Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

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matt bardot : This is what you call pure talent. She was 73 here and gave a better performance than the young pop girls 👑👑👑

Bre Smith : Is anyone else getting chills from this performance 😭😭

Menika Mhlongo : Carole King's reactions and expressions give me life, lol. very beautiful performance by Ms Aretha, got chills throughout.

Lekeate Ageboh : Death is pretty jealous and greedy. Stealing every angel on earth for Heaven.

2legit64 : After Ms. Franklin died, Carole King stated that she was so excited that night because, by then, it was rare for Ms. F. to play the piano in public. She never lost her touch, that's for dang sure.

Archduke of Belgrade : This ladies and gentleman is The Queen of Soul. No gimmicks, piano and God given talent. This is how you DO IT. Youngsters You better watch this and learn. This legend was 73 and she DID that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Retno Mulyadi : 3200 dislikes?????? They're SICK!!!!

phunkyfeelone : Reminder- a 73yo woman...S.E.V.E.N.T.Y.T.H.R.E.E. No autotune. No lip synching. Very few these days even come distant to her. A new found appreciation for her talents following her passing.

Andy Saenz : Wow, Aretha even moved President Obama to tears! She's a legend and her legacy will live FOREVER!

OrtizVintage : 1:12 I felt exactly like the Asian guy.....ahhhhh beautiful. So many people in the crowd wondering how she will sound, ahhh beautiful.

dereckvon : Brought me to tears.

WarriorBoss_ : Wow! I freaking cried and this is the first time Im watching this. When she took off the coat and just embraced the feeling omg. So confident and freee😭😍🎶 singgg. RIP

alysson santos : Carol king in the audience (the one who wrote it... ) went nuts

kyreti : The biggest shock is that a 73-year-old woman suffering from cancer sang better than many today's "star". Aretha, you will be never forgotten. ❤️

Milo Morrow : That's not girl power, that's not black power, this is just powerful music.

Awsamazing Eden : I had to come back here today. May the Queen Rest In Peace!

Let ́sRead Marta : I am so glad she performed in front of President Obama and not Trump! This woman is just mindblowing :D Greatings from Germany! have a nice day :)

Rae P : From the curls, fur drop, clutch, piano, gown, Voice...Wow...Diva!! Thank you Queen of Soul!

Lucky Luke : All 3.4K people that disliked this masterpiece and beautiful video should be banned from YouTube

Christie Michelle : Aretha Franklyn, Ella Fitzgerald, and Whitney Houston... What do they all have in commen???! No Lip-syncing

iupdate : This is such a ridiculously amazing performance

Honestwithmywords hughes : I keep coming back to this video all the time. This was the best performance I have ever seen, so pure, so powerful, so much soul. The elegance and class that shines out from her is absolutely mesmerizing, just look at the way she bows for the applause from the audience. This is music royalty!!!!!!

Carlos Verdugo : That was a NUCLEAR presentation that only Aretha Franklin can perform.. RIP 🙏

Mbuyisa Bhunga : Some learn to sing, others are gifted R.I.P my Sister.

Clayton de Freitas : When you have diva quality you control a room

Uno2000 : RiP Queen🙏🏾💐💖

gerardnll2 : Oh my god, I'm crying...... speechless.

joeline harrell : The way she sung this song and played the piano, I am GLAD and PROUD to have the ability to have shared the same song she sung and played on the piano I am here crying because I didn't know at that time how powerful this womans song was and I'm proud to say and have played it as well thank you Aretha I love you

la lew : i can't stop watching this. #classicaretha

anastasia pezzuoli : She was definitely the Queen of soul just like her beautiful eyes so sweet and that voice unsurpassable

David DiMuzio : Wow, whole new level of admiration for Aretha. Definitely know now why they called her the Queen ...70 years old and THIS performance. Goodness Gracious...

Warren Nichols : One of the greatest performance your ever going to see by the queen of singer's not just soul but all music. My favorite performance. That's Aretha Franklin and rest in peace.

mimidaughterofzion : I felt a strong chill run through my body, i got goose bumps all over my body

Claymore007 : Wow during that time at her age she still sounded pretty good. You would expect her to not sound her best but she still sounded amazing.

Bluesman _5 : Tell me, was that chinese guy close to tears?

nawal10 : May she rest in everlasting peace...she is an angel not human ❤️

Shanna shan : Great performance

ZPiiLe1 : She’s a legend

South Kardashian West : I thought that was the “Finale”. Today is my Bday and I just had to hear your performance again! RIP beautiful soul survivor ✊🏾

Emirhan Genç : Unblievebly talented 💙💛💚❤️💜 rip my queen

Laura-May H. : We’ve lost way too many this year including our queen of soul. 😭

radiogirl nelo : Undisputed QUEEN 👑👑👑

Marcus Parker : She was already told she had a few years max. Yet still with all her health rumours she put them to bed that night and showed how its done. The clutch and fur coat RIP one of kind.

Furious Sherman : The greatest singer of all time, bar none.

thepeace inside me : She's perfect

Beyo God Child : Now this is a PERFORMANCE. No special effects. No back up dancers. No screens. Just a stage, a piano, a mic and a Talented Queen. She is one of the best singers that ever lived. And the definition of a MUSICIAN. Such an inspiration to all. RIP to Aretha Franklin. Bless the Heavens with that amazing voice of yours.

Sol Brillante Domina : President Obama crying

buhle muzembe : 2018 any1?

Random Viewer : You made us feel fresh with your voice.

A guy applepizzaNetfliX : *We all had the same reaction*