Japan FLOOD 2018

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BLACKPINK SNATCHED ME TOO MUCH TIMES : Pretty sure this is 2011 tsunami

iii_Hibiya_iii - : I watch this a Hundred Times and It's 2011 Tsunami... Stop Uploading Wrong Videos

lol wew : this is not 2018 tsunami 😡

Masons YouTube World : I think it’s snowing to because I keep seeing white little balls raining down from the sky

tgr keides : itu bener 2018

Claude David : Wrong title , this is 2011 Japan tsunami

Toadi Plush : You mean tsunami

Ray Mond : Which stopid update this video 2011

Miriam Troncoso : También. Paso. En. Aguascalientes

Domingo Donding : 2011

jude elmon rayela paz : ow my God

alfienich : -7 years

Juulia Saarinen : Japan will never have peace.