John I Want a Divorce

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Somali pirate who's actually somali I : Lmao divorce hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahhahahaha..... Divorce HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

CitricSyntax : I just finished my second run of chemo therapy and this video just made me relapse.

TGF Productions : Holy shit the music Wtf, half expect them to both whip out longswords and commence in medieval battle while John screams divorce every 5 seconds

Pixel Pro Gaming : John I want a divorce. Hahahahahahahaha.

Tibbz : He had a funny joke on his mind

SOCIAL CLUB : I am high af Is that shit real ? I almost died laughing

Ballistic Pepe : some say he still laughs in his grave

Annonomys User : That epic music is 100% required. 👌👌👌👌

Moon .-. : Me running away from my problems like: *Hehehehe*

bluv et : . . d I V O R C E H E H E A H E H A

Nostradamus : top ten anime villains

phildip : No one cared who he was until he put a smile on his face. With a knife.

PETEXTREAM : After watching this even I want a divorce hahahahaha

xXSilentAgent47Xx : The Joker Origins.

Gentleman : Im lost in the YouTube

katrina : legend has it john still doesn't want a divorce

Raziq Rahman : A laugh a day keeps the divorce away

Jake S : John, you got a storm coming

Bill Mitchell : Lol I love how he laughs like Hank from Breaking Bad.

from earth to morgue : looks like i'm on *that* side of youtube again

707 : divorce HAHAHAHAHA

BrunoSKY : I think he is laughing

galaxyofjosie x : I think I found the dark side of YouTube...

willstob : This is the most intense video I have ever seen.


Adam Blunt : when the doctor says youve got only 2 minutes to live

REfan11 : They look like NPC's in real life

Can I get 1k subs with no vids? : EXPLANATION >>>This was a completely improvised scene shot with 2 cameras and edited. The lady was told to say “I want a divorce” as her first line. Nothing else was discussed or planned.

Not Donald Trump : Just Not *JUST NOT* HA HA HA HA HA HA

TehFxss : John have to respec wahmen!

jelly Beans :3 : Divorce? HEHEHEHEHEH

Jinx _ : Better than poppy

Hampo : 0:55 on 0.5x speed

Léna Bourgine : John is my spirit animal

r00k1e : Rare footage nazi general wants peace with usa and asking general patton (1945)

Σταύρος Τ. : Song name anyone?

I Created An Account For This : Divorce hehehehehehehehehe

ShotOfSelf : This cut shows that John is a cold, calculated master manipulator. In the original he’s just a mindless actor at a loss for words. Good job on this!

Jonathan Gorr : That guy was born to be an actor.

Loramurax : When Insanity starts to take shapes 1:01

Daniel GamingReturned : 0:55 When the kid almost convinces you into not raping them but you unconvince yourself before it is too late.

T-Bone : John is the Joker's Father.... the joker had a hard time growing up, dealing with his parents diverse.

a gansta dissing your fly girl : 👏

RegularJedi : "15 years and all I heard is laughter " ... " OMG John I am about orgasm " John: MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

Narcissism Incarnate : Okay.

Love Star : ......Heh Heh Heh Heh

Lauren McLachlan : I wanna know what they're looking at...

Diamante Dea : John is a simple man. He hears divorce, he laughs.

Hanae 12 : actual footage of me wanting a divorce with my depression

Nightcore Plays : Hahahahhahahaahahahhaha