Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015

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matt bardot : This is what you call pure talent. She was 73 here and gave a better performance than the young pop girls 👑👑👑

ginger snaps : Yessssssssssssssss she owned this ENTIRE ROOM!!! Brought tears to my eyes rest in love queen of soul music will live on what another great loss....when she snatched that mic baby i knew she was bout to show out

David DiMuzio : Wow, whole new level of admiration for Aretha. Definitely know now why they called her the Queen ...70 years old and THIS performance. Goodness Gracious...

Bre Smith : Is anyone else getting chills from this performance 😭😭

who dat boy? : *When her voice comes in at the beginning, and it takes everyone back. Queen's do that. Rest in Power.*

dereckvon : Brought me to tears.

Kwan Hopkins : Usually, musicians get worse with age. Aretha just got better and better and this was truly great.

Diane M. Patterson : O.k. - you know that young woman with the dark hair, who introduces Aretha Franklin, is just portraying Carole King, right?! The audience didn’t know Aretha was actually going to be there!!!!!!!!! See how shocked and overwhelmed the real Carole King is?

Dorothy Johnson : I never get tired of watching this because the woman had cancer, had been struggling with it for years, and STILL showed up and sang and played!!! That's why so many people who knew her gave her props and admired her so much. I have a newfound respect for her now. A true pro! Obama's tears are, I believe, because he knew she was very ill.

Norielle Serrano : I think this is my favorite aretha performance. I felt every word. Really the queen of soul 😍

Archiduc De Belgrade : This ladies and gentleman is The Queen of Soul. No gimmicks, piano and God given talent. This is how you DO IT. Youngsters You better watch this and learn. This legend was 73 and she DID that. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Nan Matau : PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: All tickets to Aretha's concerts in heaven have been sold out until further notice.

DAF21films : she even made obama feel like a natural women. she made us all feel that way.

Kaliph : Just trying to figure out how her voice sounds this good?

Malcolm Eatman Goode : This is how a real woman carries herself on stage. This is a beautiful, unforgettable performance from the greatest singer of all time. Ms. Aretha Franklin y’all. God rest your immaculate soul. ❤️

nawal10 : May she rest in everlasting peace...she is an angel not human ❤️

Chavis Jones : When she took off that fur know it's about to go down! 🎶🙌🏽 This is definitely pure talent. Salute to the queen. 👑👑👑 #RIPArethaFranklin #QueenOfSoul #MusicLivesForever

Elaine S : 2.9K thumbs down? Really?? Incredible talent this woman.

Joy Lewis : I just love Carole King's expression! Queen Aretha stepped out on stage and showed us why she is and will forever be the Queen of Soul. Such a gracious, classy woman with a voice that truly touches your heart and soul! I am so grateful I was here the same time God blessed our planet with this beautiful overwhelmingly talented Diva of Soul!

brenda jackson : The cute Asian gentleman behind Carole King gets it! Man, Miss Aretha could SANG!

Awsamazing Eden : I had to come back here today. May the Queen Rest In Peace!

Aaron Michael : This made me cry that night and still makes me cry today. From seeing Obama wipe a tear. To seeing how Carol became like a child on Christmas day seeing Aretha at the piano. Then for Aretha to bless the room with that gift of pure soul. Beautiful moment in time

Let ́sRead Marta : I am so glad she performed in front of President Obama and not Trump! This woman is just mindblowing :D Greatings from Germany! have a nice day :)

Bernard Lovett : Aretha stood TALL on the inside of her SOUL! That's why she could give this performance that stirred our souls!!RIP Aretha!

Heather Riddick : I done saw this video a million times and can watch it a million more times. Farewell Ms. Aretha Franklin!

Uno2000 : RiP Queen🙏🏾💐💖

Scarlett Letter : Best 5 minutes of my life

Noke David Faingaa : Came here to purify my ears after Ariana Grande ruined Aretha Franklins anthem at her own funeral.

BRANDON BIGGERS BRANDON BIGGERS : I want to thank everyone for their moral respect ✊ my God mother was a very special woman she loved her fans ..she loved everything and everyone she also loved her music I thank you 🙏 May she Rest In Peace..I love u ..tootsie 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😪😪😓😓😘😘😘😘😘😘

Retno Mulyadi : 3200 dislikes?????? They're SICK!!!!

iupdate : This is such a ridiculously amazing performance

Supernatural4us : This performance is not of this world; takes you to a whole different plane of being and is truly eternal. Just like Aretha will never be forgotten!

Rock Singer : She was a natural woman ~

Britney Young : And did it all in a mink coat

celeste boucek : Jesus the chills this woman would give people carole was losing it lol only she could had been Savage to take that coat off no one else !! When she grabbed that mic was it ! Drop the mic aretha!🎙️🎤

Laura-May H. : We’ve lost way too many this year including our queen of soul. 😭

raculpeper : 😩🙌🏾 one of those most moving performances I have ever seen period. I love seeing the resurgence of interest in Ms Aretha Franklin as she is from an era of true singing and musicianship. We have to celebrate our legends (of all races) while they are still here...there’s something so special about the genuine article. R.I.H Queen 👑.

Mark Kobey : She will always be the Queen.

mark Johnson : Those nearly 3,000 who did not like this performance , they don't know their music or their high on drugs. Finally, she was in her early 70's when she perform this tune and still turn the crowd out! M

mark anthony mendoza : I honestly believe that most singers are not of this caliber nowadays because people like Aretha hogged all the soul and talent in the world

Dennis Smith : Rip queen!!!!! Jerry wexler convinced Aretha to leave Columbia and go to Atlantic records. They had the typical,essential producer/artist relationship. He actually convinced the young Aretha to record respect .one afternoon he was in his limo and spotted Gerry goffin and Carole King leaving the brill building . He pulled over and said I have a great song title"natural woman". That afternoon King wrote the melody and left a note with the recoded piano for Gerry to add the lyric.the rest is history.king recorded the demo and sent it to wexler. So when I see this performance I believe it's a full circle moment for King emotionally.

Patience Ks : She sung her heart OUT...and lefted it on the STAGE...drop mic 🎤🎙

SoFly Pilot : The 2.9k that disliked this have to be blind.. that has to be the only reason they hit the dislike button..

Nigel Moss : Has there seriously, EVER been a better vocal than this? amazing...

Mark Gardner : Can't believe she is no longer with us . RIP

Sean Neveryoumind : Truely amazing and an emotional performance particularly from a woman at such a grand age >>>> R-E-S-P-E-C-T >>>>> R-E-S-P-E-C-T >>>>> R-E-S-P-E-C-T >>>>> R-E-S-P-E-C-T >>> R.I.P Aretha Franklin

Rashawn Campbell : Ariana this is how it is done lol

Lydia Flowers : Aretha bring down the house!!!!

Beyoncé’s God Child : Now this is a PERFORMANCE. No special effects. No back up dancers. No screens. Just a stage, a piano, a mic and a Talented Queen. She is one of the best singers that ever lived. And the definition of a MUSICIAN. Such an inspiration to all. RIP to Aretha Franklin. Bless the Heavens with that amazing voice of yours.

glamdolly20 : That voice - the second she opens her mouth, you know she's a superstar. What talent, what magic, and what a legacy. The Queen of Soul lives on forever, through her incredible music.