The Story of Ebola

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Daniel3131 : great animation! and very touching story.

Cristina Fisher : Save one person, you're a hero, save a thousand, you're a nurse.

Alexandra Gignac : Beautiful animation! I love the girls accent!

legoladplaywell : Anyone else notice the colours got more saturated when the village was safe?

Scottr 7 : Wow finally an ebola video thats not joking around

IVY_Chicken : Can I just say how well this was animated?

Itzz Lidia : the thing is a young girl helped save her mother's life.

Juliaaan Nyirashuri : This taught me a lesson to wash my hands

Saltoon : I'm glad everyone stayed calm about her having the Ebola virus, her mother survived and so did the rest of the village. If it hadn't been for the girl and the nurse, many people could have died.

Matt The Grapefruit : This is a must-watch. I also liked the girl's accent.

Alley Jordan : that's why we wash our hands

HCN : Nurses save the day,They deserve a lot of respect.

JulieLPS : That little girl saved her moms, dads and her life. We should be proud of her.

BoyDoILoveCheese : This was so well animated and it made me really happy at the end when her mom came back.

FlamingHeartComics : This was actually more educational than I thought! Beautiful! Please show people this!

KD Do : Spread this, translate it to every language in the world!

Maalik_FaxaKondi : has a test about ebola in school watches this Got a STRAIGHT A

Oh Ilona : I cried after I saw this, a very good little story, very touchy, and positive. You guys did a great job on the video. Thank you .

Texdevastator : i really love her accent

Just Isla : My teacher showed this to us

Abigail Folkes : This is sad but true, good job!

Blue Soda : This is actually pretty good especially the animation. Well done.

Zachary Wilson : I find this very emotional. You barely ever see these sorts of video anymore, and it is nice to see that people are still reaching out to people.

peyton yt : This should be shown in my school so people will stop joking about Ebola. It's a sad thing. The animation was great, the story was sad, but it got the point across. 10/10.

Ahmed Almansouri : Wow I have never new this about Ebola thanks for teaching me

loly : Amazing animation and very sad and touching story

Alexandra Georgiana : that was soo educational

Luka Lukšić : I admire the strength of the girl, she saved the whole village, after the nurse of course!

Cristavel Flores : I thought it would only show information but after I watched it I LOVED IT

valerian pinto : Am infection control nurse. this is one of the marvelous and great video. its very difficult to educate people but like this video speaks more than my words.thank for entire team.

How to be a baby witch : nurses are so brave, i wouldn't have been able to go in a room full of sick people, they deserve tons of respect

Christopher Spaulding : Media like this should always get first pick of funding and distribution, especially in areas and countries where this is a big problem.

nothing OvO : So well animated im impressed!

Y I N I : Her accent is very beautiful! so is this amazing story💓

GGG : i like the animation

E : Best Educational Animated Vid

joseph cervantes : When her grandfather died that was sad but she is so brave

Jumana Al Hamadani : I learned more stuff about ebola with this than at school A cartoon taught me better than a building of teachers what????

Kylie England : So sweet! It is amazing how people work together to protect eachother from these things

ReDleGiThacK : I like how she says "gems" instead or "germs". Hee accent is nice and this video is real educational.

Marit : I will share this You did this animation really really good!! We need more videos like this!

Allu71 : This video should have millions of views!

FLAWLESS : The detail is amazing

Meme Wanderer : 2 dangerous for the world I wish this disease never exist

Makoto Naegi : great animations! I've learned alot about ebola!

Flora Manzano : not only was this beautifully animated and educational, but it really played with the heartstrings.:) so well done

Luca Genet : God bless. Thank for educating people about this virus.

ColoredImagination : Best examples of surviving Ebola. Best admination. Let's stop Ebola.

D om : at least I know that if I get it, I can control it and possibly get rid of it.

Ath3na : what a sad, but beautiful story