My Birth Father in Russia didn't know I existed - This is our bond

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Alex Gilbert : You can go ahead and visit me on Instagram here - or Facebook :) Thank you!

rahul : Wears Adidas backpacks. Russian father confirmed.

Clare Bear : You look EXACTLY like your birth father.

leesmusic : Great story, your father seems like a really nice person

FireWaia : Never met a Russian with this mental attitude, wish more was like your father.

nathan : Wish my dad even liked me lol

nipzilla : Dude... you look exactly like your dad, bro. Congrat!!!!

superspectator123 : I think it is typically Russian. They can be cold as ice, showing nothing whatsoever. But when you touch their hearts, it can get very emotional.

Ty Carper : Are you fluent in Russian? I could imagine this whole thing being made that much more difficult with the introduction of a language barrier. Great story! Your dad seems like a great guy.

Oliver La Roche : I've never seen a Russian act this way before.

chargingmaniac : This video is like 25% as long as it should be. Awesome story regardless, congrats to you and your dad on being awesome and together.

Moochewmoo : What a good dad.

Dianne Williamson : I've watched several of your videos this morning. What a wonderful story and Mischa seems to be a wonderful and outgoing man. He seems so proud to have a son, and now you have a little sister, too. Love these videos.

Allison Welkes : I'm adopted too, and my birth father also didn't know about me until I contacted my birth mom. Watching your story really touched home for me, and I'm so happy that you two are developing such a loving relationship now. I hope in the future I'll have the courage to reach out to my biological father aswell. Thanks for the amazing video!

Drunken_Jedi : How the fuck does this only have 3k likes and nearly 300k views, people these days.This is so heart warming, congrats man... happy for you :).

Charlotte Palmer : This brought tears to my eyes. You are all so special and lucky to have that love

datDANK : was that your birth mother that your birth father hugged? why did she keep it a secret? did you know you were half russian? was it a one night stand? what happened?

Rachelstorrersings : This makes my heart so full ❤ Crying like a baby so happy for 😭❤

Sylwia Wrześniewska : Your biological dad seems do sweet and happy. Thanks for The update. Greetings from Poland

Rachel Omerod : You guys are like twins! Wow. Super fun.

link1094 : My birth father came out of nowhere and messaged me on Facebook last month. Never really thought about it before. Any advice on how initially meeting him went?

Kathleen Morris : You got on trending wow...

John Y : Breaks the stereotype that russian men are all angry violent roadragers.

You Tube : Never seen a man so happy to meet his son

djdestroyer : You guys look so much alike! I'm glad it all worked out for you. As someone who has never met their biological father, I can relate a little bit.

John Y : that is one kind hearted man.

NWOization : Congrats; you have two father's now.

maha77 : I love this video, the Russian father is such a beautiful soul

john anderson : your dad is a great dude... so appreciative...

pics : I love the dad, he so cute and that accent wow

Vivi Fernandes : Holy crap you are his twin!! This was so sweet❤️

stevie mac : Identical smiles :-D

Brian Neeley : Awesome!

NothingToNoOneInParticular : Glad you got a happy ending with your Dad. I found my birth Mother and her other kids and I wish I didn't. They are literally trash. Want nothing but money. She doesn't even know who my Dad is...I still like hearing about happy reunions though.

Ozkan E : So sad for the father he kept saying that he did not know his existence, but such happiness in his eyes.. a genuine love, go alex! You have a very nice dad!

bronzesel : You're so lucky to have parents that cared. Birth and adopted.

WD .Underground : What a lovely father you have,he is shining love eyeblind'n

Laura 05 : What an amazing guy and a wonderful addition to your family and life. Congratulations!😊

TheAGCteam : You guys look the same :-)

flash06 : What a nice story, you guys look so alike! Good luck for the future.

Elreypachuco : If course that's your dad! You look and act exactly alike.

José Muñoz : You two look incredibly similar. No doubt you are father and son.

A. T. : Your father is just adorable! You have been blessed to have an extended, wonderful family :)

Faisal q : I glad you found him

Evergreat Finds : Wow what a epic story of love, hope and faith all coming together at the most unexpected crossroads, I’m so happy that you were able to find your birth parents and that your mother and especially your birth father has received you in such a loving way, and how great of blessing it is that complete strangers adopted you and given you love of a mother and father and made you their own, God Bless you in your life as you learn and discover new things in your life!

Pilot almike : Wow....great story and very happy for y'all…))

Tai Tai : Similar face.

Janet Rodgers : Your Biological Dad is amazing. His love for you shines from him. I admire the way you've handled your situation with he and your birth Mother and the fact you are learning Russian. I can't wait to see if they can manage some way to visit Auckland as I think that would be amazing for them to see the country you were raised in. By the way, the Mum and dad who brought you up are definitely excellent role models. I saw them on the long vlog of the Russian TV show. Amazing.

Korup Terus : They look alike!

Muhaaas F : Your biological father seems more delighted than you are for finding him. Wish you both all the best.