yourself, bring out Aretha Franklin!!

James Taylor : That awkward moment when honoring Carole King turns into honoring Aretha Franklin!

Procon Manaus : Que bela voz, hoje só lembranças :( Mas eternizada em cada coração!!

Edenilson Donola : A apresentação mais linda que já assisti, lagrimas escorrem de emoção. Aretha Franklin uma artista unica e inesquecível.

Papa Marfo : I'm a man and Aretha makes me feel like a natural woman. Legend.

Lorie L. : Crying- crying-crying, love Carole King's reaction!

Camille Ciampa : There will never be another Aretha Franklin! Truly the Queen of Soul! Truly ;a Legend! RIP 💕

Brad Richardson : Aretha Franklin is beyond amazing. One of the best voices ever. But the very talented Carole King is also a great page in American Music. Carole King is Amazing such a great honor.

Edward Lee Jokumsen : Aretha Franklin, Thank you so much for all the years of GREAT music. There will NEVER be another Aretha. Rest In Peace. ❤️

Myblock 2007 : Who’s all watching this AMAZING performance in 2018 with me?!?!?

Alexandra Degala : RIP Aretha, your memory will live on in these soulful performances :') Thank you Carole King for writing one of my all time favorite songs.

John Smith : She is an artist, I can't stand the new stuff

Sofia Del Mar : In love with the reactions of Carole King ❤️

Anna M : The Asian guy in the back who looks like he's about to cry throughout the whole performance is my whole mood while watching this

matt bardot : This is what you call pure talent. She was 73 here and gave a better performance than the young pop girls 👑👑👑

Sonia Alexander : This is 2019 and the word Legend look it up in the dictionary and you will see Aretha Franklin,S picture RIP Queen Of Soul.

Jermaine Boyd : God I miss her so much. Everytime I see this performance, I tear up😔😢😭😢😭... R.I.P Aretha

Tanya Kaufman : *Rest in Peace Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin We Miss You* 😞