Birb founds a monie

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Morgan Lemons : Ok ~ birb

The Crimson Reaper : He's just trying to pay for college and that deal for a human Soul

Hot Coldman : He's just trying to pay for rent

Futaba Sakura : give the birb the monie. he need the monie. he broke college student.

RexVsGaming : he looks so sad when he says ok


TomCZE : ok :(

AH-64A Apache attack helicopter : 1 like= 1 monie for birb

Acepii : ᵒᵏ

Averstaskt : "OK"

Lonely Loner : someone needs to explain why that's so cute to me

Kaylee Overbey : The birb needs a job.


Katrina Morris : Owner: "HEY! That's my money!" Birb: "...Okay." So CUTE! 😄 Edit: Wow! Look at all these likes!

doop00 : Birb just wanted to buy some bread for the family, it will be a lean Christmas for the kids :'(

A Rocket : The little step back thing he does after putting it down is so cute!!!

NHAN PHAM : I can't stop watching this video

Pillow Blotrawa : Astounding! Only on my 50th rewatch did I notice the birb was actually holding that money

Fuckboi and Lavacunt : GIVE IT TO HIM

johnny__boy : He said "Okay" at the end how sweet!

Ben Lash : Ok :(

Tasted Purple : Omg this video gained double of its view in a day!! 😍😍😍

TheCraftingCat : I love this

Xafurus : Rich birb

supersmashbro596 : BIRB IS B R O E K

D-6 : Britain taxing America colorized


Mikołaj Marszałek : OY VEY owner

trap ninjas : he wants dem monies

Wintericed : Now, introducing the new, hit single: "Birb better hav my monie"!

Jayven Jones : this is already my favorite video of all time. thank you metazolid

Jacob Frye : BIRB GOT ROBBED BY CRUEL OWNER (Gone dangerous) (Gone wrong) (Gone sexual) (Gone bad) (Gone illegal) (Gone wrong in all ways)

Herpiderp Vlogs! : ok, do werk 4 me, get a monie

Pizza pie : Birb does a stealin

Ray Nightshade : 8 for ok

Pinyollie : *ok*

PangoPixel : HEY! That's my money. .....okay. (also, original poster is pepperandpals for those who wants more bird content)

Generally Concerned : I'm just walking around

MARY CHANEL : Hey! That's my money! -okay..

kutko : Top 10 saddest Moments in anime

Egorence : That's precious

Josh Dunn : Guilty Birb

Supershadow301 : 0:04 "OK."

Owen C : Anyone know the original source for this?

Distrar Subvoicar : It took me a while, but when I finally figured it out it was hilarious :3 X3

Liuhuayue : Birb: Finders, creepers. *Creeps back into the shadows*

Aaron Greenall : L E T H I M H A V E I T ! ! ! ! !

Meow ;3 Körvson : what kind of birb is that like the species?

omar sameh : i hear it first time OK but the 2nd time i hear it GOOD GAME :D

_ AnimePianistNoob _ : What type if birb is that?