The Story of Ebola

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Ammu's World : This video is on point. The animation is too good and her voice is just awesome!❤💛

Armegram : I like the animation and the story

Ray Wang : great respect for the people who risked their livedsto help reduce the suffering of others

Victoria Alfaro : Oh my lord,this is a beatiful and scary story

Fernando Gutierrez : This was such a good video about Ebola

alexww180 : this deserves much more views

Zara Hambafehy : Amazing and educational

Andy : That was honestly a beautiful story, makes me proud to be in the medical field even tho lately I've been wanting to quit, thanks for this :)

ZBoot : The Animation was amazing and great video on this topic

Adam Morgan : I love the art and animation. Well done.

MM 4 : Respect ❤️

CR FILMS : This village is so small but it did something so big

FlorPP : End is lovely :,)

Vids By Maria : this is amazing, and very helpful. great job!❤️

Allu71 : This video should have millions of views!

Cristavel Flores : I thought it would only show information but after I watched it I LOVED IT

Sea Grape : Brilliant and positive

Matt The Grapefruit : This is a must-watch. I also liked the girl's accent.

MuffinZ & ToastZ : Very beautiful Animation

Just Isla : My teacher showed this to us

Blue Soda : This is actually pretty good especially the animation. Well done.

david01tomi01 : Respect for creators! I can't say nothing.

Portia Wyman : Now I know that Ebola is a bad thing and I'm young I'm glad that I know about this or I would not know what it is or what to do thx you the girl and people who made this video I'm glad that her village survived

Nandini : This video should be spread as much as we all can......small steps will spread a lot of awareness....

FlamingHeartComics : This was actually more educational than I thought! Beautiful! Please show people this!

wazfu : Best Animation I've Ever Watched. Period

Flora Manzano : not only was this beautifully animated and educational, but it really played with the heartstrings.:) so well done

Makoto Naegi : great animations! I've learned alot about ebola!

D om : at least I know that if I get it, I can control it and possibly get rid of it.

ReDleGiThacK : I like how she says "gems" instead or "germs". Hee accent is nice and this video is real educational.

liga : This is beautifull

Bulat Gomboyev : That was amazing! You need to make more videos like that. Great work!

Saltoon : I'm glad everyone stayed calm about her having the Ebola virus, her mother survived and so did the rest of the village. If it hadn't been for the girl and the nurse, many people could have died.

Kylie England : So sweet! It is amazing how people work together to protect eachother from these things

Alexandra Georgiana : that was soo educational

Aggelos Charisteas : This is a scary-interesting video

Herman Profit : awww that was so wonderful

Luca Genet : God bless. Thank for educating people about this virus.

TheFallenAlice : This is so beautiful 👍

Ксения Дедова : Animation is great. Good job guys.

KD Do : Spread this, translate it to every language in the world!

Dexter Hooker : what a good story sorry about your grandfather

Don Rhoades : Great Job!  I like the way it addresses the cultural barriers to adequately responding to an Ebola outbreak.  I wonder how that will be received in certain traditional societies. It comes down to trust, and we from Colonialist countries have a legacy to overcome in this department.

Oh Ilona : I cried after I saw this, a very good little story, very touchy, and positive. You guys did a great job on the video. Thank you .

Meme Wanderer : 2 dangerous for the world I wish this disease never exist

Jumana Al Hamadani : I learned more stuff about ebola with this than at school A cartoon taught me better than a building of teachers what????

Orange James : I LOVED the animation

Gilbert Mendez : i thought the story of chlora animation was great but this is amazing animation

Arika Sohail : so beautiful :') amazing background music and animation

Brandon Landry : Her accent is so beautiful and the animation is lovely😁