Trials Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster - Red Bull Roller Coaster

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Red Bull : Make sure to check out our brand new Red Bull Bike Channel here:

bakerXderek : That looks like TOOOOOOO much fun

sandy098 : and then he fall to his death the end

IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough : I'll be impressed when he drives his motorcycle on Kingda Ka.

Jonny2myren : Holy crap! A motorcycle going up and down gentle slopes!

Flaffstar : "one of the world’s most terrifying and yet prestigious wooden roller coasters" thats a crappy coaster

maddrgonzo : This is pretty lame. Usually red bull has badass stuff. this sucks

GoldGuy : Where are the loopdyloops?

Hyperbolium : this is why women live longer

Patrick McHugh : People think this is lame? Really? One mistake and he could fall off the side of the roller coaster and die.. That takes mad chops to even try.

Thomas : pretty boring actually.

joey turner : must be hard to ride that bike while carrying such heavy steel balls

Trexpass : next time shoot fireworks at him to make it more dramatic!

Set Qesu : That was pretty weak by Red Bull standards. I thought he was going to attack the course, not limp down the hills.

AR GamingRiver : Maybe they added the flips to make it look more extreme since it does't look so dangerous or fast as we thought it be?

samukinson : WHOW... i almost fell asleep.

BeepBoppingCherries : Just a few inches and he would end up like the fat lady that fell off of the Texas Giant.

miniW : voltteja vaille kaikki onnistus kellä tahansa. :DD

protoborg : Is that a duel track coaster?! Riding it as intended might be a bit exciting, but this was kind of sad.

Dave S : rollercoaster LOOP next time please kthx

Greenpear4ever : I'm not sure if motorcycle trials in general is this lame, but all I saw was 2 backflips with an assist ramp and one endo. This was very lacking for a red bull production

Hineskitt Velvett : THIS SUCKED

MioRaem : Next, go and try this on Kingda Ka.  ಠ‿ಠ

David Bassou : putting a trials bike on this roller coaster is as challenging as driving a car in a straight line. Very dull.

michael james III : not as scary when you got your hand on the brake the whole time. I could do this on my unicycle.

Eloc- 35 : This is like some trials HD stuff on xbox360

LucasMoto : Pssssshh I could do this any day, HONEY HOLD MY BEER!

Nukes Away : I expected more from Red Bull. Like maybe ride the handrail, instead of the middle track. Or better yet no brakes!

MrClearme : You can't even do this in GTA

Esteban Cordova : Where is the upsidedown loop? Nice vid anyway

Danyel de Oliveira : danyel de olivera

Steve Bergen : Was hoping, he would do the loop. like red bull style.

My Weirdness : Hill Climb Racing.

Buffs : It's kind of cool but the editing doesn't let you see the whole thing. Wish there was an unedited headcam version.

PAT du 21 : trop fort

Edward Ashbolt : people get so desensitized by the internet. what's with all these people saying that this is lame? it might not be a block-buster action sequence but he only has a very narrow section to ride on and he's 50m up in the air doing a backflip etc. I'd like to see anyone saying it's lame try that... would end up being a short article in the paper under obituaries no doubt

Super héro : hill climb racing in real.. :D

Teo74A : That's some good suspension

Dustin : Why didn't he jump it

rtswift : damn who knew you can do a backflip on such a small ramp.

VGF Group : Waaaaau click waasaau

aehm Shibli : Gjtf

madbrianmusic : ¿Y cuando empieza lo emocionante? ha sido el 1,36 minutos más largo de mi vida

please end my suffering : does the roller coaster go fast to make it feel like *red bull gives you wings*

stickloaf : notice its all gamers who say this sucks...people who have never been outside let alone ride a motorcycle

stk0308 : The only impressive parts were the low altitude backflips.  Otherwise, he's only doing basic trials riding.  I was hoping he'd ride a loop.  That would be something.

Lincoln_lions : I would be terrified if I did that

Chris L : This looks like the coaster in Left 4 Dead 2

Javier Guadarrama : that's the coolest shit I've seen ina while..I'm barely getting into the mx scene do👍💯💯💯💯😁💪💪🍻😬👍👍

Fabio Santa : I can do that with my bike broo😂