John I Want a Divorce

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xXSilentAgent47Xx : The Joker Origins.

Somali pirate who's actually somali I : Lmao divorce hahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahhahahaha..... Divorce HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Purmhy : John: *_Hehahahe_*

Dopy : The background music lmao

Potatoz N' Bleach : Me: wow I feel so relaxed My anxiety: relaxed *hehEHEHEHE*

Do you want salt with your answer : Oh everytime you say divorce you look so- *considers murder*- cute

peng ting : Poppy’s parents

Krock : *Woman:* _Norman Osbourne, i want a divorce._ *Green Goblin:* *_HAHEHAHE_*

Jinx _ : Better than poppy

wednesday addams : this is terrifying lol

Nostradamus : top ten anime villains

PETEXTREAM : After watching this even I want a divorce hahahahaha

bluv et : . . d I V O R C E H E H E A H E H A

katrina : legend has it john still doesn't want a divorce

Gentleman : Im lost in the YouTube


TheRev : They look like NPC's in real life

Sincu : where did this come from?

BrunoSKY : I think he is laughing

Diamante Dea : John is a simple man. He hears divorce, he laughs.

707 : divorce HAHAHAHAHA

galaxyofjosie x : I think I found the dark side of YouTube...

Jake S : John, you got a storm coming

ShotOfSelf : This cut shows that John is a cold, calculated master manipulator. In the original he’s just a mindless actor at a loss for words. Good job on this!

Adam Blunt : when the doctor says youve got only 2 minutes to live

Barry Bee Benson : *_Johnny, Johnny, Yes papa? Vol. 2_*

Lauren McLachlan : I wanna know what they're looking at...

Jeremy Go Go Go : Divorce? HEHEHEHEHEH

JadYT : Divorce Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Josh Wilson : This guy should be a character in L.A Noire. Murder? *HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEHEEE*

r00k1e : Rare footage nazi general wants peace with usa and asking general patton (1945)

nerd : How can a video be so funny and so scary at the same time

T-Bone : John is the Joker's Father.... the joker had a hard time growing up, dealing with his parents diverse.

Joshua Kosek : My girlfriend sent this to me...should I be worried?

Loramurax : When Insanity starts to take shapes 1:01

I Created An Account For This : Divorce hehehehehehehehehe

sofigazer : Erin and Jacksfilms 10 years later Erin: John, I want a divorce. Jack: *HEHEHEHEHHEHEhahahaha*

Sally Buckley : your games are cruel

CrazyOmighty Beatbox : Top 10 worst sidekicks

Strawberry Love : *Theres a darker story behind this video then you know*

Kat Everlasting : Donald Trump and Melania


Beautifully Unique : I’m so confused at what I just watched but I kind of want to watch it again 🤔😂

wheat bread : chaotic evil

Katelyn Blair : They never once looked at each other

Tolg TheTenacious : I'm terrified to laugh while watching this, because evertime I do it synchronizes perfectly with his.

Reefer keeper : I don't understand anything but I laughed when he laughed

Kiley Martinez : *sodium chloride*

Legacy Lad : Why does this not even have one million views?

Σταύρος Τ. : Song name anyone?