John I Want a Divorce

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Blackjesterx : so what happened next? did he go clinically insane? did he murder her? i need to know!

beastmaster64 : 0:17 when you caught at cheating In an exam

O p : His wife looks like his daughter

Sadox : Almost forgot to watch this today

Jason Brody : In a day and age where the divorce rate is shockingly high John is the hero that we need to keep marriages all around the world alive.

Gavin Gossage : The perfect man doesn't exi-

Devarrel Pulungan : you could stop at five or six stores, or just one.

Sincu : where did this come from?


whatismylife : Why does she look in her mid twenties and he looks like he's in his 70's?

SOCIAL CLUB : I am high af Is that shit real ? I almost died laughing

MrLethalShots : I showed this video to my wife once. Occasionally she'd blurt out "I want a divorce" and we'd act out the video. Good times. Turns out she was serious and wasn't referencing the video at all. _Hehehehe_

Hounten : Woman: That's the wrong hole John: Hehehehehe

Lella Frogger : This man knows how to treat a wamen

ChubbyGamer : John seems like the best husband ever

Flo ThaFangal : John is a fucking serial killer

Mitchell Harzmovitch : I'm on this side of YouTube again

Artuur Hiroa : Dennis Hopper could have played John.

Graham Bunce : he's been laughing like this for 15 years

Elizabeth Neal : I want to stop watching but I can't. What kinda of mind games is this?

SuperMarioGamerX : You can get five or six divorces, or... just one.

Swuge : When you marry satan. Been there... Done that... 1 star.

Christian Love : Honey, you've got a big storm comin'

Annamarie Holm : why does this guy look like trump

EccentricM : The plot just got thicker and creepier. John also does live brain surgery...

Mathew Canadian Williams : I WANT A DIVORCE, AND I WANT IT NOW!!!

Flip The Ewok : What is this from??? John is my papi.

Dylan Barnhart : Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to a good acting school

Hypernova : I got nightmares after I watched this

RikXtreme4 : His face is so expressive... He got dem anime eyes..

cosmosspring : Why did she marry her dad, in the first place.

GeneralAnthrax101 : Gary Busey: Origins (the dude reminds me of him)

epicman004 : On a serious note I'm jealous of John's nice teeth.

Trent Collins : I'm on THAT side of YouTube again

Zya : 15 years and all he does is laugh why havent they divorced though

Peanut Butter jelly : Im NoT PlAyInG ThEsE GaMeS!!!!

Beast X : John: "Divorce is my laugh."

taetaeholic : The music just completes this

Bubble Berry : Im lost in the YouTube

Papyrus : John i want a *DIVORCE* .

Real Boi : C U T E

Jake S : John, you got a storm coming

Lee Phillips : Was that a parody of something

katrina : legend has it john still doesn't want a divorce

Xylia the fox : What's with the Transformers music

Carolina Gonzalez : 1:45 tell me Im right and let the sun rain down on me

Alex.T.2015 : I was uncovered lying on my bed pitch black at 1:25am and I had to cover myself and curl up because i am actually getting scared by his laugh

Zeynep Selin Sürel : ...............why am I watching this

Lewis Forest : Give this man his Oscar! 😣

MorbidHybrid : I like the cut of his jib