Trials Motorcycle Rides On a Roller Coaster
This is amazing

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Watch how French sportsman Julien Dupont turned the Montaña Rusa into his own unique circuit in Red Bull Roller Coaster, Mexico City. ► Love motorsports? Subscribe to Red Bull Motorsports: ► Read more about Dupont's Roller Coaster here: It’s an amusement mash-up of epic proportions – you take French legend of moto trials riding Julien Dupont and introduce him and his bike to one of the world’s most terrifying and yet prestigious wooden roller coasters, the Montaña Rusa at La Feria de Chapultepec amusement park in Mexico City. The result is Red Bull Roller Coaster. #redbull #redbullrollercoaster #motorsports - Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Instagram: Red Bull on Twitter:


IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough : I'll be impressed when he drives his motorcycle on Kingda Ka.

Jonny Myren : Holy crap! A motorcycle going up and down gentle slopes!

bakerXderek : That looks like TOOOOOOO much fun

Set Qesu : That was pretty weak by Red Bull standards. I thought he was going to attack the course, not limp down the hills.

Thomas : pretty boring actually.

samukinson : WHOW... i almost fell asleep.

Trexpass : next time shoot fireworks at him to make it more dramatic!

AR GamingRiver : Maybe they added the flips to make it look more extreme since it does't look so dangerous or fast as we thought it be?

BeepBoppingCherries : Just a few inches and he would end up like the fat lady that fell off of the Texas Giant.

Yosef Toviyahu : must be hard to ride that bike while carrying such heavy steel balls

protoborg : Is that a duel track coaster?! Riding it as intended might be a bit exciting, but this was kind of sad.

MrClearme : You can't even do this in GTA

maddrgonzo : This is pretty lame. Usually red bull has badass stuff. this sucks

Eloc- 35 : This is like some trials HD stuff on xbox360

Bilbo Swaggins : well that was gay. take any half assed c class enduro rider and they could do this 

Greenpear4ever : I'm not sure if motorcycle trials in general is this lame, but all I saw was 2 backflips with an assist ramp and one endo. This was very lacking for a red bull production

LucasMoto : Pssssshh I could do this any day, HONEY HOLD MY BEER!

sandy098 : and then he fall to his death the end

Patrick McHugh : People think this is lame? Really? One mistake and he could fall off the side of the roller coaster and die.. That takes mad chops to even try.

MioRaem : Next, go and try this on Kingda Ka.  ಠ‿ಠ

GoldGuy : Where are the loopdyloops?

Steve Bergen : Was hoping, he would do the loop. like red bull style.

miniW : voltteja vaille kaikki onnistus kellä tahansa. :DD

Javier Guadarrama : that's the coolest shit I've seen ina while..I'm barely getting into the mx scene do👍💯💯💯💯😁💪💪🍻😬👍👍

The Kurt's Place Channel : Very cool video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.

Hyperbolium : this is why women live longer

franjulientikaa : chapeau JULIEN !!!!

Super héro : hill climb racing in real.. :D

PAT du 21 : trop fort

E CM : Where is the upsidedown loop? Nice vid anyway

michael james III : not as scary when you got your hand on the brake the whole time. I could do this on my unicycle.

Joseweje : Better with zombies in L4D2 :)

Danyel de Oliveira : danyel de olivera

Jon Kennedy Federation : THE MUSIC!!! :( tragic

Edward Ashbolt : people get so desensitized by the internet. what's with all these people saying that this is lame? it might not be a block-buster action sequence but he only has a very narrow section to ride on and he's 50m up in the air doing a backflip etc. I'd like to see anyone saying it's lame try that... would end up being a short article in the paper under obituaries no doubt

Gumball Slam : Awesome man... But now do it on a loop the loop roller coaster haha :D

chingonero Resendiz : In Mexico city man!!

Ruben's 18613 : this is in Chapultepec, México city

MoTOYaN : 記事のタイトル読んでとんできたけど もっと過激かと思って焦りました。よかったです

joe monroe : I have this strange feeling this whole thing was sponsored by red bull

ZiZoutt 69 : morcelé le salto arrière 😂😂

ツShavoAnimaciones : wow que locura :D

Hineskitt Velvett : THIS SUCKED

uppskirt : I guess they didn't want to pay for the JXL tune :)

The Epic YouTuber : great now drive on a roller coaster with a loop de loop.

Restin Theflame : how many people thought of hill climb racer ?

Teo74A : That's some good suspension

MrTeknotronic : "Evel Knievel, you've got yourself some competition."

Meme Master old channel : Hold my redbull for a second....